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Fun Days with Smaller Fish
Small Fish, Fun Days, Happy Crew!

Fishing Conditions Slow To Change, But Changing They Are !

This week the weather was warmer than normal and the humidity was going through the roof, which believe it or not, it is supposed to be getting more like this every day. But we are seeing cold days mixed in with warm humid days. What it all means is basically we are still in a late winter mode and in turn that means the water is late warming up. That is not a catastrophe, but as we come back in to Tourism Mode as we come into late May, we do normally have Dorado and Sailfish to go after. But this is an interesting situation where as summer is coming on and things are still cool seasonally. On the positive side, we see Rooster fish north of Punta Mita, Sailfish north of San Pancho and there is plenty of bait in the water for your favorite blue plate special!  

Recently heading out to the deep water fishing grounds of Corbeteña and El Banco were little more than a boat ride as late. With several boats heading out to points past El Banco, very few came in with anything to speak of. One of my competitors went out more than a hundred miles just to come back in towards shore. So if that is the case, save the money and just catch fish baby! Those few that headed to this location had to work for their catch. But Striped Marlin in the 240 to 400 lbs range have been boated. Yellowfin if there are smaller, in the fort to sixty five pound range, what we refer to as footballs. But as a whole, other locations are better. Now if El Banco is not worth your time, don´t even think of Corbeteña. We went out to Corbeteña the other day to come back in the bay for fish. So all and all, wait for some indication at El Banco or Corbeteña to get you interested.

Areas north of Punta Mita are starting to fire again. Guayavitos is north of San Pancho and is showing signs of life with Sailfish taking Baits and Dorado beginning to make an appearance. This is a twelve hour day. Limited reports from this area, so wait to hear some news before risking you precious fuel dollar… Off Sayulita there was a large floating log and we all know how Dorado loves those. It was a little surprising to find 25 to 40 lb Dorado there and taking baits. Hopefully this is an indication of the species moving back into the area, with an appetite. Also Rooster fish here are just now starting to pay attention to what you are offering bait wise. Cross your fingers this continues

Marietta Islands and El Morro continue to be the most reliable fishing grounds we have when it comes to Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta. Still with Jack Crevalls, Bonito in larger sizes, Snappers, African Pompano and more. So the day is well worth your time and fuel dollar. Rooster fish are still there, but they are still a little picky so don´t make a special trip. Same goes for Sailfish, sooner or later they have to get interested in something. With an on-again / off-again appetite, the frustration factor is there for sure!

The River Mouths have Snook and they are good sized. They love to hang around the river mouths with all the seeds, leaves, bugs and organic material, they don´t seem to mind the muddy area as the water from the rivers empties into the bay. Not may consider this species when heading out, which is too bad since they taste every bit as good as Dorado or Snapper. Short days long on fun and tired arms made in the bay fishing well worth your attention. Remember, there are tons of ways to catch fish. When we limit ourselves to just a specific fish or two, you are the only one missing out on some real fun. So keep an open mind and get your captain to show you what he knows, not what he thinks you want to see!

Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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Well that’s about it for now, until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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