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                     It´s Fish City: Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Marlin at Corbeteña and El Banco!!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Larry Lionetti with his 130 lb Yellowfin Tuna boated off the high spots of El Banco on Pescador
Larry Lionetti with his 130 lb Yellowfin Tuna boated off the high spots of El Banco on Pescador

What a difference a week can make and man have things changed so lets get into it! El Banco, Blue Marlin in the 400 lb plus range have returned to the high spots. Yellowfin Tuna are in the 150 to 200 lb range and they´re taking bullet skip jack tuna as favorite bait. No worry, they´re plentiful all around the bay so make bait early and get out there!! Dorado at 25lbs, good size, have also shown up  Sailfish, Cubera Snappers to 60 lbs. Targeting YF Tuna, here´s the secret, if you´re not using a kite, you won´t boat a tuna. Naturally we have Jack Crevalls, Bonito, with Bait, bait and more bait. Blue Water, it´s as close to perfect as it will get amigos, if this doesn´t draw you out of your man-cave nothing will.

Magnifico and several Yellowfin Tuna around the 100 lb mark at Corbeteña
Magnifico and several Yellowfin Tuna around the 100 lb mark at Corbeteña

Corbeteña: Much the same, Blue Marlin over 400 lbs, Stripe Marlin around 150 lbs, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna 120 to 200 lbs again using kites and running Skippie bullets as bait will pay off. No Dorado, no Black Marlin either for the moment. Wahoo have taken a powder for the moment and of course we always have Cubera Snappers, Amber Jacks and some Rainbow runners. It´s fish city for the moment and conditions are perfect.  Throw in the locals of Jack Crevalls, Bonito and the list goes on….

El Morro, Punta Mita and the Marietta Islands are all on fire as well, finally. Ten miles off Punta Mita Striped Marlin to 175 lbs are all over the place. Sailfish, naturally. The big news in this area is Rooster Fish, they´re back and they´re hungry. Head north of Punta Mita point to the Malinal Reef area and cast six inch Diamond jigs and get ready for some intense arm burning action amigos, YeHa!! No Dorado in the area but that should change very soon, they may already be out there! Watch for a trash line in the area and they´ll be plenty of fish looking for a free breakfast!

06 18 2016 Marlin, 8 Hrs 650 pxls MBTextInside the bay is downright freaky! Sailfish, yes Sailfish are being boated in front of Marina Vallarta, not miles, but blocks out in the bay. Sailfish are all around Los Arcos and La Cruz Marina as well! You may ask why this freaky activity is happening now, well all I can say is Bait, Bait and more Bait! Pick a bait, it´s out there in monstrous amounts. Jack Crevalls to 45 lbs, Bonito to 35 lbs, Sierra Mackerals to 15 lbs, Possible Snook in front of the river mouths, they love the ¨Agua Dulce¨ or fresh water pouring into the bay. Dorado will feed all day long on a Trash Line and because of this Dorado should turn up in the area soon so stay tuned.

Bait, boy do we have bait, Sardines, Bullet Bonito, Bullet Skip Jack Tuna or as I call them bullet Skippies. We have Goggle eyes, flying fish and more to temp these finned fantasies. I would suggest to still purchasing bait in the morning on the way out, but making bait will not be an issue anywhere.

505 01 2016 glens Sailfish 900 pxls MBTextThe seasonal rains have begun again so you can expect a trash line around any river dumping into the ocean. Dorado are the normal feeders on these trash lines, but they´re not here yet. What does that mean, well something is eating on this organic fish granola and they´ll be waiting for you to present them a bait they just can´t refuse. Four to six hour trips in the bay are perfect for those taking the family out or looking for decent fishing and having to go to El Banco or Corbeteña to find it. If you don´t know what a ¨trash line¨ is, when we get the seasonal rains normally beginning by the second week of June, the rains was all the loose leaves, roots, tree stumps, you name it runs into the rivers which of course empty into the Bay of Banderas. You will find a ¨trash line¨ near rivers where the water has a floating edge where the water behind it is a shallow dirty coffee colored. In front of the trash edge is clean water. Fish love to feed on this organic granola of seeds, leaves, roots, insects, all sorts of good stuff for fish to eat. So the trash line will normally produce Dorado, Bonito, maybe some snapper on occasion. Smaller fish normally, that in turn draw larger fish. So you can have big fish in the bay at times chasing smaller baits feeding on the trash line. The Trash Line is our friend and with the right equipment it can be a fun time for sure!

Dorado Return to El Banco, Shortly they´ll be all throughout the area!
Dorado Return to El Banco, Shortly they´ll be all throughout the area!

Conditions: Well we have perfect, high visibility blue water to start with. Water temperatures are a solid 81 degrees and as mentioned bait is not an issue…. The bite is still happening a little later in the morning, so I suggest being at your fishing grounds before 8:30 a.m. and you´ll be ¨Right on time¨. If running Lures this week use color the best working color combinations have been small lures of 3-4 inches in pink. Or same size but Blue with Gold coloring would be the best combinations to begin with.

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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