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Fish ¨R¨ Where ¨U¨ Find them, Yellowfin to Mackerals, They´re Out There Now!

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter ´s Sportfishing and Tackle

People have come to look to Puerto Vallarta to find Monster Sized Yellowfin Tuna during the summer around El Banco and Corbeteña for the most part. But lately there have been those who have been venturing out eighty to a hundred and thirty miles one way to have the chance at a world record sized Yellowfin Tuna. These select few fishing in either private charters or cattle boats are of course heading to the Tres Maria Islands (aka The Prison Islands) (Tres Marias Client Risk Info). If you follow the rules or laws as they are also known as, you can boat a world record sized Yellowfin Tuna on any given day. They can also be forty pounds as well. You have to ask yourself is the risk worth the time and money? The answer: It depends on how bad you want the Strongest of World Class game fish and Possibly a World Record Fish amigo! The first step, breaking out the pocket book. I suggest stealing the ¨little woman’s¨ credit card. Don`t forget to snake that credit card statement and whatever you do, don´t let her see the charges! If you get caught just tell her I said it was it´s OK, that´ll do the trick. Just imagine if you did boat that world record Tuna, it would be worth the risk… well worth the risk. But hey, I´ve been wrong before….

Yellowfin Tuna 200 lbs, Tres Maria Islands

Fishing right now is good, not summer great or winter game fish fishing alone, we´re somewhere in between right now. Warm currents mingling with cold water is what we´re all dealing with presently. Believe it or not this is not a bad thing, we need the seasons and this being the second part of back to back La Nina years we knew this season was going to be strange from the beginning. So we´re seeing Sumer game fish in winter, which means we have Dorado in the bay, at Corbeteña and at El Banco. We have Yellowfin Tuna in the Bay, at El Banco and of course the Tres Maria Islands. I was thinking that this was a temporary condition and refused to get too excited about it, but now I am thinking that we will be seeing an early summer for both temperatures and for fishing. Remember water temperatures drive the climate and the cold water will soon start getting warmer with the longer tropical days coming on. Planning Early Summer, Late Spring may see Monster Yellowfin Tuna at El Banco and Corbeteña, or so my cracked crystal ball shows for now. I did have to peek under the duct tape though, keep an eye on cheap air fares.

Chilango Snapper, Member of the Red Snapper Family

By now everyone knows the Tres Marias are the place to go for Yellowfin Tuna Cows so we don´t need to keep talking about that. But the surprise again this week has been the presence of Yellowfin Footballs to larger sized fish before you come to the high spots and this is only a twelve hour day not a sixteen hour day.

Corbeteña this past week was less than spectacular. Dark green water was the problem but now the blue has  mixed in with the green  water and is now a  clear blue-green which the fish don´t mind. Since dirty or green  water can move in quickly, it´s good to remember many times it is only a few feet thick and will still have fish in the area surface trolling is not working. Planers on baits and lures can make the difference if you find yourself in this situation. Striped Marlin Possibilities, Sailfish, Cubera Snapper are worth your time.

Corbeteña has  also been invaded by 40 lb Chilango Snapprs which are great eating and taking surface trolled baits for now.  Dorado, Rainbow runners, Cubera Snapper as well with a possibility of running into Spinner Dolphin  which means 30to 50 lb Football Tunas normally. So things  are picking up at the rock. With some luck we´ll see some striped Marlin, stay tuned….

The Marietta Islands have slowed down on Rooster Fish which for some reason are less abundant and smaller. Sierra Mackerals, Snappers, Dorado (varying sizes), Bonito, Pompano, and the list goes on. You´ll need an eight hour day for the Marietta Islands, same goes for Punta Mita. Not much news from Punta Mita.

Rooster Fish at the Marietta Islands

Inside the bay, things are fun, but can be frustrating. It´s like that  Katy Perry Song, it´s hot then it´s cold, it´s up then  it´s down, then they´re in and then out. But they are out there for sure. Four hour trips this past week were well worth it but this is changing a little now. Six hours is a better option for the bay since it takes a little time to find fish. Remember fish move, strange concept I know, so where they were is more than likely not where they are now. Now they are somewhere out there, so give yourself time to find them just in case they´re not where they`re supposed to be amigos. 30 lb Yellowfin Tuna have been hovering around the area between Yelapa and Los Arcos with Dorado in the 25 lb range. Sierra Mackerals of fair size and the ever present Jack Crevalls round off the picture.

While you are in town don`t forget to visit Marina Vallarta with the ¨other Malicon¨ in Puerto Vallarta! It`s the second most popular tourist attraction in Puerto Vallarta with Restaurant row and 150 shops of all kinds… I´ll keep an eye out for you!

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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