First Early Season Marlin boated, Water Temps Normal, Bay Fishing Explodes!

 Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta

Like the title says, we saw our first early season Blue Marlin the other day and it was in the 500 lb range. Caught at Corbeteña, it is starting to look like there may be some new life at Corbeteña. Sailfish are also moving into the area as well, there is plenty of bait in the water, it looks like the planets are beginning to align (hopefully) and we may see the beginning of a normal fishing season! Keep your fingers crossed.

As I mentioned briefly, water temperatures are dropping into normal levels of 70 to 76 degrees. With Spring and Easter comes the current changes which may indicate the end of El Nino, Happy Days! The next question is: What about La Nina, the opposite of El Nino. La Nina is when the water chills to abnormally low temperatures which of course creates its own challenges ( More NOAA info on La Nina at: or ). This happens about twenty five percent of the time immediately following El Nino. This is the sort of information you will want to know if planning a Yellowfin Tuna fishing trip this summer when considering your budget, time and determination. No Worries amigos, we always have very large Gamefish, but you may have to be flexibly minded!

Yellowfin Tuna to 140 lbs and more are in the general area between El Banco and the Tres Maria Islands, a.k.a Prison Islands. For the last couple of years this area has been the only implied guarantee for Yellowfin Tuna. The trip tips the distance at close to eighty miles one way. This is for the guy(s) that want a Yellowfin at all cost. And for the season, YF Tuna in the area is a true treat for those with the time and the money. So if you are one of the few interested in giving this Safari a shot, let me know! With Bait abundant, El Banco will soon be showing more signs of life in the Marlin Dept. So keep an eye open for them and be prepared with teasers, flying Gaffs, and Soft head lures, the basics!

El Morro, the reefs and the Marietta Islands are still producing Jack Crevalls averaging in the 40 lb range and will tear your light tackle arms off. One client spent an hour bringing in one of these forty pound Jacks. Another hooked into twenty fish in the first hour of an Eight hour day. Rooster fish are bordering 50 lbs, Bonito are 35 lbs or larger (bait for Rooster Fish). Fair sized Snapper at 35 lbs, Sierra Mackerals, and lots more to choose from. Without a doubt, you will come in with fish!

Inshore fishing to the center of the bay is just boiling with bait, Crashing Birds and Jack Crevalls, Rooster Fish, Bonito and Skip Jack Tuna. Rooster fish are striking larger baits like Bonito in the bay as well. Silver lures cast in boils will result with a sudden rush of adrenalin!

Some strangely good news this week was the Mexican Navy were performing some sort of exercise out near El Banco and this has kept the Seiners or Production Tuna Fleets at bay, so a day or two more. So that’s a good thing. Also remember not to get too close to the Marietta Islands amigos. Ten miles out is as close as they will stomach…. If you are even that close you can expect a gun boat to come pay you a visit and it won’t be a social invitation for drinks! You can get permits for this area, but it is work and most think they can skirt this requirement and get away with something. So have fun and be smart!

There is a site anyone who is thinking of visiting Mexico should read. It will clear up the hysteria the press is spreading about Mexico, drug wars and Americans safety… The recent travel warning from Americans is only until April 12, just after the highest part of Mexico’s Tourism season…   


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Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish….

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