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Find Blue Water, Boat A Marlin or Sailfish!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

09 20 2015 Travis Cusimano, Tail wrapped 450 pxls MBTextAs we come to the end of August we move deeper into the meaty part of Fishings High Season here in Puerto Vallarta aka ¨Fish City¨.  As you already know if you´ve been reading my weekly articles that the water due to strong and swirling currents is still dirty, coffee colored water. This is of course due to the muck being stirred up on the Sea and Bay floor bottom. But there seems to be some good news, things are getting a little better and soon we´ll be seeing some clean water, hopefully. For those adventurous souls who brave the ¨dirty tide¨ and head out past Punta Mita, you´ll find high visibility blue water. In that blue water is Sailfish and larger Black and Blue Marlin.

This is going to be a short report this week because it´s a single subject article. For now we´re seeing dirty water all over the place. That´s the bad news, the good news is the dirty water is getting spotty. The normal south to north currents that we enjoy in the summer have drastically changed and in fact show indications right now that they´ve reversed and that´s the reason the bay and local area is ¨stirring¨ things up.

Starting with Corbeteña and El Banco, dirty water, very little happening. Last week we had clean areas which were a little spotty, this week is another thing. Dirty water has chased out any species of Marlin or Sailfish from the area. Every species except Cubera Snapper have bugged out for now. Indicators show that this should only be a few more days because one day the dirty water is in, the next day it recedes, then comes back. So it´s in and it´s out, but it can´t do this much longer. Ten miles of so past Corbeteña we´ve seen lots of spinner Dolphin, but they don´t always run with Tuna. For now some Spinner Dolphin pods have football Yellowfin with them, but it´s a luck thing.

Just outside the Marietta Islands there was some blue water last week, this week forget about it, in your best Italian accent. You can still find Bonito in the 30 lb range, Sailfish off El Morro if there´s a clean area last time I looked. Small Rooster fish are turning up around the area, but they´re only around15 lbs. Jack Crevalls are also in the area. Lots of bait, lots of people waiting for things to change. Hang in there it´s been like six weeks we´ve seen this and it can´t last forever.

08 21 2015 ShanTrahan, Sailfish, BellaDelMar 450 pxls MBTextThe two bright spots are: The Point off Punta Mita where eight miles north on a heading of 300 to 340, you´ll be coming onto El Banco and there a large, beautiful Black Marlin to 800lbs, Sailfish which have been golden and large. Lots of flying fish and assorted baits all over our world famous fishing grounds. Small Dorado under 15 lbs are invading the area. Hopefully this means we´ll see Dorado move in. Dorado numbers for years have been dropping due to illegal fishing companies shipping Dorado out of the county unrestricted. This is changing now and Dorado can only be shipped now by ¨legal¨ companies with the correct permissions. This will hopefully help the future, but for now it should make fishing Dorado illegally much less profitable. It won´t stop them from selling them to the local fish markets, but they only consume so much. The volume exported monthly is staggering and after years and years of this ¨Dorado Abuse¨. So for now, you would want at least eight hours, ten hours would be better and improve your chances. So be patient, blue water is coming!

The other favorable location is in the bay in front of the river mouths. Rooster fish at 15lbs are hanging around the sweet water that flows into the bay. Snappers to 25 lbs, Snook to 35 lbs and a host of other fish looking to feed on the organic granola of leaves, twigs, seeds, you name it. A short day can pay off nicely on the dinner table.

Four hours is a great fishing trip for adults and younglings alike. The other best option is a ten hour trip targeting Marlin and Sailfish. With some luck we´ll see clean water flush out the dirty bay water and we´ll have blue water again around the Marietta Islands and El Morrow.

The Tres Maria Islands are showing Monster Tuna Signs with Yellowfin in the 250 lb range in the legal fishing areas. It´s a long day, it´s a long way and it´s not really affordable except for groups. I have a new boat I am working with shortly that will do bare bones fishing trips, this means you bring your gear, tackle, etc and we´ll get you there. Still developing this trip, stay tuned!

09 19 2015 ShanTrah, Bella Del Mar, 450 pxls MBTextThe water temperatures are still over 88 degrees. But with the changing currents it could bring some cooler water and hopefully fish will come with the currents. The bite is in the earlier hours right now, be where you want to be before 9:00 a.m. or you may just miss the bite! Don´t be late.

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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