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Finally, The Seasonal Rains Begin, Bay Fishing Improves

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

After weeks of horribly intense humidity the seasonal rains have finally begun bringing relief for a short time anyway. Now this is a funny situation how it will affect fishing in our area. The rains in the mountains that surround Puerto Vallarta are just full of all sorts of stuff that will wash down in the river. Roots, stumps, trash and tons of organic plant ¨stuff¨ like seeds, leaves, you name it. This ¨stuff¨ that washes down the mountains, into the rivers and ultimately runs into the bay is great for the guy who wants a short day and plenty of action. Yes folks the Trash line is back.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So, what does this mean, well the ¨trash line¨ is like a ribbon of crap floating in front of the river mouths, which will push out deeper in the bay as the days go by. But the trash line is a divider between dirty water full of mountain sediment and the clear / clean water in the bay. Where this ¨dividing¨ line is, is where OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAyou want to be. With all sorts of species coming into the bay at this time of the year  you can literally just toss a Rapalla or diamond jig on the clean side and boat Dorado, Snappers, Bonito, Roballo, if you can imagine a species we have, you´ll most likely come across it on the trash line. Now some days are better than others, but for the person looking for a four hour trip in the bay, well there´s plenty of action just waiting for you now as we speak. While we don´t exactly love the dirty water in the bay, tourist hate swimming in it, but don´t be discouraged, it´s conditions like this the experienced fisherman will look for. So be happy and get on the water amigo!

Things have calmed down with the cold water for now. Dorado are moving back into Corbeteña running over 35 lbs, Cubera Snappers were taking surface baits for a while last week, but this seems to be tapering off. Striped Marlin have moved out and we´re seeing Black Marlin in the 450 lb range back in the area. Now Yellowfin Tuna are not exactly abundant here on the rock right now, but if you´re willing to do some trolling to the west of Corbeteña from five to fifteen miles, you´ll find 80 to 120 lb Yellowfin Tuna amigo. No special secret here as usual, Cedar Plugs have been working well, even if they´re the oldest ¨plug¨ you can use as a lure, they´re still cheap and hard to beat.  Blue water with water temps right at 80 degrees is a step in the right direction. With some luck you´ll find Wahoo and Sailfish as well. Corbeteña is well worth the fuel dollar right now amigo. It´s summer, Monster Time! El Banco or The Bank as we call it in English has been less than spectacular the last few days, but things should improve shortly. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Marietta Islands have been it´s normal and amazing self. Bonito, Skip Jack tuna in the 35 lb rang e is enough to keep anyone happy. But there are also 25 to 35 lb Dorado hanging just off the reef. Rooster fish have disappeared again. Red Snappers have been schooling, some areas out there between El Morro, Corbeteña and the Marietta Islands, the golden triangle as I call it, is seen parking lot sized Snapper Boils. Great tasting, fun to catch, you could do worse amigo. Oh, Sailfish are picking up in numbers both at the Marietta Islands and around it´s close neighbor El Morro. You still need an eight hour day to hit this area, but it´s always worth the effort!

For those who think there are no Grouper in Vallarta, here is a picture of a Giant Grouper boated in Nuevo Vallarta at the river mouth.  This 220 kilo Grouper is roughly 484 lbs and it was caught fifteen minutes north of Vallarta by row boat, in the bay of course, a local now has a fishing tale worth listening to. Grouper Riover mouth nuevo vallarta

All and all, the fishing is still a mixed bag and we still have cold streaks in the bay and around the Marietta Islands. But this is summer fishing amigos and it will now only get better by the day. Those looking to have an arm burning fishing day, remember you first have to get out there! You really haven´t seen Vallarta is you haven´t been on the water!

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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