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Finally Sharks and Porpoise Leave, Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna at Corbeteña

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


With the Sharek and Porpoise gone, Marlin can finally get to a trolled bait!
With the Sharek and Porpoise gone, Marlin can finally get to a trolled bait!

Finally, Finally, Finally the Bottle Nose Dolphin or Porpoise (Flipper) after almost six weeks have left the Corbeteña around the rock and we´re back in the game! Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and fair sized Yellowfin Tuna with a thin possibility of larger YF Tuna if you´re the ¨Lucky Type¨. So, are you feeling Lucky? Water Currents are still flipping. It´s on one day, off the next day fishing with new challenges, but nothing we can´t handle!

First, water conditions are the big news this week. We´re seeing blue water one day, the next day it´s clear green water, which is normally cooler and warm water fish will shy away from these sorts of conditions. But it´s weird, one day the water in the area is High Visibility Blue water, then the next day it´s the clear green cooler water. So the currents are swirling and it´s a ¨On¨one day and ¨Off¨ the next, but there are some really big fish out there and you´ll need to deal with this. Now the green water may be very shallow since it´s in and out and warmer water is beneath so don´t get discouraged.

Corbeteña this week is finally free of the Porpoise and Sharks so you aren´t plagued by the ¨bait stealers¨ any longer, well for now anyway. But we still have Big Black Marlin starting at 450 lbs And Blue Marlin starting at 350 lbs to 700 lbs or larger! Feeling lucky? The Marlin seem to be more interested in your bait this week and they´re closer to the rock than last week so it´s a better idea to start trolling and circle outwards from the rock.
For the last couple of days the average number so Marlin strikes is about three with four or five possible. So make the most of your opportunities. Sailfish are still in the area but not like before, but like always, we understand that fish move.. Dorado are turning up, but they´re babies and they should be thrown back. Yellowfin tuna in the 80 to 100 lb range have started to move in to the area again. I have a video of a lost Cow at the gaff, so they´re out there as well, how lucky do you feel now? You´ll find plenty of bait in the area as well, but we don´t have that many species to choose from but we have fish at Corbeteña and we won´t complain. UpDate Sept 20th: Dorado have finally shown up at Corbeteña and they´re in tjhe 50 to 60 lb range. I checked the satelite water temperature charts and it looks like the waters around southern California are starting to cool which is of course good news for us in PV. But we´re seeing more of the clear green water. This is a strong indication currents are changing and changing quickly. Dorado should be moving into all the fishing grounds and it´s very late in the season to see Dorado. I could have some better news for you next week… Stay Tuned!

Dorado In Your Face !!  On Magnifico. . .
Dorado In Your Face !! On Magnifico. . .

El Banco is much the same, Big Black Marlin over 450 lbs up to possible record sizes. Same goes for Blue Marlin. Sailfish are still hanging around the area. Which one to choose, well that´s a good question, when it comes to The Bank, when the fish are there, the possibility of them being ¨bigger¨ is pretty good. So roll the dice amigo, either way you´re fishing in some of the best fishing grounds in the whole wide world! Good Luck!

The area between El Morro and Corbeteña is alive with Sailfish. If you´re at the point of Punta Mita, set a heading of 310, go twelve miles and drop baits because Blue Marlin at 350 plus pounds and Striped Marlin have moved back in. Dorado are in the area around Punta Mita, but they´re small also and frankly to have it be September and we´re not seeing any Dorado to speak of scares me. Since 2006 we´ve seen a steady and sharp decline in the number of Dorado around the area. It´s also months and months late for the normal arrival of Dorado which is normally, in years prior to this, around the end of May. Buy July we used to be Dorado City, but things h have changed and it´s all a result of Mexico´s refusal to enforce a law on the books. It´s a joke and it seems the navy won´t step up even when the information is laid before them, this is called corruption and we don´t know what to do about it, but fishing is suffering. Any Ideas?

Black Marlin Jumping off in the Distance
Black Marlin Jumping off in the Distance

Inside the bay it´s the same story once again. Jack Crevalls and Bonito to 35 lbs, Sierra Mackerals are still in the bay at 12 to 20 lbs and great tasting, don´t shy from these, they make a great meal. Not hearing about too many Sailfish strikes in the bay, but we also don’t have a Trash Line as the Rains this year have been sparse. So the bay is still the best fishing value for family and friends as long as they don´t expect Moby Dick to find their bait. Snook and Snapper around the river mouths but make sure you have electronics so you can see where the drop if and that´s where you`ll find Snook, Snapper and who knows what else. There is plenty of action in the bay, but they won´t be larger fish like Marlin. Never the less these bay fish will wear you out so don´t shy away from a fun day on the water.

Funny, we´re in the middle of a full moon phase and the bite is after 10.00 a.m. We´re seeing a mid-day and super late bite so plan accordingly. Water temps are still at 88 degrees but with swirling currents and cooler green water something is going on and we may be seeing the beginnings of the seasonal current changes. One indication is the return of Striped Marlin that like cooler water temps than Black or Blue Marlin. But this is not La Nina as yet, they stopped talking about it all now for some reason. Lures: Green and Yellow are the lure of choice this week and Live bait once again is working well. With tons of different bait fish in the bay there is no bait issue what so ever.

Some Nostalgia from 1959
Some Nostalgia from 1959

Here in Puerto Vallarta now we´re moving into peak fishing season. Marlin, Dorado, Tuna Should all pick up in numbers when the cool water moves in up north. We´ve seen out Dorado once again vacationing in San Diego with Yellowfin tuna, out Tuna in areas north of the border as well. So it´s not easy but it is fun and challenging. So get on the water and have some fun already! Summer is on its last days and PV will finish the season this year with abundant fishing! YeHa!!

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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Master Baiter´s is the only company in Puerto Vallarta that offers Free Fish Freezing to our clients. Once again we Support Our Clients with Necessary Services. Fish with someone else, we´ll still help, but it will cost you....
Master Baiter´s is the only company in Puerto Vallarta that offers Free Fish Freezing to our clients. Once again we Support Our Clients with Necessary Services. Fish with someone else, we´ll still help, but it will cost you….

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