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Sailfish off Corbetena

Written by: Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Well it had to happen, the calendar is getting long in the tooth and the cool water finally came in. It always happens at the end of December, this year we we’re lucky! But luck doesn’t last forever as we see strong and cold currents coming down from the north. With this cold water is coming the winter bait, the whale food so to speak. Squids, Krill Shrimp, Sardines to name a few have flooded the area. This is a double edged sword ….

Corbetena this week experienced the same drop in water temperatures with a huge drop. What was 81 degree water is not 75 degrees. We’ve seen as much as 1.5 degree drop in just one day! Well of course this puts a chill on fishing. But at Corbetena we’re still seeing Yellowfin Tuna 60 to 200 lbs one to two miles north of the rock, slashing through bait all over the place. The problem is that bait is Squids in the 3inch range with Red Tuna Crabs and massive amounts of four inch Sardines. Krill squid and shrimp are also moving in. These 3 inch squids look like popcorn “squirting” up about four inches from the water trying to escape being eaten. Basically it’s all Whale food the locals are indulging in! Keep positive, they’re still catching fish, this is where experience comes in. Sails are chasing baits but they’re fickle. Marlin are dropping in size but 300 lb Blue Marlin and 175 lb Striped Marlin will be around for a while longer. Dorado are also here, but they’re thinning out and full of those same Squids and Tuna Crabs. Are you up for the challenge?

The area around Punta Mita to El Morro has been alive with Sailfish, Dorado and Striped marlin very close to shore. In fact if targeting Dorado with all the small bait in the area they’ve been at the shore line. Which of course means the surf fishing guys have a great shot at 30 lb Dorado in the surf line. Roosterfish possible north of Sayulita in the 20 lb range. For most they’re catching one Dorado and a Sailfish, maybe 2 to 3 Dorado the next day. Still an eight hour trip is worth its weight in gold, as in Dorado!

This week the bite is still on the early so at your selected fishing grounds before 10, yes 10. There is no real “early” bite right now. Water temperatures now are 75 degrees. Get on our “Shared Boats” list so we can hook you up with others looking for a shared charter! We’re also renting Surf Fishing rigs by popular demand at reasonable prices. And of course we’ve still got our “Yellowfin Tuna Experience” trips heading out for 2.5 to 4.5 day trips, affordably on a private yacht. Contact us for more details. And of course if you’re going fishing, why not book tours at the same time!  

Inside the bay we’re seeing a bit of a transition. Cold water species like Jack Crevalls and Sierra Mackerels are picking up in numbers but it’s still early for Jack Crevalls and Snappers away from structure. Around the river mouths there have been some decent Jack Crevalls but they have been fickle as well. Dorado are still close to Los Arcos and around the shoreline in the bay as well. Same small baits running the surf line! Bonito bullets, baby Bonito are increasing in numbers, and there are still hungry Sailfish cruising Los Arcos to La Cruz. For now a short day fishing is fun, great family days on the water are made of this sort of action! 

From this point of the year forward we’ll see a gradual or maybe an abrupt transition into cooler water. This past weeks drastic reductions are a good example of what’s possible. Some days more than a degree, will only continue. This means the warm water species will be transitioning out of the area on a southern track to cruise central America for a few months. It also means how you fish, the type of fishing will change as well. Deep water locations like Corbetena and El Banco will still be worth of a visit, but the Marlin, Tuna etc will be gone until the water temperatures once again touch the 80 degree mark.

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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