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             Every Day is a New Day, But There’s Fish,  Yellowfin Tuna Tres Maria Islands              

              Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


One of the few Blue Marlin boated this week by Capt. Arturo Lopez

There is good news and bad news, the good news is we have Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado and more. That’s the good news, the not so good news is where they were yesterday isn’t where they are today! That’s the frustration part, heading where you think there could be fish, the same place they were yesterday, most likely won’t be there today. You can hit the same location five days in a row, two will be incredible, three will have you scratching your head. Now many will say “fishing is not catching”. Which of course is true, but we manage this “risk assessment” giving clients their best chance to get a “bucket list finned fantasy”. So this week your guess is as good as mine, maybe better.

Getting right to it, Corbetena and the surrounding area has been a frustration dream the likes I haven’t known since I was married! Five boats maybe in the area, two will catch fish. The other three can’t figure out what the heck happened. I wanted to title this article “WTF” Fishing, because it’s the first thing that comes to mind. This week we had a day were a 600 lb Black Marlin was boated, a 150 lb Yellowfin Tuna with sailfish in the area. Does this mean you’ll boat a Marlin or big Tuna, of course not. But it does give you a “feel” for what’s out there so you can make your own decisions. If you’re an engineer type like me, you may choose to play things safe. That would mean heading to where the fish were yesterday. For now if I was going out, I’d still go to the places they were yesterday, but I’d be flexible and explore different areas. Cubera Snappers are here for the jiggers to 50 lbs. Sailfish as mentioned earlier are running the area as well, no news of any boated Sailfish for now. Dorado are most likely in the area, we’ll know for sure when somebody catches one. For now I think Corbetena could be a great location, but if it isn’t have a full fuel tank and move north.

It’s been hit or miss on the Dorado, here is Capt Armadillo with a “hit”…

The area around Punta Mita has be another “head scratcher” but don’t be “neged” out. The area south of the Marietta Islands at El Morro has been an interesting place. Some days just three to five miles west of El Morro you’ll find Dorado to 30 lbs, Blue Marlin to 500 lbs, Maybe a Black Marlin at 600 lbs, Sailfish.. You bet. Then again, maybe not. The good thing about this area, you can head towards Corbetena or change direction check out the Marietta islands or the Punta Mita Point. The whole area is a “possible” but not a probable. If you’re going to be skittish, one day fishing and you don’t want to take any “chances” then maybe you shouldn’t come out of the bay. If you’re a person or group looking for a Bucket list trophy and you understand you could always come back into the bay for more abundant fishing, then give it a shot amigo. The point off Punta Mita is still “iffy” like everywhere else. With the trash line anything is possible. Find some floating debris there could be 25 lb Dorado. Six miles off the point there could be blue or Black marlin! Sailfish is definitely a probability. Keep an open mind, be flexible, use a backup plan of coming back into the bay and lightning could strike amigos.

Inside the bay is the same old story, which isn’t bad. But, we’re seeing the same situations, on one day, off the next. Having said that the area around Los Arcos is still seeing smaller Dorado feeding on the trash line. Sailfish are chasing the super abundant bait in the area. Over near the Anclote Reef north of Sayulita two Blue Marlin at 500 lbs were boated in the bay!! Sailfish are also in this area as well. Snook can be found near the river mouths and shoreline. With Jack Crevalls to 35 lbs, Bonito to 30 lbs and Skip Jack Tuna everywhere to 6 lbs the bay is definitely “happening”. For me, if you’re just looking to catch some fish, have some fun and keep it easy on the vacation budget, then inside the bay is your best option for the next twenty minutes.

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Capt Arturo Lopez again, this day Capt Arturo boated this 150 lb Yellowfin tuna, but also the pictured marlin at the top of the page. Great skill and a little luck will take you where you want to be.

We’re still looking at perfect conditions. Deep blue water at the deep water locations with water temperatures are at a perfect 84 degrees. When we do see rain, it’s been a little dry lately, the Trash Line is doing its job of bringing in the smaller bait fish. With unbelievable amounts of Sardines in the bay, Flying fish near Punta Mita and just massive amounts of Goggle Eyes, Blue runners and the list goes on bait is not an issue. In fact when we have this much bait it can be one reason fish don’t take baits, think about it. So the bite is super important and that’s been happening late in the morning. Anytime from 11a.m. to after 1 p.m. is wide open. In fact most of the fish we’re talking about were caught on the way back to the bay! So feel free to sleep in a little, it won’t hurt your cause. As far as which bait to use, I’ll defer this week to your captain.

Cubera Snappers for the “jiggers” at Corbetena

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Until next week, Don’t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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