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Erratic Currents, Erratic Fishing, Yellowfin / Sailfish at Corbeteña!

It’s getting hard to keep up with what the currents are doing these days. As it has happened for eons, the currents change from a summer flow to the north, to a winter flow to the south. This can turn into an interesting time of the year for fishing. You have cold water fish like Whales, Bottle Nose Dolphin, and Jack Crevalls moving into the area. Yet the water is still warm enough at the deep water locations like Corbeteña and El Banco to still have Yellowfin Tuna and Marlin hanging out. But if the current is chilly, you won’t see Charlie, the Tuna that is…

Corbeteña and El Banco were opposites this week. El Banco was sporting cooler water, below 80 degrees some days, above on other days. Currents are raking up the muck and you could run into some unexpected dirty water. If you hit a ¨warm day¨ you might boat a Yellowfin Tuna or a Marlin. Cold day, forget about it! You can use those Terrafin readouts or NOAH sites, but the real deal is what is happening there, at the bank, at that moment. Currents are changing so fast, those are now worth a lick… A good plan would be to head to El Banco, five the high spots a shot, check the water conditions. If it’s not working, head towards Corbeteña trolling. Pay attention to those expensive electronics and GPS the ridges, where upwelling currents can be. Many a tournament winning fish came from between El Banco and Corbeteña. Keep that one to yourself, wouldn’t want everyone out there!

Corbeteña now, the water has been a little more consistent there. Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Marlin (Striped Marlin mostly) have been plentiful and hungry. Cooler waters have the Cubera Snapper (aka Pargo in Spanish) action picking up. So don’t be afraid of a little bottom fishing. Cubera have been running in the 45 lb range. The sails around 80 inches in length, Dorado have been in and out, but they´ve been between 35 to 50 lbs on average, with some trophy sized beauties in the mix. The Yellowfin have been running 40 to 75 lbs, not monsters by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly arm killers! Rainbow Runners, Green Runners, Wahoo and more are here for the taking. Just keep in mind the currents and have a backup plan.

One place you can always fall back on is the Marietta Islands. 28 miles out from Marina Vallarta, the Marietta Islands are very well known as fish city. This area always has something for the vacationing angler. Right now larger Sailfish are plentiful from a mile to ten miles out (to the north). Jack Crevalls have started to move into the area and they´re running in the 35 to 45lb range. If you´ve never caught a Jack Crevalls, you owe it to yourself to try one of these on. Fierce fighters that will put light tackle to the test. Fly guys love them, light tackle guys will be impressed! Dorado is also here in the 25 lb range, large Bonito in the 35 to 45 lb range have been around the rocky areas. Well worth the fuel dollar. But plan on 8 hrs, you wouldn´t want to cramp your day…

Now El Morro, just a few short Kilometers out from the Marietta Islands will many times be ignored, which is not smart for the guy looking for action. On those days when the currents get active, like now, El Morro on the south side has a sloping area under water that creates upwelling’s that bait fish love. In turn, you´ll see gamefish looking for an open buffet of their favorite dishes! Rooster fish will many times be hanging out there in big numbers. Of course Sailfish and Dorado is no stranger to this area. So don´t forget to give it some respect as you’re in the area.

North of Punta Mita is turning into what we have seen for the last several years. Sailfish and Mahi Mahi will linger in these areas twenty miles north of the point. It´s a ten hour day at best, but it’s a worthwhile trip. Many Striped and Blue Marlin have been seen and caught this past week in this area. Between this area and Corbeteña, I’d say we’re coming into the time of year where they could be a tossup as to where to go. I hope you have a lucky coin to flip….

The bay has been active, but not as active as the last couple weeks. Around Boca de Tomatlan there have been Roballo or Sea Bass in large numbers just a kilometer off the rocks and shore line. Light tackle heaven for those short on time or budget. Snapper, Bonita, smaller Jack Crevalls are here as well. Don´t forget about the Snook, yes they´re out there!

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Well that’s about it for now, until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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