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                                  El Banco Explodes with Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado!

                  Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


YeHa! El Banco this has become the place to be. I always say “They’re bigger at The Bank” and this week we are seeing some incredible fishing at the high spots! That is one heck of a lead in and that’s really all you need. But lets start at the beginning, six miles before you come to the high spots at El Banco you’ll find super high visibility blue water. There you’ll find Seaweed or Kelp following the currents. This is the “Heaven” for Dorado that are running 35 to 45 lbs with the possibility of much larger. Magnifico a half mile off the high spots had a double hookup with a Sailfish and a Striped Marlin. Striped Marlin normally like cooler water, so this is a bit surprising, but we’ll take it.  Once you finally find the high spots there are massive amounts of Skip Jack Tuna to 8 lbs which is huge for these. Drop a Skippie and in minutes you’ll have a strike. It could be a Black Marlin to 600 lbs and several have been caught like this in the last day or two. Blue Marlin are also here, but they’re running in the 350 lb range. For the “Jiggers” Cubera Snappers are running 65 lbs, all you have to do is drop a dead Skippie and Bam, fish on. Sailfish are also here as mentioned earlier. About the only species missing is Yellowfin Tuna, but with conditions like this they can’t be far behind! Right now El Banco is your best bang for your fishing dollar amigos. In comparison to Corbetena, things have slowed down in this area for the moment, no worries, give it a day or two and things will change. Another interesting change is the water temperatures in this area had hit 91 degrees which is on the uncomfortable side for Yellowfin Tuna. But this has changed and now with the perfect water temps Yellowfin can’t be far behind. Stay tuned, this whole area could explode before you get your fuel tank filled.

Closer in around El Morro there have been more Sailfish about five miles off towards El Banco. Sailfish are also being boated off Punta Mita where just the other day this was only a fantasy. No real reports of Dorado but with all the Seaweed this should change. Of course there are always Bonito and Jack Crevalls around. 

Your other best option for fishing right now is the bay. Yes the bay is stuffed with Sardines, Skip Jack Tuna and near Yelapa you have a nice shot at 35 lb Yellowfin Tuna. Dorado are still around Los Arcos but they’ve been in the 12 to 15 lb range, a little small for “keepers”.  Sailfish are still being boated in the area as well and near La Cruz marina. Throw in the Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Snook (or Robalo in Spanish) around the rivers and shore line. Rooster fish have been boated out near the Cabo Corrientes point to 60 lbs, but I only had one boat coming in with those this week. May be worth a try if in the bay.

The bite is still happening later in the morning hours, but be aware this can change in a heartbeat. For now be where you want to be before 9 a.m. The late bite has been happening after 6 p.m. Water temperatures as mentioned have dropped at Corbetena and El Banco to 86 degrees. But in the by it can be as warm as 88 degrees. Bait: Right now live bait is king, but if you’re running Petroleros (Green, purple and brown) lures or Iguanas (Dorado colored gold, blue and black) Billfish have been hitting these pretty hard, but keep this to yourself.

El Pescador, Yellowfin Tuna at the Gaf, Tres Maria Islands

This week at the Tres Maria Islands this is the latest and greatest. On the Constitution this week with 23 angles on Aug 12th. 65 Dorado were caught, no mention of sizes. 75 Yellowfin Tuna, 125 Skipjack Tuna (Skippies) and 26 California Yellowtail (not to be confused with Yellowfin). As we move deeper into August and September these numbers should increase. Which is a great lead in to our “coming soon” 2 ½ day trips on El Pescador. At the Tres Maria Islands we’re seeing ever increasing amounts of Yellowfin Tuna bordering on world record sizes. It’s a First Class trip, four people max. And the entire crew speaks English!    

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

Yellowfin Tuna at the Gaff, Running with Spinner Dolphin

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