This is in the range of normal for PV when it comes Yellowfin Tuna
This is in the range of normal for PV when it comes Yellowfin Tuna

Don’t Give Up on Yellowfin Tuna, the Season is Not Over Yet!


Normally Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta is a no brainer, especially at this time of the year. Normally we see Yellowfin Tuna in the 200 to 300 lb range at this time of the year, but this year is one of those special years called El Nino. Most people hear the name El Nino all the time, but in reality have no clue what it really means. Yes they know the weather is going to be a little weird and this is a normal thing. No global warming causing this, but it will get blamed for this. As the currents from the equator change and water temperatures all over the world fluctuate, this affects not only fishing, but weather patterns around the globe. Now this year we´re seeing the Yellowfin follow the currents way north to California and beyond. Four years ago, when we had the last El Nino, they were catching Sailfish off the state of Washington, I’m serious about that, made the national news it was so strange. I haven´t heard anything that strange as yet so far this year, but I am sure something like this will come out in the news. 

Now you may be asking ¨How does this affect the fishing in Puerto Vallarta¨?  Well, the biggest indication El Nino is here, is again the weather. One example how it affects the fishing here in PV is the water temperatures. Get used to this, I will be talking a length about this condition in the coming months. When water temperatures get over 88 degrees, the Yellowfin find this too warm. So they head out of the warm water, or go deep in areas where there is live bait. This is why a downrigger is so important. For the same reason you need a fish finder, and thermal layer indicator on your electronics. With this information, you can make sure you don’t lose your downrigger sinker and make sure you’re in a comfortable temperature for the species you’re trolling for. When the water temperatures are up, this is the only way you´ll find a Yellowfin Tuna, otherwise they’re like Elvis and have left the building! 

Now the last couple of weeks, we´ve seen some drastic changes in the water temperatures. Last week I told you how they water at Corbeteña was like 82 degrees. I was called a liar by a few who live in Marina Vallarta, but everyone now knows this is the case. Most days you´ll find the water temps in the 82 to 86 degrees range. This is perfect for Sailfish, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi and more. So it´s been a mystery why there haven’t been any Trophy fish to speak of in the deep water locations of El Banco and Corbeteña. I´ll tell you, it had me pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to tell customers. You don’t want to step on their dreams, but on the other hand you don’t want to build unrealistic expectations for clients either. They will just come back mad and never trust you again. While on the other hand, Pocco down the Malicon will tell people whatever they want to hear to sell a charter. Last week I had a guy come in the shop and quote a below operation cost price to me and said this guy told him he could boat Moby Dick in a six hour day. I told the guy the truth, just to find him going out the next day with my lying competition. You can guess the results. Getting back to the subject, it’s difficult at best right now to put a real positive face on the fishing scene in Vallarta right now. 

Having said all that, this week we´re seeing another change for the better. This week we´ve seen some 300 lb Yellowfin Tuna boated at El Banco. For the most part the Yellowfin have been in the 100 pound range. Right now we´re real happy to have any Yellowfin at our World famous fishing grounds. But there are other species at The Bank as well. Black and Blue Marlin are and have been coming back into the area and this is a good sign indeed. Last week I mentioned that there were some flying fish here at El Banco. I was expecting this to draw in the Pelagic or billfish, but it didn´t. Now trolling live bait on the surface and running a down rigger will cover your bases and give you the best chance at a Gamefish you´re going to get. Sailfish and Mahi are here as well, so if you´ve been saving your pennies for fuel, now would be a good time to shake the piggy bank! 

Corbeteña also has lots of bait in the water, just like last week. Only now there are fish in the area to grab their attention. Now I don’t want to make it sound like you’re fishing in a barrel, but you are fishing in one of the best locations in Mexico for fishing. Not every boat is coming in with fish, but every boat I sent out this week to El Banco and Corbeteña came back with fish. This sail fish with James Calvert is just one example this week of the better conditions. With blue water conditions and perfect sea conditions, those lucky anglers who are here in Vallarta right now will enjoy uncrowded fishing grounds like twenty years ago. Something you probably won’t see here ever again. Those not afraid of the crap they smear all over NBC News and CNN and come to SAFE Mexico will enjoy the trip of a lifetime, I guarantee it. For some reason the press has a stiffie for Mexico and will smear this country from afar for some agenda only they know of. But if you have any real questions about what is going on in every corner of Mexico, go to …. It´s all in English from people who have recently visited the country and in their own words spell out what the deal really is in Mexico. If swine flu or H1N1 is your concern, The States are more dangerous than Mexico ever was and the USA never closed the schools or other densely populated areas for ten days like Mexico. So don´t be afraid, be cautious and take all this doom and gloom with a grain of salt. If PV was infested or dangerous, I´d say it was….. Stay tuned. 

If you’re looking for a shorter day, yet still want to catch some nice light tackle game fish, the bay is the best bang for your buck right now. El Morro and the Marietta Islands are alive with smaller game fish, but plentiful. Jack Crevalls, Rooster fish, Snappers, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna and more are waiting for you to temp them with something. Even a lure, in fact, this past week, many times lures worked better than live bait. So you need to remember to run everything you´ve got in the lure bag as well as live bait. Vary the presentation with skirts off that goggle eyes nose of different colors, chum, and pray. None of it hurts and by trying something that you know won´t work, just may! This day is well worth the time and easier on the vacation wallet! 

Inside the bay things have been the Luke warm conditions that have prevailed for the last month. With no rain, there is no Trash Line in the bay. The smaller game fish love to feed off the seeds, leaves, bugs and organic materials that go with this trash line. Although that is not to say there are no fish in the bay, which would be silly…. Out near Cabo Corrientes or south towards Chimo, Skip Jack Tuna have been bringing in larger game fish. Now Some Sails are roaming the bay, but this is like getting lightening to strike where you tell it to. Not likely, but who knows, maybe you´ve got the power amigo. Lots so snappers in the shallow areas with structure, Bonito, Skips, Needle fish, Mackerals, and the list goes on. If you’re looking for a short day with some action, this is what the doctor ordered! 

It looks like the back half of fishing high season will pick up and find more fish in the area for the visiting and local anglers alike. With the blue water and better water temps I expect the fishing to continue to improve. With the great prices being offered to tourist, we´ve already seen a slight increase in the number of charter boats heading out in the morning. Everyone in Marina Vallarta is optimistic about the upcoming tournaments with the fish returning and ever so slight daily improvements. 

Now remember, you can always fire me an email and ask me anything that comes to mind about Mexico or Puerto Vallarta, doesn’t have to be about fishing, Restaurants, banking, medical stuff, even questions about how the water is clean and very drinkable in Puerto Vallarta are more than welcome. It´s about building community and not so much about promoting my business. I am well known, so I am truly interested in your well being and getting the straight truth to you without an agenda. Can’t say that about many in Puerto Vallarta, so don´t be afraid to ask, answers are free……

 Well, that’s enough for this week, until next time, don’t forget to kiss your fish…. 

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Fishing Report for Sept. 20, 2009 for Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle

Written by: Stan Gabruk.

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