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Dirty Water Continues, Corbeteña Clean, Giant Marlin!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

08 14 2015 1150 lb. Blue Marlin, Capt Ivan, 400 pxls MBText

 If you haven´t heard by now, I´d be surprised if you haven’t, El Nino has raised its ugly head and things current wise are already changing as we enter the meaty part of Fishing Season here in PV. What I´ve been calling dirty water from rains has in fact been current changes churning up the muck on the sea floor bottom. Normally when the seasonal currents change in January again in May we see this condition. But this is August, not January. What´s happening? Now that we´re hearing about El Nino it all makes sense. We´re seeing the winter currents from north to south kicking in early! What the coming fishing season has in store for us is a mystery for us all. With warm water way up north, Places like Ensenada and San Diego are seeing larger Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado and who knows what else, Marlin? For now the season is a ¨toss up¨. It´s something we can deal with, we really have no choice, one thing for sure, it will be interesting! Read all about El Nino on the links provided at the bottom of the article.

The good news is El Banco and Corbeteña are sitting in clean blue water! We still aren´t seeing Dorado anywhere of any size, but we do have Big Black Marlin, Sailfish and Cubera Snapper. So the ¨doom and gloom¨ period is coming to an end. So if you´re in the mood to boat some world class fish, then I suggest El Banco where Capt. Hector of Bella Del Mar, our 28ft Super Pango boated an 800 lb Marlin, Released four Sailfish and had two Marlin chasing baits. This floored me because we´ve been seeing 400 to 600 lb Marlin, decent sized but not large by any means. Now with the abundant bait in the form of Skip jack Tuna (at 10 lbs), Bonito, Flying fish, Goggle Eyes and more it´s nature’s version of McDonalds out there in ¨Fish City¨.  Corbeteña is also ready to rock your fishing world amigo. Put Cubera Snapper on the menu which are in the 60 lb range right now! Last but not least we do have Yellofin tuna Footballs a few miles off the rock at 40 to 60 lbs but you´ll be hard pressed to find them for now. Just look for the birds and go from there. For the person who´s been waiting for the Big Marlin to show up, well they´re here! One last thing about El Banco and Corbeteña, the currents are really strong right now. You could find dirty water where it was clean and blue the day before, and vice versa! So if you´re heading out, try and keep up with the current conditions and if you can´t do that, fire me an email and I´ll fill you in amigo.

Adam Baker Bait Ball at surface 450 pxls MBTextNow we´ve had dirty water for weeks from the shoreline to El Banco, but now things are pulling back to about five miles past the Marietta Islands. You´ll mostly be targeting, Marlin, Sailfish in this area as well, Da. Steer clear of the dirty water, nothing is happening in the dirty water. But there is a chance if you are in dirty water that any fish in the area may just see your bait, then they´ll take it. If around the Island itself, you can find Snappers for the jiggers, Needle fish, Bonito, Jack Crevalls, Skip Jack Tuna and other assorted reef fish. Not too exciting I have to agree, but if you have young ones looking to have some fun and catch some smaller game, this is a great option.

Even around the point of Punta Mita where you could ¨half¨ expect to see clean water is still murky, but there are good indications that things are improving with the Marietta Islands clearing out. So give it a week and we´ll at least have clean water again after what, four weeks of this nonsense now?

08 15 2015 Jack Crevalls Nuevo Vta MBTextInside the bay, well it´s still dirty, but it’s a cleaner, clearer green water fish can see better in. Jack Crevalls are all around the Nuevo Vallarta area close to shore and nice sized in the 35 lb range. River mouths still have Robalo or Snook for the English speakers. Snapper, Jack Crevalls, even small grouper. If near Yelapa there have been Sailfish from this area to los Arcos, people are getting strikes, so anything is possible! All and all four hours in the bay will produce fish, but you better find the cleanest water you can or find the river mouths. The trash line is hit and miss since we have sporadic seasonal rains nightly as we like to see. The trash line comes with rain naturally and El Nino is stepping on our ¨rains¨.  At least the Hurricanes are subdued and every hurricane so far this year has headed out towards Hawaii, a plus I guess for PV.

Magnifico Sunset TextReally not much you can say about fishing right now. Bad conditions are changing for the better by the day. We have big fish, but you have to find clean water which for now means at least an eight hour trip where they´ll take you a bit farther than what you´re paying for, but better boats and captains will do this as customer service. The experienced will understand the extra effort of the captain, newbie’s will not have a clue and that´s OK too. It´s our job to provide what you need if you know what that is or not!

Water temperatures are still over 88 degrees, a touch warm for Yellowfin tuna. This will most likely continue for some time, but we should start seeing some larger sized Yellowfin Tuna any day now. With warm water from South America to Oregon these fish are very comfortable up north were the water is better suited temperature wise to their bodies and systems. Maybe these north to south currents will bring some cooler water with them to help the Yellowfin tuna find their way to the surface. Cross your fingers.

With all the families, Nationals and North Americans alike we´re seeing deserted fishing grounds and very, very few boats heading out. Soon we´ll be in the Sept / Oct time frame when we´ll see the Magazines and T.V. Shows turning up to feature Moby Dick on their broadcast. The meaty part of Fishing Season in Fish City is coming upon us and with the Big Marlin moving in, things will only get better. So be patient, it´s time for the conditions to change as they already are!

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

 Marina Vallarta MorningCheck out these articles: (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2015/07/20/el-nino-intensifying-could-rival-strongest-in-history/ here`s another: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/el-nino-to-be-one-of-strongest/50081969  or NOAA the Authority site with list of articles at: http://www.elnino.noaa.gov/forecast.html ).

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