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                        Currents Still Churning Dirty Water Up, Frustration Continues

               Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Large Jack Crevalls all over the area, especially inside the bay!

There are times when a “cookie cutter” fishing report is a welcome thing. Then we get these weekly reports, like now, when we’re just waiting for the “current clashing” to come to an end. When that happens the “Season” will begin. For now we’re exercising our patience, but this by no means, means the fishing is bad. We have great fishing, but the fish or species we have may not be to your liking. If you’re looking for Moby Dick or Dorado you can put that on the back burner, still early for them. But then again I’ve been reporting freaky fishing for the last year, why change now. Having said that, lets take a look at our fishing options.

We all know that swirling currents mix up the bottom of the bay silt like a spoon in your coffee stirring in the cream. Of course with the warm water moving in we’re seeing Jack Crevalls number staying strong, thank the fish gods for this. Dorado and Sailfish that just a week ago were “possible” have pretty much become impossible for the next twenty minutes, after that I can’t be held accountable! The deep water locations of Corbetena and El Banco aka The Bank have been less than exciting. Corbetena is seeing 50 lb Yellowfin Tuna jumping and attacking baits in the water. The problem is the Jack Crevalls get to your bait before any other fish can get close. So frustrating that the action around the Rock isn’t improving. Magnifico targeted Tuna at Corbetena and boated 28 Jack Crevalls as these 50 lb Tuna were jumping all around them, frustration! There are some Cubera Snappers if you’re into Jigging at 35 lbs. Not really much of a reason to head out this way unless you want Tuna, now you know the story. El Banco is worse, except they have blue water in this area so anything is possible with enough time. All and all Jack Crevalls are no reason to head to Corbetena especially if you can’t get a bait in front of the Yellowfin Tuna we do have…

Normally the area between Corbetena and El Morro can have Sailfish in the area, that would be in normal conditions, for now nothing. The Marietta Islands, remember those, well they’re still sleeping quietly. Nothing but the normal species everywhere else, Jack Crevalls to 50 lbs and many. Sierra Mackerels at 15 lbs, tasty for sure. Bonito to 30 lbs but averaging around 15 lbs, perfect bait size. Give it some more time and the Islands will be back in the groove. Punta Mita and the area around Four Seasons have mostly clean water which is good news, the bad news is nothing you can’t find in the bay species or fish wise.

This of course brings us to the bay and we could just copy and paste last week’s comments. Nor real expectations for larger fish, then fish in the bay. Sierra Mackerels to 15 lbs, Bonito averaging around 15 lbs, Skip Jack Tuna are back in the bay at 7 lbs, small but tasty. Of course Jack Crevalls are super abundant with the average boat for four hours coming in with ten strikes at the minimum. Now you’ll find a mix of water conditions, Red water, not exactly red tide, but you can call it that if you want. Dirty water, clean blue water, it’s all just spotty at best. So be patient, find blue water and you’ll be catching fish. Dirty water for some reason doesn’t discourage Jack Crevalls at all, so if they see a bait, they’ll take it. For the guy or gal, even family that wants to have fun, catch fish, enjoy the bay, well we can do that amigo. If you’re looking for Moby Dick, it’s a little early for those kinds of expectations. A four to six hour trip in the bay is perfect and frankly you’ll catch the same fish you’ll be finding for a much more expensive trip. Those that can break out of the box, try structure fishing. The species are smaller for sure, but most of them are good eating. Do what the locals do, catch what there is to catch, have a nice dinner and laugh at the guys who can only be happy with huge fish. We should have called this article “Fun fishing for all in the bay”… Maybe not.

The bite has finally moved to an earlier hour with the full moon and tides changing. For those looking to hit the bay the bite is happening about 8:00 a.m. Be where you want to be by then and you’ll have a great day. Bait is plentiful, Sardines, Red Crabs, Krill squids and shrimps, Flying fish and the list goes on. No bait issues, Jack issues between your bait and the local Tuna is another thing. Water temperatures this week dipped to 82 degrees, not an issue. And that pretty much sums up the fishing this week. Soon the water currents will be calm, big fish will be entering the area and these “cookie cutter” reports will soon be about big fish! Stay tuned and thanks again for your continued support.

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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