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                    Currents Change, Long Liners Invade Punta Mita, Everywhere

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIn the ever changing world of fishing, currents can change and all of a sudden everything changes in a heartbeat and this is where we are now amigos. We have seen a strange current, a cool current come through Corbeteña this past week and all of a sudden the fishing just stopped at the Rock. At t his time of the year this is not exactly strange or unusual, but it is very unwelcome. The early part of the week was rocking at the rock, but the last couple of days have turned into a roll of the dice. Now this doesn´t mean the fishing is bad, it just had a hiccup or two.

We had a few days of rough water, nothing to stop the fishing, but still enough to get some a little sickish fishing and with the current changes we´re seeing the arrival of Jack Crevalls in mass, Needle Fish, and Sierra Mackerals. These are all winter species fish and we know when the currents come from the north we see Sierra Mackerals and Needle Fish. With El Nino conditions in full swing, we have warm water with cooler water starting to mix together. Your electronics will be more important these next few days so you can make sure you´re trolling in warm water and not ice water. Yes amigos, winter fishing is knocking on our door.

02 15 2013 Skip Jack Footballs Yelapa Red600 pix wTextCorbeteña had its challenges this week as things just came to a stop, no fish, nothing chasing a bait, even Cubera Snappers that take bait consistently were AWOL! With the ¨sudden¨ change in currents that are inevitable at this time of year it is actually an announcement that winter is coming to PV. For the moment, inside the bay would be better than tossing your fuel dollar into a wasted effort. Now I want to make sure you understand this is temporary and things are probably already better, fish don´t leave this area for long. El Banco, Pretty much the same. Where did the Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna go, your guess is as good as mine. Before heading out be sure you drop me a line and I´ll let you know the latest conditions and discuss a plan of attack amigo, more than happy to help any way I can.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESInside the bay, it´s freak fishing. I mean seriously weird stuff happening. Last week I posted a picture of a 350 lb Black Marlin that was boated in the bay in front of the Los Arcos rocks by about five miles. Dorado are all over the bay with the smallest being in the 30 lb range, which is nice indeed! Bonito in the 30 lb range, Jack Crevalls are moving in nicely to 45 lbs, average is 30 lbs. Needle Fish are in the south end of the bay and some of them are six feet long and over 50 lbs! They´re great tasting and fun to catch, so don´t think Needle fish are trash fish. Sailfish are still all over the bay, especially near La Cruz and sough of the Los Arcos rocks. Snook seem to be backing off a little, but some are still around close to shore and around the river mouths. I can´t remember when the fishing in the bay was this outstanding! My suggestion for this week: Six hours in the bay, target Dorado and keep your eyes open for the Whales all over the Bay of Banderas. For the moment, this area will give the best bang for your fishing dollar amigo. Just remember everything could change before you finish reading this paragraph!

The bite is still in the mid morning hours around 8 a.m until about 12:00, and then the afternoon bite is around 4 in the afternoon to dusk. Lures to use this week are once again the petrelaros of purple, green and brown. Lures of white and blue mimic flying and working well and lures of Green in color with flecks of yellow to imitate a Dorado are your best lure choices this week. Live bait is always king, but you should always run at least one lure Water temperatures have dropped from 85 degrees to 82 degrees, this is perfect for many species and we should start seeing Striped Marlin coming into the area.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere in Puerto Vallarta the fishing is great, but you´d never know it because there are hundreds and hundreds of long lines running from Corbetena to El Banco, to Punta Mita and the Marietta Islands. These ¨long liners¨ are pulling tons and tons of Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin and anything else swimming in our world famous fishing grounds! It´s sickening! The local authorities give you comforting words as they do absolutely nothing to enforce the laws they are responsible for enforcing. Once again, the greater good is ignored for a single persons mega profit essentially receiving ¨permission¨ to break the law. So the fishing is great, the challenge is getting to a fish before it´s empaled on a hook of a ten mile long, long line! Now we need help, but we don´t know who to go to. This is classic corruption and when the locals turn to Cartel(s) types to get justice! It´s completely upside down and this is how govt works in Mexico. So where do you go? Like i said the fishing is incredible, but the long liners are raping Puerto Vallarta´s Fishing Grounds!! Any ideas, share them with me, but don´t be from outtside of Mexico, if you´re experienced with situtations like this we can go there. This is how people wind up dead. .. .

Don’t forget we´re still doing our best to hook you up on shared boats, just fire me an email so I know when you´ll be here and we´ll do the rest. The Downtown Store on Basidillo Badillo and Insurgentes is open for High Season and we´re smoking fish now, half the fish is your payment. Call Chris (El Centor Mgr) at (044) 322 112 9558 for details for fishing, fish smoking or to purchase T-shrts amigo, YeHa!

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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