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     Current Changes, Dirty Water, Dorado, Sailfish and Frustrations!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Jack Crevalls caught on Buddy our 26 ft super panga…

I think the title pretty much sums things up. Once again we’re in a transition period from season to season and now we’re seeing the visible signs. We know this is going to happen every year, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. What does this mean? Well when currents change it stirs up the muck on the bottom of the ocean floor. In the bay, out of the bay, it’s all the same. The secret right now is find blue water. It may be easier said than done, which of course is where lies the challenge. This can take a week or so to “clear up”. By the time you read this, things could have already changed so keep positive. Don’t worry, I’ve got some ideas amigos, but it’s “gonna” cost you, no surprise there!

One thing is for sure, fishing reports are never all good or all bad. This week it could be better, but with the season in slo-mo and few tourist here in PV it’s actually lucky for us in several ways. I mean if you’re going to have to deal with this sort of thing, now is the time. The dirty water we speak of is a result of the currents acting like a spoon in your coffee. It mixes up the settled muck on the bottom of the bay. Fish normally don’t like this, the muck gets in their gills and leaves a “bad taste in their mouth”. As you can imagine. They will normally leave the area or go deep. You see the muck isn’t always to the bottom, it thins out, can only be a few feet down in many cases. How do you know this, well you don’t really, unless you want to jump in.

With dirty water is all over the fishing grounds, it’s a challenge to find clean water. It’s out there, but you’ll need to do some traveling. About 12 miles off Punta Mita on a heading of 300, just about at El Banco there are Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Possible Blue Marlin and of course Sailfish, in clean water. Now it’s very early for these species, except Sails, so consider yourself lucky to even have them in the area. It’s a positive, but your chances will still be at about 30%. I know it doesn’t sound positive, but in a time when these species are normally not here, we can call it lucky. With these southern currents clashing things could be like this for a few days at the minimum. Remember fish will take baits, that’s not the issue, the problem being can they see your baits. Jack Crevalls seem to be immune for the most part to dirty water. Another trick is to use a planer to get your baits about six feet under the surface, this can be the answer to this problem, then again, maybe not. Fishing is not an exact sport and it can be “frustrating”, welcome to my world. If you take a heading of 330 and head almost due north from Punta Mita you have a fairly decent shot at 25 lb Dorado, Sailfish, Jack Crevalls naturally to 45 lbs, Bonito, Needle fish and if the fish gods smile on you, maybe a Blue or Striped Marlin. I’ll cross my fingers for you. Just about everywhere else is going to have dirty water. It can be spotty so look for the clean areas. Corbetena is not dirty, but it’s the “clean green” cold water and nothing much is hanging around the “rock”. UpDate: There have been days with Yellowfin Tuna in the 50 lb range jumping all over the place. Cubera Snappers are there and in the 60 lb range for Jiggers. Be warned, there are still fields of red crabs around the place and Krill are moving in as well. All Tuna favorites so go prepared, well as possible that is. 

The area around El Morro, Punta Mita and the Marietta islands this season have been less than exciting. And this condition has not changed. Still there can be some decent action if you find clean water. Same species for the most part, Bonito to 20 lbs, Jack Crevalls to 40 lbs, Sierra Mackerels to 20 lbs and of course there are always the reef fish. All and all not a great place to target, but if you find yourself in the area, give it a shot.

Inside the bay it’s the same as last week.  . Jack Crevalls to 45 lbs, Bonito to 25 lbs, Sierra Mackerels to 15 lbs, Freak Dorado around Los Arcos and La Cruz areas. For now that’s about it, take it or leave leave it amigos. Again, there is some nice fishing in the bay, but once again you have to have realistic expectations. UpDate: the bay is loosening up a bit, Snappers near structure, Jack Crevalls seem to be picking up as are Bonito to 25 lbs. So it looks like things are settling down a bit.  

This week we’re still seeing a late morning bit anywhere from 10 to 11 a.m. so don’t fret, sleep in a little. Water temperatures are a positive at 84 degrees, perfect for every warm water species there is. So after the dirty water bugs out we’ll be looking at Marlin moving in with the currents coming up from the south. Bait is another crazy thing, in the dirty water they’re a little hard to find so make sure you get what you can at the bait boats in the morning. As far as bait conditions go we have tons of bait in clean blue water, that’s the catch. Find blue water, catch fish, this should be the title in fact. I really wish I could be a bit more positive, but we’re biting the bullet and next week this will be past us. 

Last but not least we’re putting together 3 day luxury fishing  to the Tres Maria Islands and it’s no cattle care trip. You ever notice there is always one “Ashole” on the boat that is just loud, stupid, obnoxious and you’re stuck with this guy for three days? I’ve been there and I’ve always stayed away from those cattle car fishing “excursions”. I will be putting these details together in the next few days. Right now it looks like $2,500 usd per person, only four people, not twelve like these other cattle cars. You’ll be dining, not eating. The accommodations are very nice. If you’re a Cattle Car guy, then you should go with them. But if you’re a hard core Yellowfin Tuna Fisherman, then this is a world class crew, World class boat with a world class company. |We’ve stayed back from this market but it’s time to get going. We’re coming on to the Summer High Season for Fishing. In reality for this product, the price is reasonable. Bring your own equipment, we provide the rest…. Stay tuned for picture and more……

Larry Lionetti with his 130 lb Yellowfin Tuna boated off the high spots of El Banco on Pescador



Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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