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                        Cruising Sailfish / Marlin Expand Fishing Grounds!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

07 24 2015 Capt Scooby, Guanatuna panga, 600 pxls MBTEXTSummer is definitely here amigos, the temperatures are up, the humidity is setting records and the seasonal rains ¨for better or worse¨ are back, kinda. Except for the rain coming back, the conditions are pretty much the same as last week. Pretty much we´re seeing the same species in our world famous fishing grounds. The Bad news is no Yellowfin Tuna of any size to speak of as yet. Sure we have the Football YF Tuna in the 60 lb range roaming around El Banco north and Corbeteña. But short of Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna the fishing is great. Not perfect, but with Sailfish and Marlin to 700lbs you´re going to have to spend some time looking and do some work. And if you´re looking for the quick bite as the bait hits the water, well that´s not going to happen. Patience pays and with an insane amount of bait all over the area the conditions are great. For now longer days are recommended to insure you get that finned fantasy you´ve always dreamed of!

Water temperatures have gone up a bit, one degree to 86 degrees, almost perfect. Bait is plentiful with four to six inch flying fish taking over the Punta Mita to El Morro area. What may seem like birds dropping on bait balls can in fact be a false indicator because flying fish hang on the surface and the theory of fish chasing bait into ¨balls¨ to the surface doesn´t work in this scenario. So don´t be fooled out of your fuel dollars chasing ghost in this area. Anywhere else the theory and practice holds true. We are also seeing massive amounts of Goggle eyes also, not a bad thing except for the fact there are billions of baby Dorado in the five to ten pound range chasing them. So be aware of this, if running Goggle eyes you´ll most likely have small, baby Dorado chasing your baits. Small lures are also getting unwanted attention from Dorado Babies so if close to the Marietta Islands or El Morro be aware of this and run larger baits and lures.

07 26 2015, Joe Kinsella, Villa Encanto, 8 hrs 650 pxls MBTextMarlin to 700lbs are where you find them right now, which is anywhere from the point of Punta Mita to El Banco and over to Corbeteña. Wide open spaces, you bet. Marlin are not focusing on specific locations right now since abundant bait is in the open water areas. Having said that, Corbeteña and El Banco are not bad spots to boat Sailfish or Marlin. But on the way, I´d be dropping baits and trolling all over the place looking for birds. If you decide to hit these deep water locations then you´ve also got other species to target like Cubera Snappers that are always available and good tasting. Yellowfin Tuna Footballs still in the 60lb range are north of the Rock and High Spots. High Visibility blue water guarantees that if there are Marlin or Sailfish in eyeshot, they´ll see your baits. Hard to give any real numbers here since the fishing grounds are deserted and we don´t know exactly how good the fishing really is.

Red Fish BoilThe Point off Punta Mita continues to the most reliable location in the area to boat Sailfish. Not too many other species around the point except billions of super young Dorado. These Dorado will chase Hoochies, Goggle Eyes, any small bait. So you´ve been warned, shortly these ¨babies¨ will increase in size. For now be glad we have some in the area. Now that it´s raining again there has been a trash line about three miles off the point of Punta Mita that has been producing very small Dorado, Skip jacks Tuna to 15 lbs, Bonito, and whatever other species is in the area. Eight hours can get you a Sailfish but there will be an element of ¨luck¨ involved, you´ve been warned.

As I mentioned earlier, the seasonal rains have more or less shown up. We´re seeing some evenings with rain and naturally that rain flows down the mountains and hills in the area. Along with the rain comes seeds, leaves, twigs, bugs and all sorts of organic fish granola. The smaller fish like Dorado especially, Skip Jack Tuna and assorted smaller gamefish will feed on this ¨fast food¨ until it´s gone. Because of this we´re seeing Sailfish chasing smaller gamefish into the bay. Now this is not normal by any measure, but the area around La Cruz, Los Arcos, Yelapa and the middle of the bay are seeing Sailfish being boated Simi- regularly! Also inside the bay are Bonito to 30 lbs, Snapper in front of the river mouths to 25 lbs, 25lb Robalo or Snook also love the ¨sweet fresh water¨ or in Spanish Agua Dulce. Short day trips with kids will produce dinner table conversations as you chow down on the days results. Yellowfin Tuna Footballs can reach 40 lbs around Yelapa so don´t ignore that end of the bay. Jack Crevalls are still in the bay around Nuevo Vallarta and if you don´t mind smaller fish, then the bay can be fun for an affordable price. Great for the kids amigo! 07 22 2015 Skip Jack Tuna, Guanatuna panga, Capt Scooby 650 Pxls MBTEXT

Blue Water conditions exist outside of the bay. With the rains we´re seeing the dirty water, the coffee colored water that is basically adobe clay inside the bay. In front of the trash line will normally be clean water, behind it is dirty. We never know how thick this dirty rain water is so many times running a planer to get your bait a few feed deeper will be you´re secret trick to boat fish when others don´t. If fishing in the bay look of for the blue water pockets, your chances of boating fish will be better.

As mentioned earlier the water temperatures are in the range of perfect, so no complaints here. Anywhere from the point out is clean and ¨high visibility¨ blue. Live bait is king right now, but lures are sometimes a better option if you´re in the area of baby Dorado as discussed earlier. Petrelaros and green combinations lure colors are still working very well. Blue and some pink with tiger prints are on and off again. Google Eyes trolled are being chased by baby Dorado around the point, but other areas this bait is desirable. The bite is in the early mid-day time frame. Early morning departures are not going to do you much good this week amigo. Around 11:00 to 2:30ish is the time to be expecting fish to come up and express an interest in your presentation (fancy word for bait). So get out about 8:00 a.m. and take your time, never hurts to be a little ¨early¨.

10 14 2013 Travis Cusimano, Shannon friend 03Remember it you´d like to get the latest and greatest information in the form of this report as soon as it´s written then send me an email and I´l be happy to put you on the distribution list. It´s handy stuff to know if you´`re coming down, are already in PV or work in a position where this information will help inform people. It´s the only comprehensive Fishing Report our of Puerto Vallarta hat isn´t focused on my business but rather the conditions. Don´t rely on the ¨promoters¨ to look out for your best interest as they have their hands out. Don´t be stiffed because everyone knows the fishing is bad except YOU! My contact info is below so we´re looking forward to including you in the fun. . . .

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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