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Corbeteña, Still Marlin & Sailfish Central

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

10 04 2013 Shannon Trahan, Magnifico, 001

As we move deeper into September, tourism is at the seasonal lows we all expect. Now is when the real fishing season starts. High season for tourism has passed us all by now as we move into the highest part of Fishing Season here in Puerto Vallarta. The air is hot and humid. The seas are smooth and blue. Hurricanes are a fact of life here in Puerto Vallarta, we´ve seen our share for sure this year, with the only effects being some rough seas and a few days where the port was closed. So there are always challenges to fishing,  it keeps things interesting and in the end the challenge is what the fishing is really all about. Fish move in and fish move out, the Hurricanes are not the primary challenge to us this season, the challenge to fishing  is where the currents aren´t. El Nino is pushing currents out much farther to the west than is normal, way past El Banco, which means you have to go farther out to see our world class Gamefish. Nobody ever promised it would be easy. . . or cheap when it comes to World Class Fishing!

10 04 2013 Shannon Trahan, Magnifico, 001e shannon Sailfish 2

To start with this week, we´ve had a couple of days where the port was closed to small craft and vessels. That means if you have insurance and your boat sinks, when the port is closed, that means you are not operating safely and the insurance is null and void. So for three days we´ve been focusing on the bay fishing (protected) which was not exactly bad but Marlin Hunters were disappointed. Hurricane Norbert is now out of the area and the conditions have returned to near perfect once again. Not a major disaster for most since the number of fishing types are at yearly lows. Soon those in the know will be turning up in PV looking to hit the deep water locations of Corbeteña and El Banco. While we are still waiting for Yellowfin Tuna we have Black Marlin and Sailfish to fill the void. Cubera Snappers are also at Corbeteña and El Banco for those who don´t think Jigging is for panty waist. Rainbow runners in the 45 lb range, no Dorado to speak of, but there is always a chance. Black Marlin averaging 550 lbs are still chasing baits and striking baits. Fresh live Bait is king, but Purple and Green lures are working well. Again, this was for the few days you could actually get out there.Red Fish Boil

The Marietta Islands, disappointing at best, not much happening there and this is very abnormal. If in the area Bonito to 25 lbs, Needle Fish, Sierra Mackerals and Jack Crevalles are everywhere. Sailfish are off El Morro islands, but they´re inching their way west so be prepared to start trolling out towards Corbeteña and you´ll have plenty of sightings for Sailfish. Getting it on the boat is up to your Captain and Crew.

Punta Mita, same as last week, Sails five to twelve miles off shore, Blue and Black Marlin a little farther out. Dorado at a buoy if you can find one. Not too much to say as we´re still waiting for Dorado to turn up around the bay, actually the whole area is waiting with ¨baited¨ breath… get it?

Inside the bay, we´re seeing plenty of rain in these days so there´s a nice little Trash Line. Same story, find the trash line, run a silver diamond jig or Rapalla and sit back. Small Dorado have been feeding on it and you´ll find small schools of Dorado. Bonito in the 25 lb range, Needle fish to 35 lbs. Yellowfin Tuna in the 25 to 45 lb range in the Yelapa area and of course Snook at the river mouths. You can find and catch fish in the bay. Some extreme examples are still Sailfish near the La Cruz area and at times near the Light House in the south end of the bay. Strange stuff indeed, but there you are. Jack Crevalles are all over the place, even if it is a winter species fish for the area.DSCF0407

These past few weeks when it seems like Puerto Vallarta should have better fishing, I´d have to agree with you. We´re seeing the summer currents, I should say the El Nino Currents are farther out to the west than normal and is frankly taking the warm water fish with it to points north of Puerto Vallarta into areas like Cabo and Southern California. I read a report where they´re boating Wahoo in San Diego, Dorado and Marlin at Catalina. I mean it´s like our fish went north for the summer. Now this is not surprising with my past history or following conditions, especially El Nino Conditions. I´m not going to post any charts or backup, I know this is happening and so does anyone with any salt. For the rest of the year we can only hope the currents move closer in. This will bring in Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado. When it comes to Marlin and Sailfish, we have plenty of those in the area, but the jaded types like myself look forward to that first Monster of the season from our local deep water fishing grounds, not the Tres Maria Islands. September has a way of fooling the fish gods and conditions can explode in a heartbeat when it comes to fishing.

Water temps are still in the 90 degree range, Water is blue as we move into the full moon period of the month, so expect the bite to be early in the morning and later in the afternoon, after 3 p.m. The conditions are perfect, and the weather, while warm is not any worse than Houston or Miami.

The Newsletter this week is a little short, not too much to talk about, so we´ll just wait for the next few days and see how things pan out. I am expecting to see Dorado turn up at the Marietta Islands any day now. Sailfish are surprising absent from this area and that is strange. For now the best bang for your fishing bucks are either at Punta Mita for Sails and Marlin. Or in the bay for trash line fish and I love Snook, Robalo in Spanish, short days and great eating. A great combination you should look at when thinking of action in the bay.

Right now we´re on hold waiting for the fish to move back into the area normally takes a couple of days. So hang tight, the fishing is great when we don´t have a hurricane to deal with. For those of us in the business, we know that this is a normal part of our lives. We just plan around it and use our brain power and make things happen anyway. So be open minded this week, try something different, try a new area and remember fishing is a way of relaxing and enjoying the elements. It´s not always about the biggest fish you can boat. If you can enjoy the day on a beautiful bay, perfect weather and Mother Nature all around you, then you´ve figured out the secret. Enjoy your day on the water and remember, life is what you make it, why not be positive and let the beauty around you envelope you. It will de stress you in a short while and as you release the stress . . . grab another beer!

Update 9/10/2014: More Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in the area. They spring up out of nowhere in a matter of hours. Don´t expect any real problems from these but Hurricane Odile is building and coming towards PV, should be here by the week end… Stay tuned, but here are a few pictures to show it´s path and situation. Odile World Odile b Odile a

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