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            Corbetena & El Banco, Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish Numbers Increasing

               Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

As the fishing has been gradually improving it’s the time of the year when things can change dramatically. This past week in the deep water fishing grounds of El Banco and Corbetena were barely breathing. Now as we move forward we’ll have fewer and fewer “emergency room” moments. The good news, the patient has come back to life now with Marlin, Sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna running the neighborhood. It may just be time to break into the piggy bank you hid from the wife!

September, normally known as the slowest tourism month of the year is also when we begin our “Big Fish Season”. With High visibility blue water Corbetena has exploded with Blue Marlin from 400 lbs upwards to over 600 lbs. Black Marlin are in the same size range. Yellowfin Tuna are also hanging at the rock with sizes ranging up to 160 lbs. Many football Tuna in the 40 to 60 lb range as well. Bait is abundant from three miles out of the bay to Corbetena. Skip Jack Tuna at 6 lbs are abundant everywhere as are Bullet Bonito a favorite bait of the locals. One issue is Bottle Nose Porpoise have returned with the Tuna. Yellowfin Tuna and Dolphin / Porpoise will run together as team mates, so this is normal. The down side of the Dolphin invasion is they eat your bait. It’s easy prey, they will get your bait just up to the hook and laugh as they can do this all day long. This can be stressful, to say the least. It’s just one challenge to overcome. But if you do there are some big fish to be had amigos. One thing to remember, fish move and these pesky Dolphin / Porpoise have been going back and forth between El Banco and Corbetena. So flip a coin amigo. El Banco is showing the same species, no Tuna for the moment though. With water temperatures hovering at 88 degrees, with surface temperatures to over 90 degrees it becomes very important to remember Yellowfin Tuna will control their body temperatures by sounding. In other words, they go deep to where it’s comfortable. After the morning bite, I’d suggest running at least one down rigger with live bait, flying fish, it’s been working sporadically amigos. Sailfish have been outside the Rock and the High spots of El Banco. Just about six miles south of the High Spots there has been a fairly large concentration of Sailfish. Shark are still here and they’re big, not sure what species they are at the moment, not Black Tip or Fin for sure. But they’re 150 to 350 lbs. Just remember at times like this you may need to move a little water to find what you’re targeting so be prepared with a full fuel tank. It’s time again to put that expensive fishing equipment in the closet to the test.

As we move into big fish season we start to see things around the Marietta Islands come to life, so far this has not happened. Sailfish are off the point of Punta Mita and the numbers are increasing. Blue Marlin possible if running live bait. Dorado are possible if you can find debris or a heavy trash line. Bonito and Skip Tack Tuna are picking up the slack where Jack Crevalls, a primarily cold water species has been bugging out. Areas north of Sayulita are more likely to find Dorado to 30 lbs and Sailfish. Things will improve in this area soon, stay tuned.

Rainy season in Puerto Vallarta brings with it dirty water pouring into the bay. This of course creates a Trash Line which is a big draw for many different species. With the rain also comes Snook, Robalo in Spanish to 35 lbs. Now you need to be at the river mouths or along the shoreline where the fresh and salt water mix. Any shiny digging bait should get their attention if they can see it. Many times the “dirty water” is only a few feet thing so running a planer will get your lures and baits in an area fish will be able to see it. Jack Crevalls are still in the bay but like mentioned earlier their numbers are thinning. Yellowfin Tuna to 40 lbs have been in the deep water around Yelapa. Skip jack Tuna are everywhere. Dorado are still around Los Arcos but they’re pretty small so throw the babies back. With Bonito and all sorts of edible fish around structure, I’d suggest a six hour trip if fishing in the bay.

For the Yellowfin Tuna guys the bite has been happening between 7 to 9 a.m. After that you’ll be in trolling mode. For other species the bite can be all day, especially with high clouds and haze. Water temperatures have been at 88 degrees, with 91 degrees in the surface waters, plan accordingly. Bait is plentiful, Flying fish are just thick, Bullet Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna (scarce last week), Sardines, Goggle Eyes and the list goes on. Lures that have been working once again are Petroleros, Iguanas and live bait especially the flying fish.   

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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