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                          Corbetena, El Banco Dead, Bay On-Fire!

    Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Before I get started let me first say this, anything and everything can change in a heartbeat in the world of fishing. By the time you read this everything has most likely changed. So check the local conditions first before deciding anything amigos. An ominous introduction of there ever was one. Now to lighten things up a bit, the bay fishing is incredible right now. Great time to save some money and have a lot of arm burning action.

So there you are, Magnifico headed to Corbetena and El Banco on four separate days this week and came in with very few fish. I can’t really explain what happened, a cold front, funny currents, who knows. For now all the professional captains are staying in the bay. Now this could have already changed as we’re expecting Striped Marlin to move in for a short time in a big way. . One thing that could be the problem is the long liners, again! They’re set up in key current locations that insure they snag a maximum of fish. Yet even those when checked only had a few Dorado on a multi kilometer line. The mere fact they’re in the area is a sign there are fish. But remember this is about what happened, and what I think “will” happen. And for now you have better options for your fuel dollar! 

That makes this whole article about the bay. We always can count on great fishing in the bay, nothing new there. What is strange, the bay fishing is better than our world famous deep water locations! For the moment Dorado of 25 lbs can be found everywhere in the bay and I mean everywhere. As you leave Marina Vallarta start dropping baits just outside the buoy. Last week a few captains went straight to the area around Los Arcos and the Dorado were closer to the marina. How do I know this, because Capt Jaime was the only guy then pulling Dorado and Sails out of the bay and this was his secret! Sailfish can be anywhere from Los Arcos to a recent hot spot, La Cruz Marina area and they’re jumping. Jack Crevalls (30 – 50 lbs) are returning to the bay in a big way, not the best tasting of species but a great warrior for sure. Skip Jack Tuna, aka Skippies are huge at 12 lbs and tasty also. Sierra Mackerels 20 lbs or less, Snapper and a host of other possibilities. Not likely you’ll catch a Marlin, but the pictured Wahoo was boated just a few miles in front of down town Boardwalk or Malecon in Spanish.

As far as conditions go, the bay is great, the deep water locations are perfect. Water Temperatures are unchanged at 80 to 81 degrees everywhere. The bite has gotten quite a bit later, happening about 10 to 11 so plan your day to maximize your pleasure. Bait, well there is no shortage of bait, Sardines have moved in and are perfect Whale Food. Goggle eyes, Flying fish are thick, Skippies and the list goes on. As far as conditions go, they’re hard to beat.

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Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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