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       Cool/Warm/Blue/Dirty Water Spotty, Overabundance of Bait!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Well we’re smack in the middle of May again and once again we have a mixed array of possibilities, species, baits and conditions. Mix in ever increasing daily temperatures combined with 80% (Hair Curling) humidity and you’ll be looking for a Mojito. We’re seeing the beginning of current changes, spotty dirty water, cold green water, Warm blue water and no way to tell you were what will be. That make sense? For the guy looking for big fish, you have a shot. For the looking to have fun, PV has you covered. The crowds are down, it’s Restaurant week and we have fish.  I’ll take it.  https://restaurantweekpv.com/en/participantes

It’s been a tough week, with dirty water being spotty the fishing grounds you were at with clean, warm water is not dirty or cold. You just have to find warm blue water and anything is possible, but at what cost. If you’re at Corbetena and you hear they’re catching Sailfish and Dorado in the bay, then you’ll be wondering why you’re at Corbetena for twice the price, same fish. For those looking at the Facebook pics yes there are Striped Marlin to 150 lbs, Sailfish and Blue Marlin. That’s the good news, but they’re spread out and thin at best. Jacks to 40 lbs, Bonito to 30 lbs, not much else to say. Probably not your best option fuel to species wise. El Banco, not much to say about this area as well, but we’re coming into the season so stay tuned. Anything is possible and if heading out to the Marias drop some baits and see what happens north of the high spots. For the most part the water has been blue in the deep water locations, but again right now this could change in a heartbeat. One down side is the bait, there’s just too much and this means getting a fish’s attention is not going to be too easy. My suggestions is mix up lures and live baits, throw something new at them, it could work. With about 30% of boats coming in with Dorado or Stripers it may sound weak. But remember last year is was August before we saw any Dorado so take this as a positive.

Closer in the Marietta Islands to El Morro have seen Spinner Dolphin, normally Yellowfin Tuna Footballs of around 35 lbs and up will run with them, but for now they’re not. Still not a bad idea to chase “Spinners” and see what happens. If the water is not that clean green or just dirty there is a possibility of Sails in the area, especially with all the flying fish in the area. Dorado are still from Punta Mita to Sayulita and north. Find warm water, if you hit one Dorado, there will most likely be many more in the area. They may be on the smaller side so throw the females full of eggs back and the small males to insure stronger numbers of Dorado. If you can find a buoy even they’ve been disappointing, but can still be a hot spot twenty minutes from now, that’s how fast things are changing. Of Course there are Jack Crevalls all over the place. Bonito to 30 lbs, Sierra Mackerels and Needle fish to 30 lbs as well. Yes there are “possibilities” which can be followed by “frustrations”, but that’s part of the game amigos, welcome to my world. For now I’d hit the Punta Mita area and see if I could hit some Dorado or Sails, if not come back in the bay.

Once again inside the bay is full of action. Jack Crevalls insure 4 hr. trips come in with great action. Jacks are running anywhere from 25 to 50 lbs and are very strong fighters. Great for family days on the water. Bonito are small but thick. Not unusual to boat twenty in just a few hours. Great tasting, don’t let their size fool you, they’re great fighters for their size and taste great. Dorado are still a slim possibility if you’re around Los Arcos or off La Cruz Marina. Sailfish are still in these same areas once again this week. It used to be freak for Sailfish in the bay, but with all the bait in every corner of the bay it’s no wonder we have at times even Striped Marlin in the bay. Needle fish to 30 lbs, Bonito from 10 to 20 lbs, Sierra Mackerels, and the list just goes on. A four or six hour fishing trip in the bay could be better than the deep water locations so why not get on the water, you’ll be glad you did.

With water temperatures up a slight bit to 82 degrees, and plenty of bait in the area, we’re poised nicely for larger Billfish and other game fish to move into the area as would be normal. The bite is hitting it a little earlier this week, be where you want to be before 8:30 and you should be alright. As far as lure and baits to use, well Sardines are a good place to start, run a lure you normally would not, see what happens as when strange baits appear they’ll strike just for the heck of it.

Until next week, Don’t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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