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Conditions Improve, Spread Out Fishing, Feeling Lucky?

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Blue Marlin over 500 lbs at Corbetena if you're "Lucky"
Blue Marlin over 500 lbs at Corbetena if you’re “Lucky”

I know, the title looks like something I’ve been saying all summer so far. We’ve seen a few Hurricanes and a few more tropical storms close to the Bay of Banderas and it takes its toll on fishing. But it has been a few days now and things are returning back to normal a little more each day. We’ve also had some heavy rains as a result of these systems forming and moving through the area. Having said that the water is blue and beautiful outside the bay. Fishing always has its challenges but there are fish to be had and somebody is going to get them, it might as well be you amigos.

Just a few days after the last article I wrote things got a little better than we had another tropical storm form and turn into Hurricane Lidia. We’re dealing with the after math of the rains as dirty water just pours into the bay. Needless to say there is a lot of Stumps, branches, refrigerators and more just floating in the bay, real hazards to props and shaft supports. For this reason we don’t leave port now until the sun comes up a little so we can see these hazards, something the fishing community needs to live with at this time of the year and it’s nothing new. For now this doesn’t hurt your opportunity to catch fish because the morning bite is more like mid-morning.  The late bite is happening around 6 p.m. so it’s a late bite no matter how you look at it.

Looking at Corbetena this week we see the return of the Spinner Dolphin which means Football Tuna are most likely with them. For now this is holding true with 20 to 35 lb Yellowfin Football Tuna running with them. Find Spinners, you’ll catch smaller Tuna amigos. Sailfish are thinning out and spread out as well. They’re anywhere and everywhere from inside the bay to Corbetena. For a more exacting location try to the north of the rock about seven to twelve miles and you can improve your chances. For now you can find Sailfish closer in so that is not much of a reason to hit this popular location. But we also have Blue Marlin over 450 lbs. Now are they abundant, no. Are they out there, yes, so this is your challenge, welcome to Big Time fishing amigos. Nothing is ever easy so you’ll have to put the work in, but if you do, you too can come in with a world class trophy fish worthy of mounting. Of course there are always the Jack Crevalls to 40 lbs and Bonito to 30 lbs, perfect sized for bait. With a little luck and a few days without a tropical system passing us fishing will gradually improve with the coming days. El Banco, same as last week, doesn’t seem to be anyone heading out this way, the ones that do are normally the ones you hear about and see pictures of. I wouldn’t be afraid to venture out to Corbetena and give a billfish a shot if nothing, work your way back in.

I have had reports of Sailfish returning to the Punta Mita area, which includes the El Morro and Marietta Islands. Now they’re spread out like all the other locations, but they’re “there” and with some work, skill and luck you’ll boat one for the family picture album.  Also we still have smaller Dorado, I thought they’d be larger by now, but 15 to 25 lb Dorado aren’t too bad, just remember less than 15 lbs throw them back and let them become adults. Jack Crevalls are still there for the taking at 30 lbs, Bonito at 30 lbs as well. Again, some days are hot, others are cold, and a little luck never hurts.

Yellowfin Tuna show up at Corbertena.. they're a little bigger every day now!
Yellowfin Tuna show up at Corbertena.. they’re a little bigger every day now!

Inside the bay we’re seeing that coffee brown water from all the rains both locally and inland. It’s thick also, no planers will help get you into clean water. But there are still Sailfish, several were boated last week even with dirty water. Jack Crevalls everywhere, Dorado around the Trash line which range from babies at 5 lbs to keepers at 20 lbs, just depends on your luck again. Football Tuna around Yelapa anywhere from 20 lbs to 40 lbs. Inside the bay is once again a great option for those looking to catch fish and not spend a whole day on the water. Catching fish isn’t hard in the bay, they’ll be a touch smaller than Moby Dick, but Moby is moving around a little too much lately. All and all my best suggestion this next few days would be to take a six hour fishing trip, we’ll load the boat up with spinning reels and you’ll have a great time if catching fish is the goal.

We’ve seen the water temperatures hang at 88 degrees. Not too warm, but warm enough where the Tuna will start sounding or go down to about 150 feet to keep their body temps cool and comfortable. The bite is still late-is, anywhere from 9 a.m. to around 11a.m. So getting out too early doesn’t help your cause, especially if going out for a shorter day. You wouldn’t want to miss the bite now would you? Lures are not working great, but Petroleros are always the best lure to start with. Dead bait is still the best and working well, so keep your dead bait and freeze them when you get home for future use. That is if your wife lets you get away with it, that is…

Football Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena range in size by the day now...
Football Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena range in size by the day now…

With Football Tuna at Corbetena and the tropical systems out of the area we should see more and more fish moving into the area with the abundant bait we still have. It could take a few days for the brown water to clean up, but this is something our captains have grown up with and know how to deal with it. But it’s not a perfect situation to begin with, no excuses please.

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Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

Jack Crevalls everywhere from 25 to 40 lbs
Jack Crevalls everywhere from 25 to 40 lbs

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