_07_01 RedPixConditions Improve As Water Temperatures Drop to Normal Levels Ever since El Nino raised its ugly head, we´ve been talking about how warmer water temperatures may sound like a good thing, but in reality can really wrench things up. Like I’ve written about now for weeks, the water temperatures when in extreme levels will drive Yellowfin either down deep or out of the area. Now we´ve been seen signs of Yellowfin at Corbeteña and El Banco, this is more than what we had been seeing. We’re all thankful for that, although in the smaller ranges of 60 to 100 lbs, right now we´re not complaining.

Many people don’t know that water temperatures will actually drive weather patterns and create good and bad conditions. Here in Puerto Vallarta we are experiencing a real lack of rain, which is keeping everyone very warm indeed. Now that may sound like a good thing, but when it comes to fishing we all look for the ¨Trash Line¨ in and out of the bay. This is organic stuff that washes down the local hills and mountains into the bay. The trash is things like leaves, seeds, sticks, all sorts of stuff that fish love. So with a lack of a Trash Line, especially in the bay, it forces us to look fish were ever we have a hunch or rumor about. Along with that lack of rain comes warmer water temperatures in the bay. This makes things uncomfortable in the bay as well for smaller game fish. This drives them in closer to shore and that is a great thing for those who like to fly fish or Surf Fish. So remember, you don´t have to be on a boat to get some great action.

When we talk about conditions at Corbeteña, we always know there are fish there, no matter what! But, last week with 90 something degree water temps, nothing was there. Now the water temperatures the other day when I went out, were in the lower 80’s. Low to upper 80’s are considered perfect for Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin and Dorado. Sails can handle warmer and lower temperatures more easily it seems than other bill fish. So with this good news, there have been several Yellowfin Tuna boated in the last week, but most under 100 lbs. I know, I talk like that is a small fish, but my normal Monster clients are looking for the 200 lb plus sizes. Me, any Yellowfin I hook into makes my day amigo. I love ‘em a little smaller. Less work and better tasting to my taste buds. Cubera Snapper and lots of Rainbow runners, See photo. El Banco is hot and cold, literally. The water temps here at El Banco have fluctuated but are now hovering in the mid 80’s and the Black Marlin are liking this. With plenty of bait fish, mostly Bonito, you would expect the action to pick up. Mahi in the 45 lb range, small for El Banco, but perfect bait for Sails and Marlin, are hanging out at the high spots. Those are areas where spikes dart up from the ocean bottom to Stalactite type formations just 60 ft. below the surface of the water. Now those spikes are perfect places for smaller game fish, which of course bring in larger game fish, which is turn gets us to spend a bunch of money hoping to boat Moby Dick! Now Moby is not out there, but his cousin is! If you hit El Banco and for some reason don´t see the action I´m talking of, head towards Corbeteña and run some baits across the ridges and troughs. There are always fish in this area and it is many times ignored in favor of a fast trip to the rock. So take a few minutes and troll this area, you may wind up with new GPS locations. Like I said earlier, I hit Corbeteña this week hoping to tap into those Yellowfin, but none were there to be found. Plenty of natural bait, but all we saw were Sails and Blue Marlin who weren´t taking the baits. We had some bonito get bill whapped, but no takers! So we resorted to some bottom fishing and wound up with a couple of Rainbow Runners and a fish that looks like a Jack Crevall, but are called ¨Ojo de perra¨. The English translation is the ¨Eye of the Bitch, so that is what you see in the picture. They say it´s good tasting, I sent some home with a friend, we’ll let him be a guinea pig for me … stay tuned. The area around Litibu and the islands off Punta Mita seem to be staying consistent. Dorado, Roosters and some small sails are continually being boated in these locations and are a great value for those looking for action on a short day! Being September we know we´re not going to have that many people in Marina Vallarta. But this is exactly when the Angler interested in boating a world class gamefish should be here. With the deals on airfares and hotels, if you could swing a trip to Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing sites, it would be money well spent. Deserted Fishing Grounds and improving conditions create a great opportunity to get that finned fantasy and save a few dollars. With the peso weak compared to the dollar, come on down and find out for yourself that all that crap on CNN about Mexico is about as wrong as it can get! I’d love to see your smiling faces as you come back with a fish and a story you´ll never get tired of telling! Well, that’s it for this week, until next time, don’t forget to kiss your fish….

Because people are looking for deals, yet still want to hit the better fishing grounds, we at Master Baiter´s ® have started a Shared Boat Fishing Party for $250.00 usd per person. You´ll head out to Corbeteña with a well equipped boat and a ¨real¨ shot at boating that finned fantasy you came to Mexico for. You can contact me for more information at CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx You can also be my Facebook Friend at: MasterBaitersPV@gmail.com and see my Fish Pic of the day. I also have a blog that is linked so if you´re interested in the daily happenings around Marina Vallarta and the fishing scene, connect with me and you´ll be informed and armed when it comes time to go fishing! It’s real time information and those in the area of Marina Vallarta will find it useful. I also post weather conditions like Hurricanes etc. I am doing everything you can do including Twitter (MasterBaiters) and I also have a new fishing program where I do a show called Vallarta Fishing Experience (http://www.banderasnews.com/sfproductions/vallarta-fishing-experience.htm). We promote the Puerto Vallarta Yacht and Fishing Charter Association (PVYAFCA) in an effort to direct people to boats of better quality. We Still Guarantee Your Catch or 30% of your money back. We are the only company I KNOW OF that does this anywhere! Only on specific company boats (company boats only in Marina Vallarta Store on the boardwalk). If you ask, we are also giving free hour fishing with every charter (except 12 hr charters) and a free T-shirt to who ever catches the biggest fish! That’s about a $125.00 usd value. Take advantage of this insider offer for reading my articles. Master Baiter´s now has a host of sites and features you can check out or become involved in. OK, if you´re interested in my Biweekly news letter contact me at: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx Or My Public www.Flick.com Photo gallery is here under the name: MasterBaiters.com.mx Puerto Vallarta! Facebook: MasterBaiter Stan …. My, Puerto Vallarta Sport Fishing Blog: www.masterbaiters.wordpress.com We have World Famous T-shirts, Hats and other souvenirs items to choose from. We’re recommended in Fodor’s Travel guide for PV. Fishing and Tours Phone from Canada / USA: 011 52 322 209 11 28.. In P.V.: (322) 209 11 28 Warning: There is a pirate Master Baiter’s site that is in the process of being closed down by the Mexican authorities both on the internet and in a store in town. But the legal system is slow in Mexico, so if you visit any cloned site that claims to be Master Baiter´s offering guaranteed prices, at sites OTHER than www.MasterBaiters.com.mx, you are NOT dealing with me (Stan Gabruk) directly, . They even say they´re me on the phone, so don´t be fooled by imposters! Master Baiters Sportfishing and Tackle ™ is a registered trade mark and is protected under Mexican and international law. Unlawful use of this trade mark will result in prosecution to the full extent of the law in the applicable country Fishing Report for Sept. 6, 2009 for Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle Written by: Stan Gabruk.

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