For those of you out there who are interested in Catching a Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado or other gamefish, there is a real problem arising and it is serious. It appears that there is a bill in front of the Mexican Congress / Senate to allow these fish to fall under the commericalization rule, which of course means the commercial fish companies can do the same thing to these species as they presently do to Yellowfin Tuna. It has been proven that a GameFish like a marlin brings in $10,000 dollars per fish when you consider the trickle down effects to hotels, tours, restaurants, shopping and the other related tourism that follows the Sportfishermans quest for gamefish.

I asked the question to my friend Roby Wade who is working to stop this in Cabo San Lucas along with Minerva from Minervas sportfishing in Cabo. Below is the answer I got in return to my question of what she was talking about in here emails, this is the answer to what commercialization means to business owners and fisherman alike… Below is her answer… Scarey!

The commercialization of dorado (not sportfishing) as well as all the species exclusively destined for sportfishing have been proposed in two separate initiatives which have been presented before the House of Representatives by the representative from Sonora named Leon Perea.  These initiatives are currently in the CAMARA DE DIPUTADOS (House of Representatives) and awaiting the vote. Once the House has voted on these it will pass to the SENATE where the senate will vote and either approve or return.  If the initiatives manage to get through the Senate approved, the initiatives are then are sent to the President of Mexico and then published in the DIARIO OFICIAL DE LA FEDERACION.  If this happens, we are doomed because then the commercial fishing permits will be enough for the bearer to commercialize all 6 species exclusively destined for sportfishing which include our precious dorado and billfish. 

Robin Wade
Baja-Mexico Editor
Western Outdoor News

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