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Marina Vallarta Las Palmas I Local 3

                Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

It |seems Jack Crevalls are everywhere, fun to catch, strong fighters and we normally can find them. Not considered good eating, but the nationals seem to like them just fine!

After last week’s severe drop in water temperatures due to cold currents pushed down by northern storms water temperatures have snapped back a little. This week we’ve seen the water warm up a little so we’re seeing some, not many, summer species like Dorado still lingering taking advantage of the plentiful bait conditions. As we move deeper into the winter season these lingering Dorado will be moving out. In fact I’m surprised we still have even small numbers of Dorado and Blue Marlin, but they’re out there for the very lucky. So keep this in mind, just because there are “some” out there, doesn’t mean you’ll be the lucky one to boat a Marlin, but then again you may.

This week the area around Corbetena has seen some different action, Cubera Snappers at 50 lbs are picking up in numbers but not super abundant. Sailfish have been seen around the area but only a few have been boated. The ones that were caught have been nice sized running over 120 lbs! Secret here the Sails are taking dead baits, go figure. You have some Striped Marlin and Blue Marlin still roaming the area. Mid-week was very active around the “Rock” but it’s iffy at best. You can have a great time one day, the next is dead. You’ve of course got Jack Crevalls to 40 lbs, Bonito to 35 lbs, Spinner Dolphin will have 40 lb Yellowfin Tuna running with them as well. Amber Jacks are starting to move in as well at 40 lbs. If you’re in PV and you have a bucket list dream fish, then give it a try. For everyone else the area is on the downswing and may be worth a shot, but the backup plan should be hit the area around Punta Mita.

El Morro and surrounding area has been surprising lately with some nice size Dorado at 25 to 40 lbs happened for a few days this week. Not many people heading towards this area but those that did hoping for Sailfish got very lucky. People in this area also have seen many Sailfish as well, but the simple fact there is so much bait out there that the local species are stuffed. You can find fish, including some football Tuna from 25 to 45 lbs, but they’ll most likely not be taking baits either. One trick that has been working is red feathered lead head lures. Nothing fancy, but they’re doing the trick. With all the Krill and Squid that are red tinged in color lures like this can save the day. Jack Crevalls are picking up in numbers here, Bonito are 30 lbs. The area around Punta Mita though is still on and off. With Spinner Dolphin in the area, you’ve got a 75% chance of finding Football Tuna running with them. Dorado can be around the buoy and of course ten miles off the point you can still run into Striped Marlin at 200 lbs and other smaller Marlin in the 150 lb range, throw those babies back. If jigging in this area Amber Jacks and Cubera Snappers are available so give it a shot.

Mixed bag of Bay fish, not huge, but fun for smaller anglers or those looking for table fare….

Inside the bay we’re still having a party. Jack Crevalls are all over the bay and running just under 50 lbs. Sierra Mackerels are great tasting and abundant. So don’t pass them by because they’re at 20 lbs or under, they taste great. Bonito are all over at 30 lbs, Skip jack Tuna are in the 7 lb range. Black Sea Bass have been in front of the rivers, the Ameca river especially just north of Marina Vallarta, just circle the drop off and use your fish finder, electronics can make the difference. There are some Snappers in the area, but you can always get “pan sized” Snapper if you’re willing to do some light tackle fishing around structure. For the next several months you can expect this smaller fish type of action, but these fish fight like demons and you don’t need to “break the bank” to afford a short day fishing in the bay. Put Whales and Manta Rays in the picture and you’ve got a great day on the water. FYI, when you see whales, there is a strong probability that there will be no fish in the area. Basically they don’t want to be a Whales Breakfast, so keep that in mind. Whales in the area means there probably isn’t anything around that would be interested in your bait.

For now a four or six hour fishing charter is your best value. For the guy looking for a finned fantasy then you can still have a shot at a Sailfish or Striped Marlin. A great fishing plan would be head out for an eight hour trip, if things just don’t happen come back into the bay and look for the birds, you’ll have arm burning action before you know it! The bite is finally moving a little earlier in the morning, be sure to arrive at your favorite fishing grounds before 9 a.m. So you’ll be getting up early again. Water temperatures have recovered a bit going back up to 74 degrees from last week’s 64 chill current from hades! As far as baits go, with so much natural bait available it’s surprising how dead bait many times is working better than live bait. Also if you don’t have any small lures, feathers this week are preferable in the one to three inch range will do the job when nothing else will.

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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