Changing Seasons and Currents Bring Hundred Pound Plus Yellowfin Tuna to The Bank

Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta

As we continue to march along into summer, Spring time is starting to shape up nicely with the recent changes of Yellowfin Tuna coming in to El Banco and Dorado return into the area, especially at the Marietta Islands! Water temperatures are in line with where they should be and the fishing is still good in the bay. All and all, it´s a great time to be fishing in Puerto Vallarta!

For the last few months we’ve seen Yellowfin action creeping closer and closer to El Banco, which is about the maximum distance a normal fisherman will go. El Banco or The Bank in English is a twelve hour day at best when hunting for the Elusive Yellowfin Tuna. Fanatics have been biting the bullet and heading out 75 miles one way to the Tres Maria Islands and for the most part have been coming back with something in the fish box. But for most, this was just too much time and the extra expense would take a bite out of your vacation budget for sure! Those boating these Yellowfin Tuna have been seeing sizes ranging from 100 lbs to 180 lbs, just depends on what you come across. We also know that Marlin, especially black Marlin will run with sizeable YF Tuna so keep an eye out. Still early for Black Marlin, but it is early for Tuna also. Bait may be an issue if you get out there and can´t find any. But luckily Google eyes are doing the trick. But remember, big bait will get big fish! Make bait if and when you can. Dorado are still here running in the 25 to 35 lb range. Wahoo have been seen in the area as well. Striped Marlin and Sailfish have been spotted as well, but as yet not many coming in. With the welcome addition of Dorado at the Marietta Islands, the locals and vacationers alike can come in with something for the dinner table again. Snapper, Rooster fish, Jack Crevalls and Bonito have been regular players here as well lately. Those not willing to risk their hard earned fuel dollars can feel confident you will catch plenty of fish. Although for the most part they will be in the forty pound or under range. Still, a great day with lots of fun and arm burning action. I suggest lite tackle, makes it even more of a fight and challenge to your skils! Sayulita has been hot and cold when it comes to Roosterfish. Normally a hot spot when they are in the area, it has been a little difficult last week to get them to pay attention to baits. But that has changed this week and now you can expect to boat some nice sized ones around 30 lbs it he area. If you are here, great, but don’t make a special trip. The Dorado are still at the point, but still chicken or younglings, better to let them grow up for a while. Anything in the bay is still well worth your time. Four hours will get you small gamefish like Bonito, Snappers, Jack Crevalls, Needle fish, and several other species to choose from. Remember, four hours gets you directly to the spot the captain is thinking of, six hours will give you some time to find them if they´re not where they´re supposed to be and increases your potential by forth percent. We are still waiting for the yearly arrival of Sailfish into the area. But with water temperatures pretty much the same between here and Cabo, they could be anywhere right now. No worries, they’ll be back shortly. Coming out of the Easter / Spring Break holiday season, things will begin to shift from the winter crowd to the summer crowd very soon. Be sure to keep an eye on these reports and feel free to contact me on any subject related to Puerto Vallarta or fishing. No real news about Corbeteña, haven’t been out that way for some time and with conditions changing around the deep water locations, it is just a matter of time before we’re back in the swing of thing. Yet you can still rely on Cubera Snapper, Amber Jacks, Rainbow Runners and more if you don’t mind a little bottom fishing. I would wait until you hear of action happening in the area. Also, remember the area between the Marietta islands and the rock can be very productive at this time of the year also. Keep an open mind, things will get better here soon. Coming to town, I need people to catch fish and have fun on camera! If you are fishing with me, Master Baiter´s I will put a professional film crew with you and me as the host and we’ll film your day and give you a professional copy. But we need to make arrangements before you come down. So, can you come out and play?? Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish…. Master Baiter’s is now all over the place. Stan Gabruk post articles as a feature writer in publications, reputable web sites, Vallarta Fishing Experience host and member of better known fishing social networking sites. As the Premier Fishing Company in Puerto Vallarta, we pride ourselves on service and value to our customers. All boats are insured and have correct and legal operational licenses. Feel free to contact Stan at: You can also purchase one of my famous shirts online now at: Blog: Facebook: search for MasterBaiters Stan, or look for me on Twitter: www.twitter/MasterBaiters We’re recommended in Fodor’s Travel guide, Trip Advisor and others for Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta. 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