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Changing Currents, Dirty Water Moves in, Blue Water Outside Corbetena, It’s Sailfish City

By Stan Gabruk


September is here, arguably the best season for world class fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. For those who are here in our little corner of paradise, they have had to deal with some strange, but not unusual conditions. First the currents are moving to the west from the east, this has stirred up the waters and now we have dirty water in almost all the fishing grounds. Now this may sound like bad news, but it is fairly normal and it is part of fishing in this part of the world. The good news is this will only last a couple of days and there are plenty of fish to keep you interested and involved amigos. Sailfish are increasing in numbers, Yellowfin are close in for now or at the Tres Maria Islands. Dorado is still disappointing, but there are signs of increased numbers and size.  As a whole the fishing is still great, but you’ll have to do a little work and have the right equipment, but there are fish to be had for the sportsman up to a challenge.

Ok, so here’s the deal, as I mentioned earlier we are having these unusual currents coming into the bay area directly from the east. This means the muck is getting stirred up from the bottom of the bay and this will continue for a couple of days. No worries, even with dirty water it is not always doom and gloom when the water is dirty.

Inside the bay, the water is dirty like everywhere else, but in front of the river mouth, there are lots of fish to be had. Snapper and Snook are taking baits if they see them, so the river mouths work well. If you are lucky enough to find not so dirty water the area between Los Animas and Yelapa in the bay are still producing Yellowfin Tuna Footballs over thirty pounds to possibly 70 lbs. Sailfish of a smaller size are also hovering in front of Yelapa at the southern end of the bay.  But for the most part, fishing this time of the year in the bay is always like this, so no surprise here.

Moving out we find that Sailfish are still taking baits around El Morro Island. But the real surprise this week is the return of Rooster Fish to the Marietta Islands. Running in the neighborhood of 40lbs these quill finned demons will tear your arms off. Snappers to 30 lbs, Sailfish, Amber Jacks to 40 lbs, Bonito, Dorado to 30 lbs, and a host of others looking for something ( bait) presented well and looking good. For the most part this area is almost always a machine when it comes to producing fish.

The Point of Punta Mita is still quiet when it comes to Anglers visiting this area. Always a good option you can still expect Marlin off point about ten miles out, Dorado around the buoys if you can find them       and Rooster fish at the Anclote Reef. Not a real hot spot for the moment, but if you are in the area give it a shot.

Corbetena and El Banco are once again neck and neck when we discuss fishing conditions. Pick one, they are mostly the same, but then again fish move and these two locations can be as different as night and day.  I guess the best thing I can tell you here is to keep your ears open and don’t be afraid to take a chance. For the moment Marlin of the blue and black variety are still taking baits, but it is not exactly fishing in a barrel. Yellowfin Tuna for the most part are thin here, but again things change quickly so  give it  a few days and again, keep your ears on for updates. Sailfish are thick everywhere, so there is really no reason to go to the Corbetena or El Banco for Sails. Now the good  news is that the dirty water is just to the Rock, about ten miles outside of  Corbetena to the east you  will find sapphire blue water with Yellowfin  tuna, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin and more. But again, it’s a fuel expense issue and who knows what can happen on any given day.  For those looking for trophy sized gamefish, this is the place to be. Cubera Snappers to 60 lbs, Amber Jacks to 65 lbs, Dorado to 45 lbs and the list goes on.

For the record there is blue water south of El Faro or the light house at the south end of the bay and at El Banco, something to remember and use.

For those of you who absolutely have to have a Yellowfin Tuna, the Tres Maria Islands, also known as the prison islands, you will find your fill of Yellowfin Tuna. Name your size they are all over the board. You will find 50 to 250 lbs like clockwork. Forget the Marlin and Sailfish this is Tuna Country and it can be a long haul. Normally you hear about those sized Yellowfin Tuna at the prison islands only in winter since normally the YF Tuna are in the 200 lb plus range at El Banco. So it’s an early morning fuel call with the hope of a nice reward of a full fish box. Again, not for everyone, but for those with the inclination, then it’s worth the effort and the money.

We are in the middle now of the lowest of low season for Puerto Vallarta and the fishing is about as good as it can get. Ignore the daily ins and outs of fishing, consistently Puerto Vallarta is the place to be if you are looking for world record sized fish relatively close. Soon we will be seeing the area turn into tournament city for a reason. If you are considering a fishing trip consider Puerto Vallarta. The prices are right, airfare is down and the fishing grounds are yours, alone for the most part. We have the Pez Vela tournament coming up in November and a host of tournaments between Barra Navadid and Cabo happening in the next two months. So save some money and catch that bucket list fish here in Puerto Vallarta…

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish..