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            Changing Conditions, Warming Water, Dorado at Los Arcos!
                                   Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of
                               Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle
This week we’ve seen a dramatic increase in water temperatures and you can imagine what the results of that would be. We’re seeing Dorado, yes I said Dorado in the 20 lb range and frankly I’m surprised. The deep water locations are getting a pulse again, the fishing both in the bay and out of the bay while not perfect, it’s getting better by the day.
May is normally a transition month, water temperatures will increase incrementally, we could see some dirty water days as currents become swirling with warm and cold water clashing. We haven’t seen that as yet, but it’s coming. Strangely enough we’re seeing Dorado in the Los Arcos area. Not a surprise they’re there, but a surprise that “they’re” there now! Very early, but very welcome. Having said that it can’t be long before we see Dorado number increase, stay tuned. Those looking to the deep water locations we’re seeing much the same, but different. Corbetena has seen football Yellowfin Tuna to 60 lbs for weeks now, but they’re still picky, still tough to get them to take baits, but they’re out there. Now there have been reports of Yellowfin Tuna around El Banco at 80 kilos, or more than 160 lbs. same deal, lots of available baits, not easy, but worth a shot for now. Corbetena has seen some of the same, but again it’s not easy, it’s all day hoping for a few strikes. Sailfish are also roaming the area, as are Striped Marlin. Dorado have been boated in this area at 30 lbs, Jack Crevalls at 40 lbs. are still thick and still stealing baits. Plenty of Bullet Bonito in the area for bait and there are several baits to choose from. All and all it’s worth the time, strangely enough in Mary.
Looking at El Morro, on the back side to Corbetena you can find Sailfish, Striped Marlin from 150 to 225 lbs, Jack Crevalls to 40 lbs, Bonito to 30 lbs. El Morro is the place to be right now as Punta Mita is weak at best. The Marietta Islands are patrolled by the authorities now that the popular tourist attraction of the lover’s beach, you can’t get near the island to fish. Yes there are fish to be caught, but the reefs and structure is off limits, even though this area has been fished since the beginning!
Inside the bay it’s still pretty much about Bonito and the groupers / Snappers at the river mouths. With water temperatures leaping upwards it’s just a matter of time before these great tasting options move on. As I also mentioned earlier there are Dorado in the 20 lbs range or maybe larger at Los Arcos. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing Sailfish in the same area. Naturally you’ll find fish in the bay, Sierra Mackerels are kinda thin but there. Snappers are always around structure or rocks. But be advised the farther out the better the fishing. Four hour trips are still producing, but the fact of the matter is your best in the bay option is a six hour trip.
Yellowfin Tuna Bite: We’re still in May so the numbers are not what they will be in the coming weeks. Size is good, 200 lbs is average at the moment with many over 300 lbs. Naturally these fish will move, so be ready to move some water, but the Tuna are definately here. 2.5 day trips on Maestro Limpio is a luxury sportfishing Yacht that will accomadate six people comfortably, three heads or bathrooms with showers, Food and beverages are provided along with licenses and all the necessary stuff you need, but never think about, well that’s our job anyway!! Booking Reservations now at the Promotional rate of $8,800 usd… If you compare your local options, with local captains and crew experienced in this area, you’ll find you can be in a Sardine Can boat with ten other guys for more money per person!! So the best and smartest option is heading out with Master Baiter’s… We Won’t Jerk You Around!
Water temperatures are now between 76 to 80 degrees, depending on where you are. The bite is still happening in the early hour ranges, just be where you want to be, before 08:30.
Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!
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