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Snapper, Dorado, Sails and more..
Larry Tyson on Bella Del Mar in middle, First Mate Fleco(l) and Capt. Victor (r)

Change is in the air, Dorado, Sailfish and Striped Marlin Explode as Bait thins out!

Trying to keep up with rapidly changing conditions around here is enough to make your head spin. We’ve seen the introduction of Striped Marlin back in our world famous fishing grounds and this is an early indication that our summer fishing season is coming to an early end this year. Whales are in the area in huge numbers as we enter December. Rooster Fish have reappeared at the Marietta Islands and Sailfish are plentiful, if you’re willing to go the distance. All and all the fishing is great right now in Puerto Vallarta!

Everyone always wants to know the skinny on the Yellowfin Tuna. Well Yellowfin are out there and they´re big. Ranging from 80 to over 200 lbs they are jumping and stuffing themselves on those “#¿$&/?# Krill shrimps and sardines the size of your thumbnail. So there are Yellowfin tuna to be had 25 miles off Corbeteña and El Banco. You see the dirty water is back with the currents raking up the muck off the ocean floors bottom. If you can find clear, blue water, the Yellowfin will be there if there is bait. But be warned, they are jumping like crazy hurling themselves ten feet in the air, but they are not taking bait for nothing. Several Captains that only specialize in Yellowfin Tuna have been heading out to the Tres Maria Islands for YF Tuna. This is not always working and it doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re not presenting them a bait they’d be interested in, then you might as well consider the closer in options that are frankly a better option for the moment. That is unless you have your mind set on YF Tuna, then I say go for it amigo.

But I have gotten ahead of myself, the deep water locations of El Banco and Corbeteña this week has been plagued by dirty water being churned up from the bottom. This has forced any game fish that would normally be in the area waiting for you to move out to where the water is fresh and blue. So for the most part those who wanted to catch fish went elsewhere.

So, as you ask where that might be, well I’ll tell you.. North, go north and you will find Sailfish as thick as I have ever seen them. Dorado in the 25 to 50lb range  and 250 lb Striped Marlin are all north. Once you pass Punta Mita, there are Dorado in the 25lb range, but if you head north to San Pancho or even farther you will find clear, blue water and plenty of fish. Nothing fancy, Google Eyes surface trolling is doing the trick. The only kicker is the distance. You will need to plan on a ten hour day for best results. The Stripers are picking up in numbers now that we’re seeing the colder currents flood the area, but they will be hanging in the area now for the next few months anyway. Stripers tend to hang around this area late into the winter season for Marlin.

At Sayulita we have seen the Rooster Fish population Explode once more and they’re running in a good size range of 40 to 65lbs near the shore. For those of you who love Rooster Fishing now would be a good time to head out and let them tear your arms off! Dorado are here as well, but smaller. You may also run into a 35lb Snapper as a few clients have in the last day or two.  So north of Punta Mita is the hot spot for this week.

Now the Marietta Islands have been smoking lately as well and there is no reason to think things will cool off. As we just mentioned, Rooster fish are here and abundant as well. Larger than expected, off the reefs they´re running in the 40 to 50lb range here as well. Nice to know they´ll take a silver diamond jig or a surface popper. Those are always killer baits for these fish and they’re cheap! Live bait, hell your car keys will work if you put a hook on them.  Sailfish are huge in the 100 lb plus range right and they have no problem taking whatever it is you are offering them as bait. Dorado in the 30lb range are there but less abundant than north. If you´re spending the same time and money, if you’re targeting Dorado, you´re better off at the northern fishing grounds. Snapper in the 30lb range, African Pompano are thick and taste great.  Even some Wahoo have been accidently boated! Accidently because they weren’t using wire leader and got them on the boat anyway. There are just too many species here to mention and they’re all hungry..  YeHa!

Inside the bay there is some improving winter action with the arrival of Jack Crevalls. Now Jack Crevalls are pretty much here all year long, but as the water cools they move in, in much larger numbers. There is many a day that that Jack Crevalls saved a vacationing anglers day on the water! The bay has been mostly clear and clean making it a heaven for the Sierra Mackerals, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna, Roballo (Snook) and the list is endless. Four to six hours can still produce nice amounts of game fish. So if your budget is tight, this is an option!

With the arrival of Striped Marlin it is only a matter of time now before the Yellowfin will be moving out to points south and to the Tres Maria Islands which are 80 miles from Marina Vallarta.  For the fanatics there is always YF Tuna to be had, but the size will vary from small to large, it just depends on your luck!

Don’t forget to visit The Village in Marina Vallarta to catch the charter boats coming in from their day of fishing and be part of the action. The Villages Restaurant Row has any sort of restaurant you could hope to find ready and willing to cook your catch / fish in any fashion you like. Don´t forget to visit the shops, salons and leather shops in the Marina Village as well….  Don´t forget, this is the other Malicon and is the most popular tourist attraction in Puerto Vallarta!

Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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