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Capt. Tory Takes Yellowfin Tuna 1st Prize / 57th Pez Vela Tournament, New Location?

Written by Stan Gabruk

As the weather becomes more pleasant every day we can all understand how words like paradise flow so easily. It´s the one time of the year when it seems the planets align and the gods smile on Puerto Vallarta and her world famous fishing grounds. The 57thPez Vela Tournament happened this past week end and as you would expect it was a monster success. But with the tournament happening, there needs to be fish and fish we have amigos! Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Cubera Snappers, you name it. Deep Water is where it´s at, but short

Master Baiter´s Boat Guanatuna with Capt Tori squating, First Mate Scooby with a beer and the lucky winners… Great Day

days guarantee fish tales for days and years to come. Time to go fishing, world records are waiting to be had amigos!

Ok, Fishing first, blunt and to the point this week, here we go. Corbeteña: is the place to be, Yellowfin hanging ten miles west of the rock, I told you all, Capt. Tory told me. Tuna everywhere, ranging from 10 lbs to 200 lbs, just the luck of the draw. Dorado in the 40 lb range, Sailfish are thick, Marlin sparse in comparison to El Banco. Perfect water conditions and a mid morning bite is a perfect arena for world class fishing! El Banco: Big Yellowfin Tuna have been in the area, but nothing measured up to Corbeteña this past week. Big Black Marlin on the other hand is another story. Black Marlin is running from350 to 750 lbs with the ¨Grander¨ out there. Dorado, Cubera Snappers, Sailfish for sure and even Wahoo are a possibility. The Marietta islands: are still alive with action, mostly Sailfish, Smaller Dorado, Snappers, Skip Jacks, and the list goes on. Eight hour days on Super pangas make this a productive day. Bring plenty of sun screen. Punta Mita: not hearing much from Punta Mita these days, not much focus on the point where Dorado are always abundant. Sailfish and Marlin are off the point about 15 miles.  When comparing Marina Locations, remember the La Cruz Marina is only twenty minutes closer to El Banco or the Tres Maria Islands. So don´t let the boat location be a major factor for fishing the La Cruz area. Inside the Bay: Still going strong with smaller fish there is plenty of action to be had. Skip Jack Tuna fight like fish four times their real size. Smaller Dorado for the table is great, and you never know you may even find a Snook around the river mouth.

With the moon phase favorable for the tournament, we found the abundance of perfect conditions combined with bait everywhere in the perfect measure. Bullets or baby Skip Jack Tuna or Bonito are the favorite foods for Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado and Tuna. With an abundance of bait balls the fish have been hanging out with no real reason to leave. Skip Jack Tuna footballs are also schooling and while they may be hard to fit into a tuna tube, the finned interested  parties don´t discriminate be at the ready. Google Eyes and some Sardines as well round the bait situation out. With the bite happening mid morning around 10:00 a.m and 2:30 in the p.m. you have the perfect vacationer schedule for a world class Fishing Experience.

Guanatuna, a Master Baiter´s Company Boat, took place in the Yellowfin Tuna Category with Capt. Tory at the helm. Vern Terry hit a 91.300 kilo Yellowfin ten miles west of Corbeteña (exactly where I have been calling) where it took 1 hr 40 minutes to boat this tournament winner. It was caught on a trolled Skip Jack Tuna mid day on the second day of the tournament. Very Terry said Capt. Tory knew exactly what to do as the action erupted and 1st Mate Scooby (a Captain as well) on it getting the area secure as Vern Grabbed the pole and came in all smiles which lasted two days as the weight held up and the trophies and prize money was handed out.

This year was the first year in over twenty that the tournaments weigh-ins was not in Marina Vallarta. It was very nice at the port authority complex. But the amount of business and business awareness that is lost, not to mention this has always be Marina Vallarta´s tournament was a shock to Marina Vallarta Businesses and locals alike. Lets hope that this mistake is not repeated next year, it could be moved preeminently if we don´t voice an opinion.  

Until next time, Remember at Master Baiter´s ¨We Won´t Jerk You Around¨!

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