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                              Blue Water, Dorado, Marlin, Sailfish and Football Tuna

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Capt. Juan Pablo Moll took First Place in Yellowfin Tuna Catagory in the La Cruz Tournament Oct 2nd, 2016 ... Congrats Capt Juan, well done!
Capt. Juan Pablo Moll took First Place in Yellowfin Tuna Catagory in the La Cruz Tournament Oct 2nd, 2016 … Congrats Capt Juan, well done!

Right after I wrote last week’s report things flipped for the better. The ¨Clean Green water we´ve had for the last weeks is not gone. Blue water has returned to the area and we´re seeing an increase in Dorado in both numbers and locations. Marlin are still the main game fish out there, but they´re out there! Yellowfin around El Banco but they´re Footballs of 60 lbs. We have fish and they´re hungry for your bait amigo. High Season for fishing has finally kicked in big time so get your butt to PV and join the fun!

Subtle things can change in a heartbeat here in PV and this week we´re happy to see ¨High Visibility Blue water¨ return to our world famous fishing grounds again. El Banco this week is seeing some small Yellowfin Tuna 40 to 65 lbs, we call them ¨Footballs¨.  Blue and Black Marlin are still running from 250 lbs to over 600 lbs. But you have to be patient, they´re spread out and it could take some time to get a strike. Dorado are still sparse at El Banco, wait a week and we´ll hopefully see this change. Rainbow Runners around 45 lbs and great tasting. Sailfish of course and a host of other possible game fish to choose from. When the fish are at El Banco, they´re always a little bigger. With almost perfect conditions and water temperatures it should be considered when making your fishing day plan with the captain!

Big Dorado at Corbetena!
Big Dorado at Corbetena!

It´s still ¨Rockin¨ at the Rock, better known as Corbeteña! Take everything I just said about El Banco and add Dorado of 40 to 60 lbs. In fact anywhere from El Morro to Corbeteña has turned into Dorado City! It´s nice to be able to write this since we´ve seen no Dorado to speak of at all this season and frankly it worries me. Sailfish are picking up in numbers as well and of course we have Blue and Black Marlin again in the 250 to 600 lb range, possibly larger with any luck. Plenty of bait, blue water and possibilities. Looking for Yellowfin Tuna, at the rock at a heading of 210, about four miles out you´ll find the drop where you´ll find Tuna. But if you don´t have electronics that is a hard thing to find and you´ll be fishing blind so spend the extra money for a boat with electronics, especially if targeting larger or even smaller Yellowfin tuna! It´s a ten hour day, but well worth the money!

Punta Mita had some smaller Dorado for a few days but they´re getting sparse now for some reason. But bait is not an issue so we have to tell ourselves ¨Fish Move¨ and leave it at that. But just a little farther out in front of El Morro is where you want to start looking for Dorado. Eight miles off the point we were seeing some Striped Marlin in the cooler clean green water, but they moved out. There is a possibility of a Sailfish in the area, but I wouldn´t hold my breath. All and all if you´re heading out for eight hours to hit this area, spend the extra money and hit the Rock, you´ll be glad you did.

Winning La Cruz Black Marlin at 274 kilos or 600 lbs !
Winning La Cruz Black Marlin at 274 kilos or 600 lbs !

Inside the bay, you could insert last week’s information and be on the money. Jack Crevalls are still in the area and will be until next spring. Needle fish are not quite as available but they´re good fighters and amazing enough taste great so don´t give them up as ¨trash fish¨. Bonito to 40 lbs and some Football Tuna have been boated around Yelapa at 40 lbs! No Dorado in the bay as yet, the rainy season really wasn´t rainy at all. So the trash line we love so much and draw Dorado or Mahi into the bay was a disappointment this year. We´re still seeing Freak Sailfish in the bay so who knows, feeling lucky!

We´re still seeing water temperatures at or near 88 degrees and now with blue water anything is possible from this point forward until New Years! The bite is a moving target this week. We were seeing a mid day bite, but now it looks to be on the early side so be where you want to be fishing before 9 and you should be good. The afternoon bite is elusive as well, good luck amigo! Baits: well when it comes to baits the Green and yellow lures of last week have turned ¨dark¨. Dark in color that is, Dark Blue with green, or Black with brown. Petroleros are your best bet and are always reliable, a good place to start with plastics. Live bait is working as well, but it´s best to purchase bait in the morning as insurance and make bait at the location you´re heading to.

One thing we´re seeing now is the fishing is great one day, the next it´s not so great. The fishing is spread out like it has been and we see no reason for this to change. But the tournament this week was spectacular with some huge fish and there are more out there. Be Patient and at the ready, Moby Dick is in the ¨House¨!

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

My Friend Nelly and her nice sized Sailfish !
My Friend Nelly and her nice sized Sailfish !

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