Bloody Decks Taliban Strikes Again, Thanks For Your Support!

Recently I wrote a little article on my almost invisible little blog about the web site Bloody Decks and how a public forum like that is uncontrolled and unmoderated. This of  course allows anyone with an opinion (especially a toxic one)  and a computer to go out and slander any one they, the ¨Bloody Decks Taliban¨ deems unworthy as they look down on mere mortals that want to post a nice article about the fishing trip they had in Puerto Vallarta. 

Like in the terrorist countries, the Bloody Decks Taliban sits ¨On High¨ giving thumbs up or thumbs down on who is reputable and who is not reputable. Of course this little click of friends, about twelve in all, only write to support their cronies. Well not being one of the cronies, I am an outsider, therefore deserving of the wrath of the Bloody Decks Taliban!

Now my invisible blog,  some how or another was discovered by the Bloody Decks Taliban the other day and  I had 179 people read my little blog that day! The Next day I had 210 people read my article on Bloody Decks as the low rent site it is.  That is more in two days than I HAVE HAD TOTAL ALL LAST YEAR!

I Stopped reading the crap this site puts up but that doesn’t stop people from coming over to me and joking with me about how ¨They’re all jumping on me in their articles comments¨ again.  But like I said, they all have a renewed interest in me, so maybe you should check out this site and see first hand the wrath of the ¨Bloody Decks Taliban¨ and how they kill their unworthy competition with slander and lies….  Remember, if the only way you can look good is by pointing a finger at he top of your lungs, attempting to look good by comparison instead of going out and focusing on your own achievements, you will always put yourself behind the leader, making you little more than a follower with an agenda and a toxic opinion!

Well I have only one thing to say about this and previous coordinated attacts and that is;  THANK YOU FOR MAKING Master Baiter´s AND ME SO POPULAR! I’M FLATTERED!  And laughing all the way to the bank.  Hahahahahahahaha……

Stan Gabruk

Owner Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle

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