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    Black Marlin and Wide Open Fishing Grounds

                    Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

We have been experiencing uncomfortable humidity for the last week or so and we finally had our first rain of the summer season. Nothing serious or heavy, but the first time normally is just that, light and mildly refreshing. Fishing now has been anything but mild with Black Marlin spreading out to El Banco and they´re still at Corbeteña as well. This will become almost a dull and boring story as we come into Fishings High Season. Now this is not tourism high season, no we´re talking fishing high season. Yellowfin Tuna are also starting to move in a little more each day. Dorado, Sailfish and even Rooster fish are here for the taking. With the seasons being ¨off¨ the fishing grounds are deserted and stuffed with bucket list fish. The only thing missing now is you!

Dorado at the Gaff at the Marietta Islands, this is our first mate Lobo.... Nice Dorado  as well... www.masterbaiters.com.mx
Dorado at the Gaff at the Marietta Islands, this is our first mate Lobo…. Nice Dorado as well… www.masterbaiters.com.mx

Fishing is never predictable, I TRY, but in reality my crystal ball is still cracked and if it wasn´t, I would have to be ¨right¨ all the time. Just ask my ex-wife, that seldom happens with me, being right that is. I am pretty good at sharing with my readers ¨what happened¨ though. And what is happening is encouraging for the upcoming season. Corbeteña and El Banco this week saw its share of Black Marlin, not that anyone was there to take advantage of this. Black Marlin, still on the smaller side is averaging 350 lbs to 600 lbs, just depends on what takes your bait. Same goes for Blue Marlin, Bullet Bonito as Marlins favorite snack is still thick all over the place. Boils and bait balls everywhere, so make sure you have a casting net to get these babies. Trolling won´t do the job. No worries, well equipped boats have casting nets for this reason. Dorado are picking up at El Banco as well, running 25 to over 60 pounds now, you´ll have the time of your life. Sailfish are thin in numbers, but this is normal for this time of the year. Worth the time, but I´d still head to Corbeteña as a first option being closer with the same Pesca or fish options….Black Marlin June 9 2013

Corbeteña is firing on all cylinders now, same as El Banco, but there are Yellowfin Tuna running close to 100 lbs and there is no real reason El Banco is not doing well with Yellowfin Tuna, but there you are! This will change shortly. Cubera Snappers are large and abundant if you don´t mind jigging. Blue water in the low 80´s degree wise are perfect conditions. Always a great deep water option, probably for now your best bet for a world class gamefish. Good Luck!

Inside the bay we see Needle fish and Sierra Mackerals are picking up in numbers and will soon be the major player in the bay species wise. Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna off Yelapa, Small Dorado are starting to move into the bay, nothing worth keeping for the most part so throw the babies back. Soon we´ll have the trash line, fishing will improve in the bay with Snook at the river mouths and Dorado feeding off the organic leaves, seeds, roots ect pouring into the bay from the seasonal rains. Six hours is a better bet than four hours when it comes to distance. So when you find the promoter selling $170 trips for four hours, they won´t get half way to Yelapa, so be aware of the product you are purchasing, not just the price and finding out this is what you ¨paid¨ for. Normally you won´t find this out until the ¨boat ride¨ begins as you troll between Los Arcos and Nuevo Vallarta, not a real fishing trip, but it is cheap!

As we move into summer we´ll see the Marietta Islands turn into a fishing machine as we´ve all become accustomed to. Rooster fish are still off the reefs, Dorado are anywhere from 20 to 40 lbs, Sailfish are here as well, but not abundant.  Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna are regulars with the Sierra Mackerals and a few Needle fish. Plenty of bait in the water, perfect conditions, what does it take to get you out there?Dorado at Punta Mita

With blue water live bait is always king, but midsized lures for now are working well, any color can do the job, so let’s hope you have a series of lures with color. Well equipped boats at this time of the year understand that a full line of tackle is essential when anything is possible. Poppers are working well as are the standard Iron jigs or diamond jigs of silver. Again, nothing new here. The bite is moving to mid morning to afternoon now. Early departures unless leaving for the Tres Maria Islands is not going to do anything for you as now, so sleep in a little and hit the bite mid day.

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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