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Cubera Snapper or Dog Tooth Pargo, either way it taste great!
Herbert Harmon with his 75 lb Dog Tooth Pargo (Cubera Snapper in English)

Black Marlin and Cubera Snapper Set up House at Corbeteña, Deserted Fishing Grounds

When it comes to Deep Sea Fishing once we enter August we enter High Season for fishing. Normally we have plenty of people hoping to boat a finned fantasy of a Black Marlin or Yellowfin Tuna. But this year has been slower than last year with the non-existent Swine Flu pandemic days of last year. Actually there are fewer people in Vallarta t his year than expected. Having said that, there are huge Black Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna to be had at Corbeteña or El Banco. The fishing grounds remind me of years ago when you could have the Rock (Corbeteña) to yourself and not worry about other boats snaking into your action! If you decide to head out to Corbeteña make sure you are there between 9 to11:00 am or forget about the bite. For some reason right now this is when they all are getting hungry. If for some reason you get past that time in the day, Cubera Snapper to 65 lbs have been taking trolled and bottom fishing baits.  If you are staying for the evening on an overnight fishing trip, then the bite will happen around 3 – sundown.  Surface baits are working during the bite, but you will have to use a down rigger or planers to get the bait below the surface and that may help.

El Banco has the same story, get there at the same time and you could come in with a Striped or Blue Marlin. They´ve been running in  the 250 to 500 lb range, but it you are at the high spots like most people hit first, then you went too far. About five miles before the high spots you´ll find some underwater ridges that have been attracting Marlin and Sailfish. So slow the boat down, set some lures and live bait before hand, you may find no reason to hit the high spots at all. Yellowfin are here as well running in the 80 to 120 lb range, but of course they can get bigger or smaller depending on what happens to be in the area. Spinner Dolphin have been in the area and they are the fisherman’s friends. You normally find smaller YF Tuna with the spinners. But we all know they still taste great and we´ll take what we find! Amberjacks are on the high spots as are Rainbow runners as well. So for those heading out this way, you can´t go wrong.

We’re still seeing heavy action when the water is clean at the Marietta Islands. Remember there is a reef located here and running into it will ruin your boat and your bank account so remember to stay clear of the reefs. But, just off the reefs you´ll find Amberjacks, Bonito, Snappers, Dorado (small), Rooster Fish and much more. The islands have been clear and clean lately, but again, with the heavy rains we have in PV at this time of the year conditions can change quickly.

The point of Punta Mita has been slow at best, but around the corner they are still boating Rooster fish in the 45 to 60lb range. Remember, they like anything shinny and prefer water temps just a bit cooler, so your electronics can come in handy when it comes finding Roosters!

At the river mouths the Snook or Roballo in Spanish have been taking anything shinny. While they love live bait, they will go after anything in the murky water that grabs their attention. With Snappers in the 30 lb range and Skip Jack Tuna up to 40 lbs a short day on the water can still pay off…

Remember this is summer in the tropics. Tropical storms and Hurricanes can spring up and move through quickly. Keep an eye on the weather and if you plan on scheduling a fishing charter, schedule it early in your vacation week so you can be flexible and still your fishing days in.  These four weather conditions normally don´t last long, but when they do happen they are never convenient.

If you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta make sure you visit The Village at Marina Vallarta. With 150 shops and Restaurant row it´s the number one attraction for Puerto Vallarta. Check out the daily catch on the docks or the jewelry stores or window shop for a new condo… What’s that, You´ve never heard of the Village? Then it’s time you came on down and checked it all out.  If you need it, it can be found in the Village! Check out their Facebook page (The Village at Marina Vallarta) and hit the ¨Like¨ Button to keep up with all the exciting changes as they happen!

Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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