200 lb plus Yellowfin Tuna ¨Cow¨
Yellowfin Tuna ¨Cow¨ at El Banco

Billfish Abundant at Corbeteña, Yellowfin Tuna Size Varies, Fishing is Great


November is here, the seasons are changing as we feel the coolness in the morning air. Noticeably, there is more action in Marina Vallarta with full restaurants, shops and offices. Yes the tourists are coming back as we head in to the Thanksgiving Holiday Season. Not only are the tourists returning, we’re already spotting the first whales in the area, a sure indication of changing seasons. One thing that has changed is the availability of Billfish at Corbeteña and El Banco. 

That’s right, Sailfish and Marlin are abundant at Corbeteña and they’re hungry. Dorado in the 35 to 50 lb range, Cubera Snappers in the 45 lb range, even some Wahoo! The bite was later in the day last week, but with the changing Moon phase, we’re seeing the bite later in the morning and a little earlier in the afternoon. What this means, any time from 8:30 to about 3:00 in the afternoon the action has been picking up. Good information if you´re trying to keep your time on the water down. Be sure that if you see bait boils on the way out you stop and get some. For those inexpensive boats without Tuna Tubes or Tubes in good working condition you’re just hoping for luck to on your side with some bait in the area to catch. Now Google Eyes are always a necessity and easy to purchase. But Skip Jack Tuna or Bonito are another thing and are used for larger fish. With the availability of bait in question at the Rock, under equipped or cheap boats without the necessary basics will actually cost you a fishing trip if you don´t have at least some stunned bait. 

El Banco was quiet for a long time, but we’re seeing Black Marlin in the area with some nice ones boated over 700 lbs this past week. Yellowfin Tuna are lingering in the area with a size range from anywhere between 60 to 200 lbs, it just depends on what is in the area at the time. Live bait is sparse here as well, so the same thing holds true here as well, make bait while you can. With the water temperatures more in line now with what is normal, El Banco can change in a heartbeat, so keep your ears open or feel free to fire me an email for the latest conditions. I won’t tell you a story to get you on a boat, I want your return business!

El Morro and the Marietta Islands are still alive with Dorado, Jack Crevalls, Bonito, and Sailfish. Trolling a Google eye around the rocks may even get you a Rooster fish, but they’ve been AWOL lately. This is an area where you can rely on fish all season or year long. Well worth the fuel dollar, but I suggest hitting Corbeteña since it’s only ten or so miles farther out than El Morro. The same goes for the Marietta Islands, being so close to each other they normally have the same conditions, but not always. 

Punta Mita and the surrounding area have been kinda quiet. With most charters heading towards the Islands and Corbeteña, not much information is available as to what is happening there. The few reports I have gotten are showing Dorado and Sails are still in the area and the boats from La Cruz Marina have been taking short trips to the rocks or islands as the locals call them. Around the corner at Sayulita, there is a chance at some Rooster fish if you’re feeling lucky. Roosters have been strangely absent even here in the last couple of weeks. But they can show up at any moment, so stay tuned. 

Inside the bay if you’re looking for some light action is well worth a four or even six hour day. Around the area of Los Arcos to Yelapa there have been many Skip Jack Tuna, Mackerals, Bonito, small Dorado, Needle fish and Snappers to name a few. Any fish in the bay may wind up on your line if you give it a shot. River mouths are alive with Snook at the moment as well, so give it a shot. 

Remember when you’re looking through the web pages or talking to agents, cheap boats come with less skilled captains and crews. Your better, tried and true captains can actually demand some decent wages because they catch fish. Cheap boats get cheap crews, less experience, no insurance and ultimately can cost you the fish with their lack of skills and professionalism. Remember lower prices should come with lowered expectations. Stay away from any guy carrying a notebook telling you he has 12 boats, but can’t tell you the captains’ names. These guys are ¨pirates¨ and they´re operating illegally playing off your greed. If you want a cheap boat real bad, that’s exactly the way you´ll get it. 

That’s if for this week, until next time, don’t forget to kiss your fish! 

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