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 Black Marlin 475 lbs at Corbeteña or The Rock on Magnifico
Magnifico's 475 Black Marlin, The Rock is Rollin!

Big Game Fishing Explodes with the Return of Dorado, Marlin, Look for Blue Water, Puerto Vallarta Sport Fishing


 The Skies have opened up in Puerto Vallarta which means the seasonal rains are now a daily occurrence. We are seeing rain most evenings now which of course brings opportunities and challenges alike when it comes to Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta. Marlin have moved into the blue water fishing grounds and Sailfish are more abundant daily. Those targeting Yellowfin Tuna will be disappointed unless they´re willing to put the time and work in!


First, let’s talk about conditions, when it rains around Puerto Vallarta, the silty water flows into the rivers and streams around Vallarta. This water is what we call agua Sucio or dirty water and is the color of coffee with two creams! This water is no problem for some species like Snappers, Roballo and Rooster fish for the most part. They love to feast on the natural organic materials like seeds, leaves, bugs and that sort of stuff in general. This forms a trash line in the bay and is the friend of fisherman. For short days fishing in the bay, the sight of this trash line is like a guarantee you‘ll have action. Lately Dorado have been absent from the bay and fishing grounds, but we finally see signs of life around the trash lines. Another thing to remember when fishing in the bay of Banderas during summer is that this dirty water man y time sis shallow and only on the surface. If you have some mid ranged electronics they can tell you many times where the temperature break is and indicate how deep to set a down rigger or just run planers… Logs are also floating around the bay, this is a prime location to find Dorado and you can come across a log anywhere!Other ¨players¨ include Snappers, Bonito, Roballo ,  Sierra Mackerals and others will be in line to  take advantage of this free  ¨All You Can Eat Fish Buffet¨!


Outside the bay the water is moving in streak currents. Some currents have dirty water, others are blue water. But if you’re heading out to Corbeteña, the water is clean and blue. With plenty of bait in the area there is Marlin everywhere. Black and Blue Marlin have been running between 350 and 800 lbs, it just depends on what comes your way out there. Sailfish are running large as well and are running in the 80 to 100 inch length, roughly around a hundred pounds. Cubera Snappers are there as well if you have an open mind and are willing to try some bottom fishing. For the most part Yellowfin Tuna at Corbeteña are still in and out. So you may find yourself settling for Marlin (like that’s a bad thing ). Oh, they can range from the 60 lb range to 100 plus pounds… The dark Dolphin are running with larger Tuna, the Spinners are still running with Schoolies or footballs. But who cares, we’ll eat ‘em all!


El Banco has been seeing a lot of Malin action as well. Mostly Blue and Black Marlin with the occasional Striped Marlin. The secret here is drop your lines at least six miles before El Bancos high spots and you will find some arm burning action in the channels!. Again, Yellowfin Tuna are in and out. Some days they´re really large over 150 lbs, other days you may  have to settle for marlin. So make sure you get the latest news before you head out. Yellowfin Tuna should be showing up any minute now, so stay tuned!


El Morrow this week has been a situation where you´ll find fish in the clean spots around the islands. Same holds true for the Marietta Islands with Bonito, Needle fish, Pompano, Snappers and the list goes on. Sailfish have been seen in the area, but for some reason have not been hanging out in the area. Dorado are back in the area, just look for a floating log or some sort of floating item, they´ll be there waiting for you!


 At the point of Punta Mita we have seen the return of Dorado amigos, they´ve been hanging out with Pargo  or Red Snappers and are ready for you to arrive!  Spend the day or hit it on the way back from El Banco, nothing like more choices on the dinner table! Plenty of bait, but they’re hitting lures as well!


As a whole we are seeing a real down turn in tourism and the number of private boats going out are increasing, but the chartered boats are mostly at the docks these days. It´s a bad situation that I guess we all need to work through until the economy and the news services stop spreading toxic stories that are untrue when discussing the safety of tourist. Puerto Vallarta right now has hotel deals that will surprise you and everyone in The Village at Marina Vallarta are making deals on fishing trips. Just remember to protect yourself from pirate sales people who are unlicensed agents selling tours and fishing trips under the radar.  They will be friendly, funny and nice looking, what else would you want a crook to look and act like, a crook?? If insurance covered fishing boats with legal operational licenses are important to you, then beware of the guy walking up pushing your greed button. Remember the old saying, there is always a cheaper hooker on the next corner! Keep common sense at the ready and remember, why would one boat be so much cheaper than those guys with offices… I think the answers are obvious. You’ve been warned and nobody will feel sorry for you for being …. Fill in the blank……   


Remember when in Puerto Vallarta, come visit The Marina Village with 150 Retail Shops and Restaurant Row. Rediscover Marina Vallarta with the new Star Bucks, The light house, fine dining and not so fine dining. Sports bars, Real Estate, Fishing Tours, you name it. The Marina Village is the Number One Attraction in Puerto Vallarta and it would be a shame if you missed one of the top ten private marinas in the world! Just come on down and tell them Stan from Master Baiter´s told  you that they would get a preferred customer special and see what happens. Hey, you just may get something for free! Either way, I am sure I will get an ear full for that statement! Hahahaha….

Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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