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Home Page of Bogus Master Baiter´s Site
Flattery or pirating? Beware of these scamers

For many out there, there has been the question of how there is another Master Baiter´s store in Downtown and not be associated with the origional store in marina Vallarta. It is very simple, but on the surface is confusing. For those of you who want to know how this came down, here is the story in a tiny nutshell.. 

I try not to say much about this, but it is time to call them out into the light of day. I would rather have you go fishing with another company, than fish with these people and have a lousy time under the gise of Master Baiter’s. Hopefully I will have them closed down this century. Mexico, what are you going to do??

My brother stated the company, so his now ex wife would have something to do. After proceeding with incredibly ugly divorce, another bout of drug addiction and criminal activities he could not escape, he left the country of mexico in discrace. At that time I was financially responsibe for for all company debts and paid them all off after the company was abandoned by this creep.  Not to mention the thousands and thousands of dollars he stole from me…..

I  did all the legal due dilegence to take complete ownership of the Master Baiter´s Trade Mark / Brand Name. When the partner shop learned of this, they decided to go rogue. I was  informed that they would not be paying the franchise fee for use of the name. That was more than four years ago. Now they live off my reputation drawing unsuspecting people in and telling them that ¨They¨ the pirate Master Baiter’s is in fact my operation.

The origional web site was taken over by this Woman Magda Piedra or what ever name she is using now. Long story, but that is how she is rated one spot higher than my www.MasterBaiters.com.mx webpage… I know, it stinks… she has even copied my warning on my orig. site in another effort to deceive my clients looking for the origional Master Baiter´s in Marina Vallarta.

Below is an email I recieved from a guy who  reads my articles and about me in the publication Western Outdoor news (www.WON. com) just to discover for some reason the publications information also connected them to the pirate company to the origional weekly articles I write for them. So this is being corrected and i HAD NO IDEA this was happening. You can get the inside story on how they operate from the string of emails below. Naturally the newest are on the top of the page.  So I would scroll down, read the string moving up to et it all in correct order… or maybe you’re smarter than I am and can keep things straight… read the responses….

Dear Western Outdoor news,

As a long time WON subscriber I rely on your publication to help me decide ‘where’ to fish.  I had been following Puerto Vallarta news offered by Master Baiter’s Owner Stan Gabruk for a May trip.  Important note to your readers: your May 7th article has it as Master Baiter’s Sportfishing which is how my problem began.  I’m not the only angler to be duped.   According to Stan, the “pirate” operation is using the name above and it is all about getting non-refundable deposits on fishing trips.  If you do actually get out on a boat it will be a boat ride.  The owner of the pirate site misrepresented fishing conditions in the area, and as I learned when I attempted to cancel, is all about keeping the deposit.  A quick way to make a buck.  I’ve attached Stan’s e-mail to me for your reference.  

The “pirate” website and the name WON used in your article is http://www.masterbaitersfishing.com.   If you Google the name as it is printed in WON you’ll get the pirate site as the first ‘hit.’  That is what happened to me.  Deposit kept and no fishing trip.  I am embarrassed to say that I got ripped off for the first time in 40 years of Sport Fishing all over the world.

 The “real” website run by Stan is  Could you at least use the correct information for Stan to help other avoid what happened to me? 

I did meet with Stan and found that based on current conditions I needed to go out for 12 hours, or more, to find any Tuna and that I might want to consider sitting by the pool instead.  I appreciated the advice and stayed by the pool… 

Thank you, 

Scott Norris 

619 8XX -XXXX

This is my answer to Scotts Initial Email about bogus site as  follows …. 

 Subject: Re: May 3rd fishing trip

 From: Master Baiter’s Stan Gabruk catchfish@masterBaiters.com.mx 

 Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 10:17:34 -0600 

 To: Scott Norris snorris@xxxxx.com
Hello Scott,

I am sorry to inform you that the pirate store that used to be associated with my company, Master Baiter´s went rouge three years ago and I am still waiting for the Mexican Courts to do their job. They have copied my web site down to the smallest detail, even using my old flyer as a basis for their bogus web page. I am presently waiting for this pirate location to be closed down by the govt. So no, they are not me. Attached are a few of my trade marks, with my name Stanley Ray Gabruk prominent on the upper portion of the papers. These are in spanish since we are in Mexico…. (not attached in this article but available for those looking for proof)

If you had made a reservation with me, you would know the exact boat you were going to be on…

This woman has caused me a ton of problems and is screwing up my business name. I am the one who published the articles all over the internet and I also have a program on Banderas News www.PVYAFCA.com to see my fishing programs from PV…

Sorry for the confusion, I try and warn people, but they put up a warning on that bogus site of theirs also, in broken english I might ad, to lure people like yourselves in thinking they are fishing with me. They will not return your deposit, as is the case so many times before when peolpe come walking in my shop thinking they are fishing with me just a day or so prior to going out fishing.

I guarantee you they have no interest if you catch fish. They just want the money……

Check me out at: www.won.com (Western Outdoor news). This is a printed publication distributed throughout the mid west… or www.worldwidefishing.com under the mexico section. You will see a vast history of articles I have written that go way, way back… or visit www.masterbaiters.wordpress.com for my blogs and articles. Or visit www.PVYAFCA.com and watch a series of videos on the subject of fishing here in Puerto Vallarta.

Again I am sorry for the confusion, but in mexico by the time things get into court, the issue has normally setteled itself. You see I was supposed to go broke with all the law suits they filed on me, but I am still here!

I attached a sheet of my boats and prices…. just FYI…..

Take care, thanks for your email and thanks for checking. It looks like some of my warning are getting out there…. You know that bitch is even using my corporate logo as you will see on my trade marks…..

P.S. I stopped taking credit cards due to fraudlant cancelations of clients on credit cards claiming they were never in Mexico. Became an issue!  Stan
Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle

Below is the origional Email Scott sent me, which I replied to:

Scott Norris wrote:

Read your site e-mail about bad sites.  Is this reservation legitimate? 
Hola Scott:

Confirmation No. 030510Y
Monday may 3rd
34 foot tournament boat
2 people
Price includes bait, tackle, cooler, ice, captain and mate
8 hours 650 usd or
10 hours 700 usd
Deposit 200 usd + 5% taxes by credit card.  Balance can be paid pesos, dollars or travelers checks without taxes
Pick up: Paradaise Village public pier (between the hotel and the mall) Nuevo Vallarta. Closer marina to your hotel

As soon as you arrive please give us a call to our store 322 222 4043.  Our store is on downtown by Mc Donalds boardwalk at the Rosita Hotel

Please confirm to me this e mail

Hasta pronto

The best way to expirience Puerto Vallarta…
www.masterbaitersfishing.com Downtown by Mc Donalds
Phone: 322 222 4043
Cel:      322 118 6535 


It´s really too bad that I can´t just operate a fun company, I have to deal with cock-roaches like this who suck the life blood of companies like Master Baiter´s knowing the name alone will make them money. As long as I work hard there will be people out there trying to confuse those looking for me.

To let you know how bad the Mexicans are, if you come to Marina Vallarta, they will tell you I died or went out of business trying to keep you as far away form me as possible. For they know once you talk with me, their lies won´t get them the fast cash they are after.  And the occasional client of mine they do get, well they find me at some point and then they become my return clients, like my business is based on….

If you are in Cancun, Cabo, Mazatlan and Costa Rica, those stores are using my name as well to get your money. Therei sonly one Master Baiter´s and they are presently in Puerto Vallarta and that is in Marina Vallarta. Although I am not the only ¨Master Baiter¨ In PV! Hahahahaa…..

Remember, at Master Baiter´s We Won´t Jerk You Around…

Stan Gabruk

Owner, Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle


(011 52 1) 322 779 75 71 cell 24 hrs

(011 52 322) 209 11 28 shop (central time)

Look for me on FaceBook, I am MasterBaiter Stan or email me an invitation to: MasterBaitersPV@gmail.com

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