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Abundant Rooster Fish and Snapper, Fishing is Hot Then Cold

Written by Stan Gabruk

Welcome to spring fishing! What does that mean, well you never know until you make it out to the fishing grounds. Days like these can be frustrating to those hoping to enjoy the day on the water with arm burning action. For now if you are one of those ¨guys¨ looking for Rooster fish at the Marietta Islands you´ll be rolling the  dice amigo.  The blankets of Squid have filtered out or have been eaten by every species in the bay.  Some days you come in with fish, other days you come in with your hair in your hands pulling it out in frustration. For those of us who live here in Puerto Vallarta we know we´ll have days like this, but we really don´t believe it until we´ve had a few days like this. For those who are visiting, fishing is fishing and of course that means it is less than an exact sport were we try to tilt the scales in our fishing favor.  Maybe someday we´ll be able to read the small mind of a fish, until then we´ll all be in the same boat with the same challenges when it comes to fishing. Such is the brother hood of fisherman and fisher-women.

Jack Cravells at Corbeteña

As stated last week the water is still this clear green color that the fish don`t really like, but tolerate and will take baits if they don´t have any natural bait in the water. This is where the challenge comes in, presenting a bait or lure that will get them to turn their head and maybe, just maybe strike. Another thing that does not help our fishing cause is the mere fact that tourism is down after Easter as is normal, so checking the docks in the  afternoon is a fun thing to do, but your chances of seeing boats laden with full fish boxes is unlikely for now. As you may remember reading in my reports, things can change in a heartbeat and usually do. So don´t get discouraged, get prepared!

For now, forget about fishing in the bay. You will still find Bonito and Jack Cravalls in short supply, but they are out in the bay for now. Water temperatures took a dip, not normal for this time of the year, so the Cravalls returned and for the most part will take bait if you come across them. For now keep your ears on and wait for signs of improvement which should be soon as we inch towards May. Here is a little known secret, the river mouth at Nuevo Vallarta is a hot spot to find Snook or Raballo, but you need to head up the river a bit into where the fresh and salt water mix. Flip a Rapalla, silver spinner jig or popper and you may wind up with a 35 pound beauty! But keep this to yourself, it´s our secret.

The Marietta Islands are still full of Rooster Fish and Snappers of good size between 25 and 40 lbs.  Bonito, Jack Cravalls, Amber Jacks and more are still there in fair numbers. Sailfish have been sighted off the islands a mile or so off so maybe we´ll see them increase in numbers as we see the summer currents become more prominent.

The point of Punta Mita still has some Dorado, but they have been thinning in numbers as well. Rooster fish are still around the reefs north of the point at Anclote as well where the water seems to be cleaner than around the point. Now if you head north past Guyavitos you will find large Dorado and they seem to have no problem taking bait, but with so few numbers of people fishing it´s hard to get a feel for what is happening here. The good news is you will find Sailfish in fair numbers here as well. But you are looking at a ten hour day which would be a pure play as the brokers say. But isn´t that the name of the game? If you don´t take a chance, you never get a chance amigos.

Heading out past the Marietta Islands you´ll find that Corbeteña has been taken over by Jack Cravalls. This is the biggest sign the water temperatures have dropped. Now Cravalls will hang in warmer water if there is bait which seems to not be a problem for the moment. You may get lucky and find Striped Marlin, Sailfish or even Cubera Snappers for those looking to take a chance.  For now I would suggest holding off until there is some encouraging news.

El Banco is fairing no better this past week as well.  Now if you are ten miles or so north  of the high spots you  start to see smaller Yellowfin  ´Tuna, nothing over sixty pounds for now, but again this will change when you least expect it.  I guess if the fishing is going to transition like it seems to have been doing for some time now, the time for this would be now as we switch from spring to summer fishing.

For those who just have to take a chance on boating a winter Yellowfin Tuna, the Tres Maria Islands have seen the abundance and size of these ¨locals¨ thinning a little, but this is not unusual since fish move. With the reputation the Tres Maria Islands have developed I am sure we will get some positive and motivating news shortly. Still I would wait for some positive signs or news.

To put it all in a nut shell, the fishing is not at it´s best, but it´s still not bad. For guys like me, I am spoiled and I know it. For the guy who lives in PV, wait for things to get better. For the visiting Angler, take a shot. The worst thing that will happen to you is you meet some nice guys, have a great day on the water doing what you love to do. For the guy whos vacation will be in ruins if no fish are caught on the one day he has planed on then maybe you should look at your options. So it all depends on you amigo.  No guts, no glory or trophy sized game fish!

60 lb Yellowfin Tuna at the Tres Maria Islands

I figure we are about  two weeks from currents changing and bringing in the warm water and pelagic gamefish we all are waiting for now! So feel free to contact me with your questions via email or phone and get the latest and greatest ….

Master Baiter´s is back and up running again in our new Marina Vallarta Location directly in front of the public phone at Dock D. We´re in store front area between Los Palomas Restaurant and Chappy´s Bar next to Charlies Fishing.  So once again reports of my death have once more exceeded reality!

That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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