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          60 lb Football Tuna at Corbetena, Sailfish, Striped Marlin

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Every year at about this time we get tired of waiting for the warm water species to move in. This year has been no different and it’s starting to look like we’re finally going to see some changes. Water temperatures have been hanging at around “perfect” for every warm water species. Bait, you couldn’t hope for better bait conditions with variety of baits to choose from, fish wise. We’re seeing the seasonal rains now so the trash line from the local rivers are attracting smaller fish, which of course relates to bringing in larger fish. Water outside the bay is deep blue and frankly the stage is set for one hell of a season. If you’ve been going through “summer species withdrawal”, well suffer no longer amigos, it looks like we’re situated for a great season of world class fishing!

This week the deep water location of Corbetena has deep blue water and several types of baits to choose form. Blue Marlin are moving in nicely, right on time and running anywhere from 200 to 500 lbs. That’s the good news, the rub comes when you understand that your trolled bait may not be what they want. So the issue is, which bait will they take? Good luck amigos, I can give you a list, but what they’re hitting today is something of a process of elimination. Sailfish are also in the area and there are decent numbers. The cherry on top is 60 lb Football Yellowfin Tuna. This has been going on three weeks now Footballs have been hanging around the rock. Like I said, right on time, hopefully this will mean larger Tuna moving into the area in the coming weeks, so rub your lucky “thing-a-ma-jig for luck. I can’t remember the last time I sent a boat out to El Banco. I am sure there have much the same conditions, but when Corbetena is both closer and more consistent, the fuel dollar becomes a deciding factor for us normal guys that is. Now if you have gold lined pockets, I’d hit the high spots, then work my way towards Corbetena. For some reason many people seem to forget that about half way in between these two locations are some wonder ridges and channels that have produced many a tournament winner. So don’t lock your mind in a box and become a robot fisherman like many charter companies seem to be. This is no secret, yet you see the same thing day in and day out.

The Marietta Islands have been less than exciting with average, run of the mill fish like Needle fish, Bonita, Sierra Mackerels and the occasional Jack Crevall. No Rooster fish, no Dorado, it’s disappointing to say the least. The area off Punta Mita has seen Sailfish move in about three miles off the coast, so that’s a positive. With the rains and the currents there is Seaweed in the water in clumps, don’t pass this up, there are always Dorado in this sort of floating “debris”. Those hungry for Rooster fish (yes I said Rooster fish), well you’ve got “some” north of the point at the big rock the locals call “Malinal”, there’s a reef at the base of the rock most are unaware of, even many locals. There have been a few Rooster fish pulled up there in the 30 to 40lb range. It could be a blank, but if you’re hot for Roosters, then this is a good place to give it a shot. Feeling lucky? The farther north you go up the coast line could be better for Sails and Marlin, if you head that way give me your report and we’ll quote you amigos. A few miles south is El Morro, it’s a funny place, we don’t normally think much of this area, the way currents work there, there are “upwelling’s” which bring in food and smaller fish. So Sailfish will be in the area. It’s also a secret spot for Rooster fish at times. This area will explode soon and there will be more to write about. It’s still time to patient. It’s kinda like being a smoker, you can’t wait for that next cigarette when you haven’t had one for a while.

The Bay is still running on all eight cylinders. Sailfish are where the bait is, which seems to be around Los Arcos and La Cruz Marina. So north or south ends of the bay can produce nicely. If you’re wondering about your chances in the bay, better than 35% which is great for an area that normally isn’t Sailfish country. Having said that, yes for the last 18 months nothing has been “normal”. Maybe it’s the mild La Nina for a second year, maybe it’s just about the bait, whatever it’s about, we’ll take it! Dorado are in the Los Arcos area as well anywhere from 10 to 25 lbs. Remember to throw the babies back, especially the females. For those that notice, this is the earliest we’ve seen even small Dorado around the area for several years. You can speculate on why this is, but that’s for another article. Even though water temperatures are up, Jack Crevalls, a cold water species for the most part, are still roaming the neighborhood and taking bait. Fun to catch and definitely our bread and butter in the winter months, they normally don’t much like water temps over 80 degrees. There are Snook close to the shore line as they’re chasing the “Agua Dulce” or fresh water from the rivers. With the gill nets set up at the river mouths by the local commercial fisherman these great tasting fish are snagged and that cuts into the local fish populations. There is also the Trash line in the bay and again more sea weed. This is Dorado heaven. Bonito, Needle fish, Sierras are still around but not for much longer. You should for the most part always catch fish in the bay. Just too much bait looking for shelter close to the shoreline to ignore. I suggest a six hour trip and take a shot at the Sailfish!

We’re still early in the month and the full moon isn’t so full, but it’s full enough. This means we’re having an early bite that coincides with the rising tide, this is a good thing amigo. The Bite is happening just at 9 a.m. in the morning. Leaving at 7:30 would be the perfect time to hit the bite and be back before the equator sun gets brutal. Water temperatures this week seem to have leveled off, this is a great indicator, no swirling currents with cold water, no “chill” walls. Baits in the area are varied, flying fish, Goggle Eyes, Sardines (tiny to normal sized, small fish need to eat too), Green Runners, Skippies, Bonito, Bullet Bonito and the long list just gets longer. Could be one reason it’s been difficult to figure out what baits to run. For now Iguana lures should be your first choice to run with all the Dorado in the area around Los Arcos. A secondary choice would be pink lures to mimic Shrimps and Squids. After these, it will be a process of elimination. Live bait hasn’t been working that well lately so maybe dead bait is the answer, a wounded fish scenario. I’m just guessing. As mentioned water tempers are hovering at perfect, or 84 degrees!

A reminder, Master Baiter’s the premier fishing company in Puerto Vallarta. Many will tell you they “are” Master Baiter’s or they’ll tell you some story like I’m dead or out of business. They’ll even send you in the wrong direction and laugh about it to their friends how they screwed the “gringo”. So once again, the reports of my death are conveniently exaggerated by my less than professional competitors. You can check my web page or Goggle business listings, we’re all over the net or call. And remember, we won’t sell you a timeshare!! That’s coming from a guy who folds T-shirts and takes pictures of dead fish for a living in Paradise. I know, it just makes you sick! So get your butt down here already and catch the cure already for yourself amigos! 

Until next week, Don’t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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