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Roller Coaster Fishing Conditions Continue, Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin Return

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

04 10 2016 Andy K, Corbeteña, Bella Del Mar wCapt Hector 80 lb Tuna 650 Pxls MBText

Hello everyone and welcome back to another high season. If you live in Vallarta you´re well aware that the humidity has been brutal (but is calming down now). The reason for that is because water temperatures, the single biggest fish catching factor, went from 84 to over 90 in four days. It was a swift and warm current from hell and obliterated fishing. I was having a hard time being positive about people’s chances for boating fish, thankfully I have an improved opinion of your chances. But that´s not to say there aren´t challenges. We have fish, the question is if they´ll take your bait!

El Nino doesn´t work like a light switch where conditions change rapidly. We´re in the middle of the transition period where confused currents and water temperatures are like a big blender out there. Because of this you have to weigh your options and risk factors against the weight of your wallet! We have world class fish and they´re good sized. We also have so much bait in and around the area that it appears to be a bit of an issue. Especially when you rely on the ¨hunger¨ factor to motivate them. Like Thanksgiving, once you finally push yourself away from the table, you´re not exactly in the mood to stuff more food in your mouth. Well, that is until you see the pumpkin pie, then you´ll do your best to squeeze down a piece or two. Well these fish are the same, they´re stuffed with all sorts and varieties of bait. You can still tease them with a impressive presentation. Like the pumpkin pie example, if your presentation can grab their eye you´ve got a shot. So tackle and equipment is all important, if you need a yellow with green lure with black stripes and you don´t have it, a situation like this could mean the difference in catching fish or coming in empty handed.

Right now the fishing is spread out and that´s an understatement. Anywhere from Corbeteña to the first island of the Tres Maria islands are fertile fishing grounds. For the fourth week in a row now there are no concentrations around the Rock or El Banco. The area in between El Banco and Corbeteña is just as fertile as it has always been. Yet so many Anglers ignore this area. Mostly because of the fuel factor, they load up for a certain distance, but not a roaming ¨pad¨. It´s horrible when people lose fish that are close because the boat you just chartered is cutting fuel usage to the quick. Now a Mexican company will never lose money, so you have to ask these sorts of things before you book the boat. Pay extra for fuel if need be but make sure the boat will ¨go the distance¨ to catch Moby Dick!

Corbeteña is still alive and breathing with Blue and Black Malin 300 to 600 lbs. The best place to start is in the shallow area on the west side to 3 miles out in a circular pattern. They prefer live bait but make sure you run at least one lure. Sailfish are nice sized at 130 to 150 lbs, which would win many a tournament 8 miles to the north. Seems weird they´re both in the same area, but separated. So cover this area and you should see results. Cubera Snappers from 45 to 65 lbs are good sized and taking trolled baits as well as jigging. Dorado are still missing in action. You´ve naturally got the regular players of Jack Crevalls to 50 lbs, Bonito and last but not least Yellowfin tuna 80 to 120 lbs. But before you jump up and find a boat it´s on again / off again fishing all over. You´re going to have to work for what you can get amigos.

El Banco is much the same, Yellowfin Tuna 60 to 140 lbs at the high spots to the first Island, Cleophus of the Tres Marias Islands. That´s about a forty mile distance to cover. The closer you get to Cleophus the larger the Yellowfin Tuna. A few, not many have been boated at 240 to 350 lbs so it´s a risk that can pay off in Tuna steaks or nothing. Sailfish are abundant around the high spots as are Blue and Black Marlin in the 500 lb range. Cubera Snappers at 65 lbs, Bonito to 40 lbs, Jack Crevalls to 50 lbs and who knows what else!

Punta Mita and the Marietta Islands have been pretty quiet as late, but things are improving now where I would recommend an 8 hr trip where you´ll have a decent shot at Sailfish and a little farther out Marlin in the 300 lb and up range. Sorry, no Dorado. Bonito, Jack Crevalls, Sierra Mackerals are also in the area. If you`re targeting larger fish on a budget this would be a good option.

Magnifico circling Corbeteña Rock looking for Marlin and more!
Magnifico circling Corbeteña Rock looking for Marlin and more!

Inside the bay we´ve been dealing with red tide for the week. Things are now improving, just north of Bucerias which is about half way across the bay you´ll find clean, blue water so we can still fish in the bay if you remember this info point. Plenty of Sierra Mackerals in the 12 lb range, Jack Crevalls to 35 lbs, Bonito to 30 lbs and smaller Sailfish off La Cruz Marina, this still surprises me. The river water now is running clear again and the water levels are down so the Snook or Robalo in Spanish should be picking up soon. They love the agua dulce or fresh water where they can scavenge. Just get a three inch silver diamond jig in front of them and you´ll be eating one of the tastiest fish we have in the bay. Give it a few days everything should be back to normal. A four hour trip is inexpensive and productive. We have a great single engine panga for $200 usd special, good for up to four people and is a great option for those on a budget.

Many people are not coming in with fish because they´re ignoring the bite which is weird. With a full moon nowhere in sight the bite is happening mid morning from 11 is in the morning to 5 O´clock to dusk. So if you left the dock at seven, you got back probably before the bite happened. If you´re targeting Yellowfin Tuna, they´ve been taking baits earlier in the morning and the late bite will be at dusk, which means around 7 p.m. You may not like what I just told you, but you´re armed with the facts now. Decisions, decisions…. Water temperatures have dropped significantly to 87 degrees from 90 degrees the last few days and you can feel that with the reduced humidity. Bait is always an issue and you want to run live bait with a Iguana lure (yellow head, green skirt with black stripes). As far as bait that is available it´s a wide spectrum. Flying fish, Bullet bonito all over Punta Mita. Sardines invading the shore areas in massive bait balls and Goggle Eye alamode in between. That is also a possible reason fish will ignore your bait when you know they´re ¨there¨. Just another normal fishing challenge, an experienced captain will have a few tricks up his sleeve. If targeting Yellowfin Tuna be advised that there have been these shelled Squid that they´re just stuffing themselves with and it a favorite food. It´s hard to turn their heads when they´re stuffed with ¨turkey¨, they won´t go the ¨pumpkin pie¨!

Our newest member Raffa has 25 yrs of experience working with the hotels and concierges is invaluable to us at Master Baiter´s. Raffa is the only Mexican National in Marina Vallart that won´t sell you a timeshare! Raffa is dedicated to getting you the best prices possible on all of our available services. So come say hello to Raffa and make a new trusted friend. We´re lucky to have him!

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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