On the Drudge report yesterday I read this thing that was represented as a news article on how the cases of the H1N1 flu strain had dramatically increaded in just a few weeks. Throwing the normal scare tactics out to the American public at large who actually thinks these news services are something other than creatures to generate income. Before we move on, we first need to remember the swine flu pandemic happened during sweeps weeks where the stations determine what the advertising time will cost for the next six months as determined by who watches the channel! So this was a story that got rolling during a slow news period in the worst possible time of the year for them. So to have something international they could put in front of an already anxious public about mexico was perfect for them. So the timing was perfect for a Tourism perfect storm for Mexico. ….

I talk with Americans and Canadians visiting Puerto Vallarta (PV) who have questions about the Swine Flu, Drug Wars, If you can drink the water (in puerto Vallarta you can),  Safety issues and much more. Now that the News services have learned that they can create the news with  hypothetical situations, all of a sudden the ¨Sky if Falling¨.  I´veheard at least fivedifferent strains that this strain ¨Could¨ mutate into. Well, I could come up with at least a thousand, maybe more! Why stop at five?  But now we have a whole new category of news! It´s Scare tactics propaganda designed to lead he masses in herd down the path of their ¨best interest¨, as dictated to them. Now nobody believes the United States would mislead people now…. or would they? 

The News reports on American Television have decimated the tourism industry in Mexico. Since I own a Sportfishing company in Marina Vallarta, I know of this issue intimately. The real facts of what has been happening about the swine flu deal is below. This is all stuff I know from watching CNN, Fox News, and reading the news services. Using their own facts agains them, this is how things really shake out. Yesterday the Drudge report stated that 17,416 cases of H1N1 flue was in all of Mexico.  as if this was a scarey number, lets face it, it sounds scary!

So  now Lets sort the scare tactics out. 1) 36,000 people every year in the united states die from one flu or another, fact. That is close to 100 people per day in the United States alone, FOR YEARS. Yet this is not deemed a pandemic? 2) You are also more likely to transmit this H1N1 flu in the united States much, much easier than in Mexico. So Mexico is actually a safer place to be than in the USA and Europe relative to this disease. 3) CNN this morning was saying that in fact the H1N1 strain had not mutated in these southern countries as was hypothetically possible,  and treatments work! 4) If all the 17,416 cases that they report to be accurate happened in only Mexico City, with a population of 28 million, that would be .000622 percent of the total population of one city alone, big city true. That is 6/10,000 of one percent of only Mexico City equivalent population. Leaving the numbers in the rest of the county microscopic in comparison to the States.  Now remember, these are not deaths, these are instances. 5) Mexico in front of the whole world closed the entire country down for many days. No church services in a Catholic country is huge. Restaurants could only serve two drinks to people and no more or they got a five thousand dollar fine! No open bars, Movie Houses, festivals, Soccer games, etc. in an effort to stop this disease in it´s tracks. Lets see the rest of the greedy world do that or is money more important than citizens 6) CNN and FoxNews, etc have smeared Mexico as the Villian in this scenario, but in fact, Americans need to be more afraid at home, where no action is being taken except lip service about how the vacine is not available for months. Ask your self this, what would you do to not contact this disease, and couldn´t  rely on a magic shot to protect you that we already know is going to be too late! Shouldn´t we do what ever it takes now and stop waiting to be victims. What would we all have to do if there was no hope of a high tech solution?? Time to think a little more low tech…. 7) last of all, older americans have an immunity to this H1N1 because at some point in the past, they were exposed to some virus like H1N1 which protects them. So this may not be a new bug at all, just one that was out of the mainstream. Now CNN and the rest of you news services, these are your facts presented to the public at large, why are you doing your best to kill tourism in Mexico, Europe, world wide …. it can´t really be all about selling ad space?

When it fcomes to the H1N1 Flu, no matter where you are in the world, it´s there. Everyone best defense is your own imune system. Healthy foods, plentyh of sleep and exercise, the stuff we should be doing for ourselves anyway, will help. Avoiding people that are sick, that´s always a good idea no matter what they have. Some hand jel never hurt anyone.

The bottom line here, you´re more likely to get sick in the States, not in Mexico.

Whewww… I got that out of my system…..



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