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                             Winter Fishing Conditions Return to Puerto Vallarta

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Dylan Thatcher fishing in Banderas Bay on Nofa or 25ft super panga
Dylan Thatch fishing in Banderas Bay on Nofa or 25ft super panga

Normally when you think February you think winter fishing. With the warm water conditions of El Nino we don´t know what to expect, but what we´re getting is weird at the very best. With water temperatures hovering around 77 degrees for the last month, we had our fill of summer species then the production fishing ships came in and raped Corbeteña and El Banco. Now we´re looking at our deep water locations as fish ghost towns. For those looking for Marlin, Sailfish and Yellowfin tuna you may want to rethink your plan. Having said that, everything can change in a few days so keep positive and we´ll show you how to still have fun and save a little money not targeting Moby Dick!

To touch briefly on what´s happening at El Banco and Corbeteña, there are laws in Mexico against these Seiner or Production type fishing ships from being inside fifty miles. There are also laws prohibiting Long Line style fishing. There are officials that are paid to make sure the laws are followed. This is Mexico, corruption out pays enforcing the law. The local officials are confronted, they do nothing and there is little anyone not in a position of authority can do. Complaining or bringing this to the attention of those who enforce, well let’s just say they must be deaf because the roar is deafening from the local fisherman and companies like myself. For now El Banco and Corbeteña after several visits from these Seiners is just empty, ghost town fishing grounds is what they should be called. Now this will change like it always does, fishing will improve again and once again we´ll have those Seiners move in and rape what Tuna there is in the area, even if it´s only 35 lbs!

So you may say, ¨Where do we go¨? Stay in the bay amigo, the fishing isn´t quite like going after Moby Dick, but fun it is. Inside the bay is your best fishing option for the next twenty minutes. With Jack Crevalls to 50 lbs everywhere you can have arm burning action on the cheap! Sierra Mackerals to 20 lbs and they´ve been working well as trolled baits targeting Rooster fish around Punta Mita. Needle Fish are strange looking, great tasting and 40 lbs. Snappers around the rocks to 20 lbs. Sailfish have been boated off La Cruz, it´s a thousand to one shot, but it´s still a shot that seems to be paying off on occasion. Football Tuna to 35 lbs at Yelapa and of course anything strange and unusual is most likely to happen in the bay! Right now your best bang for your fishing buck is six hours. With plenty of bait around the area as Sardines are just now starting to move in. Sardines like colder water currents so El Nino must be messing with their little fish brains for sure!

12 13 2012 Snappers at Marietta Islands RPix 900El Morro has been seeing some Rooster fish in the area at 30 to 40 lbs if stray Sardines roam into the area. Red Snapper that were abundant last week have faded considerably and should be back soon, they promised. Dorado

are out around the Marietta islands and off the point of Punta Mita for the super lucky.  Wahoo may still be in the area but with Corbeteña and El Banco disabled by Seiners it´s hard to say where they are, or even if they´re still hanging around. For now I´d hit this area, fall back inside the bay. You´ll catch fish, it´s not going to be automatic amigos, so put your patience cap on, you´ll have to work for your catch! By this time next week we´ll hopefully have a better report for you the deep water angler looking for some major big fish action. Stay tuned, things will definitely change for the better.

Blue water is about two miles off the shore line everywhere, Punta Mita is super blue (water that is) so fish can see your presentation (bait). With warm water from PV to San Diego fish are spread out with no cold water walls to block them in. Bite: with the full moon on the down side the bite will be a little later in the mornings now, so getting out before the dawn won´t do you any good. Lures to use are still Petrelaros and blue with white or silver marking. Water temperatures are still in the 77 to 79 degree range as we´re seeing warm days in the upper eighties that naturally warm surface temperatures. For now we´re all kinda frustrated, but the fishing will be its normal self soon so don´t be afraid to head out. Have realistic expectations and you´ll have a great day on the water in a shorter day. And as always, give me a call or send me an email before heading out and I´ll make sure you´re equipped with the latest information to help insure a memorable day on the water amigos!

Shared boats for 8 hrs targeting Dorado has been very popular (½ Super Panga, 2 person max. per half the boat)! Just fire me an email so I know when you´ll be here and we´ll do the rest. The Downtown Store on Basidillo Badillo and Insurgentes is open for High Season. Call Chris (El Centro Mgr) at (044) 322 112 9558 for fishing, tours or T-shrts amigo.  I am still in Marina Vallarta so take your pick. YeHa! We are also Smoking your fish, we keep half, but man is this stuff good. Call Chris for Details in my El Centro store. Contact us about a week before coming to PV so we can get you set up early on a shared boat!

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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