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                   200 lb Plus Monster Yellowfin Tuna Own El Banco!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

11 21 2014 Yellowfin Tuna Gaff Collage MBText
Yellowfin Tuna Series At The Gaff

You know it´s funny, we wait for this short period of time between the beginning of November to the end of December when our world class fishing grounds go into high gear. For now El Banco is sporting Monster Yellowfin tuna well over 200 lbs to close to 300 lbs and possibly even larger. Marlin and Dorado at Corbeteña, Sailfish at the Marietta Islands and the point off Punta Mita. To say this is the time of year to be in Puerto Vallarta looking to boat a bucket list fish would be an understatement.  This level of fishing is hard to find anywhere in the world. To find it here and now in PV is just your good luck. The only question is: Will you take advantage of this perfect opportunity? Life and time wait for no man, maybe you should stop delaying your life and put some ¨living in your life¨. After all, isn´t that what a vacation is all about? If you live in PV, then it´s definitely time you got on the water and experience at least one time in your life the thrill of World Class Sportfishing!

11 18 2014 10 hrs Corbeteña Sailfish Magnifico 01The buzz this week has all been about how El Banco has come to life, after years of waiting for the ¨dead¨ to rise again from the grave, this week it happened. With abundant bait in the area, load your tuna tubes up, set some lines and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Heading six to seven miles north to northwest from the high spots will put you on 200 to 250 lb or larger Yellowfin Tuna. They´re hitting live bait, Skippies (Skip Jack Tuna) and making bait in the area is not hard. Trolling is working fine, but kites are always a plus and will insure a full fish box (it better be a big one). You also have Black Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado in the area. But to be up front, it´s mostly Tuna City out there so you’ve been informed, now make a decision amigo.

11 20 2014 Ken sutula y Robert 225 lb YFTuna MBText
200 lb Yellowfin Tuna with Ken Suytula y Rob Bryant, long term
cusotmers. . .

You would think that with El Banco full of YF Tuna that Corbeteña would be following … but this week the Rock has been slow at best. Yes there are fish to be had, but it seems it was a lot of work to get a strike from a Marlin or any other fish for that matter. Hopefully this is over with Striped Marlin and larger Dorado moving in the area. Sailfish in the mid to large ranges or 80 to 100 lbs, Black Marlin are small running in the 250 to 425 lb range. Blue Marlin are naturally smaller, but they`re running smaller than we like or anywhere from 150 lbs to 350 lbs. Dorado are looking good anywhere from 35 to 60 lbs and picking up in numbers. Wahoo in the 50 lb range if you´re lucky enough to hook one in the corner of their mouth. Cubera Snappers are still for the bottom fishing guys but they´re in the 50 to 65 lb range so don´t be afraid to do some ¨jigging¨ for the dinner table. Corbeteña is a happening area and will continue to be so for the next eight weeks or so. Marlin and Sailfish don´t appease a hunger for Yellowfin Tuna. In the next week or so we should see YF Tuna filter over from El Banco, I think, I´ve been wrong before, just ask my ex-wife!

11 16 2014 Tyler Mathewson 11 yrs 03, Coco Loco super panga 400 pxlsThe Marietta Islands are finally showing signs of life with Sailfish moving in, Dorado in the 35 lb range and up. Maybe a Rooster fish, but don’t hold your breath. Naturally there are plenty of Bonito, Skip jack Tuna and who knows Moby Dick may be just a few miles off the islands. If you´re in the area of Punta Mita, you can troll between the point and the Islands to maximize your chances. The Point of Punta Mita has produced nicely for the entire summer and now is no different. Sailfish, Dorado and a little farther out you have a shot at Stripers or Striped Marlin in normal language. Eight hour trips will not disappoint so get out there already!

The bay is just perfect. For the guy (or gal) looking for a short day and lots of action on smaller fish, maybe not that small, then the bay is for you. Smaller Dorado to 35 lbs, Bonito to 35 lbs, Skip jacks in there same size range, Jack Crevalls, Sailfish in the north part of the bay and Football Tuna around Yelapa. Yep, you´ve got options and all of them end up with you catching fish.

As far as conditions go, the water is perfect but we´re seeing water temperatures fluctuations between deep water, mid distance and in the bay. For the most part water temps are in the 81 to 84 range, we will start seeing Striped Marlin as water temps will srtart to dip in a few weeks. Live bait is king this week and there´s plenty of it. Flying fish all around the bay are always a welcome sight. Most of them are in the six inch size range, Google Eyes, Skip Jack Tuna and Bonito. Blue water, smooth seas, temperate climate, it all adds up to supreior and comforatble conditions for the heat sensitive types.

11 14 2014 Tyler Mathewson and sister , Coco Loco super panga 450 pxls
Tyler & Madison Mathewson on the beach with their catch

There you go, fishing in paradise doesn´t get much better, that is unless the fish jump in your boat, but if that fish has a ¨bill¨ on its face, duck!

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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