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Bait Disappears, Whales Return, Lures Working!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Every year at the beginning of December we see the Whales return to spawn as the bait runs for the hills. If that´s not bad enough, the Spinner Dolphin are in the area and instead of hanging out with Football Sized Tuna, they´re eating football sized tuna. So your bait, which is hard enough to make is not safe from the Spìnners! Seems like a problem. But the fish are still here, hungry for anything that mimics a bait. For you guys with those hundred dollar lures that promise to work so well, now´s your chance to put them to the test, if you´re not afraid of losing that ¨oh so pretty lure¨! Blue, silver and purple combinations are knocking them dead out there. What you don´t know this week will hurt your chances amigo, what you do know will make your day!06 17 2011 Michelle Stewart Crosby with Yellowfin Tuna, El Banco, Animal House, 12hr day 003 RedPIx 480

First, small fish all over the bay, especially where ever the Whales aren´t.  Now I love the Whales like everyone else until they chase the bait out and we´re left lacking for their presence. I know, I sound like my ex-wife and we can´t have that. Mucho Bonito around the bay, water temps are still perfect so anything is possible and available. Closer to shore is not a bad thing as late, structure is your friend. Snappers, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna, Small Grouper, and the list goes on. Snook is still at the river mouths and Dorado, while sparse are sprinkled throughout the bay. For the fly fishing guy, we´ve got perfect sized fish for a 8 wt. Great days for kids at four hours or less with our special…. Sailfish, 10-6-10

The Marietta Islands have kinda churned to not exactly a halt, but it´s not exactly pumping out fish like we´re used to. Again, the Whales are a convenient excuse so we´ll blame them. Still, Sailfish are thick and available closer to El Morro toward the golden triangle. Marlin are not exactly abundant, but there are hook-ups every day in this area as well. Dorado is in the 25 to 35 lb size range. Skip Jack Tuna to 35 lbs, Bonito to 30 lbs, Snappers to 35 lbs, it´s like a 35 pound club out there! Still with the time and fuel dollar… Just keep your ears on for news of improvement and then jump on it.11 30 2011 4 hrs No

The REAL action this week was at Corbeteña. Water Temperatures are perfect 82 degrees, the water has never been bluer, calm seas, it´s just perfect except for one thing, THE SPINNERS! Now Spinner Dolphin are normally our friends since they hang with fifty pounder Tuna. But when they´re on the smaller side, they have no problem eating their smaller brethren!  Now these are Einstein fish. They know exactly how far up your bait to eat and not get hooked! When there is little bait to speak of, this will drive you crazy and while it seems kinda cool in the beginning. It´s not so cool when you have no more bait and the wrong color on your lures… if they work at all. We´re seeing some action though, the fishing is good, not fantastic, but somewhere in between good and great. If it´s action you want, Marlin in the 400 to 700 lb range are in the area, not abundant, but you´ll have a shot. Sailfish, they´re on tap everywhere and will be until the water gets cold. Yellowfin Tuna in the 80 to 125 lb range are also in the area, but you´ll have to use  your lucky charms on some days. Still, heading northwest from the rock out to as far as fifteen miles, you´ll find tuna. That is if you´re a mind to do such a thing like I would. Wahoo in the 120 lb range have been in the area with several reports of these monsters boated. Remember, their mouth is like a Ginsu Knife and will cut through wire leaders, imagine what they do to mono? So if you´re lucky and trolling a little fast, you´ve got a nice shot. Dorado, Yes we have Dorado amigo and they´re running in the 50 to 65 lb range for the moment, cross your fingers this continues. All and all, if you´re looking for fish go to Corbeteña. El Banco, Wahoo, Marlin, Sailfish, same here at Corbeteña and closer. A better choice for now. Oh, the bite…. You´ll start seeing more hits about 9 to 12 in the day… The late bite is like 3 in the afternoon right now. Put that in your back brain pocket.

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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