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Hurricane Hector Monkey Wrench, El Banco and Corbeteña Weak at Best!

Written by Stan Gabruk


After what has been a hit and miss fishing season Hurricane Hector popped it´s ugly head out and caused a week of less than spectacular fishing, rough seas and believe it or not, not too much rain. After the Eighth hurricane to pass Puerto Vallarta this year we are now deep into hurricane season. The problem with this hurricane is it formed about 200 miles off shore just south of Puerto Vallarta and it moved slowly directly west making the local conditions less than favorable. Now we all know this means the fishing was not good this past week. But we all know fish move and these hurricane things are short lived things so the fishing will be bouncing back by the time you read this article.

Huricane Hector just went west, throwing rain and bad fishing in our area, not to mention rough seas…thanks to the gods it is gone… except for the rain.

As of this moment Hurricane Hector is pretty much a thing of the past, but it will still bring in some swells and rough seas for a few days. These rough waters include inside the bay for the last few days. Those who were lucky enough to be able to handle the ¨rough chop¨ were able to catch fish inside the bay though. Yellowfin tuna last week were much larger at Los Animas to Yelapa, but 30 lb Football YF tuna are not bad fare for a four hour trip! The trash line has essentially disappeared with the low amounts of rain we´ve seen this year as well. So even the fall back position of a Trash Line was just not there to save the day. Smaller fish around the rocks and structure closer in are doing well, but these are very small fish and well just aren´t what people are looking for. Since you are reading this after the fact, everything should change shortly. If you are set on bay fishing, then the river mouths are full of Snook or Roballo as they´re called here in Puerto Vallarta. Boca Tomatlan or the river mouth in Nuevo Vallarta is primed and full of these white meat fish. Shame more people don´t target these great tasting fish.

The Marietta islands being at the opening of the bay had a few days of sea sick rollers but that has calmed down now and the waters are clear and blue. For those looking for small fare, then  Skip Jack Tuna, Needle fish, Snappers to 25lbs, Amber Jacks to 40 lbs and even Jack Crevalls (yes, these are very cold water fish but they are here for the moment). Sailfish have pretty much moved out of the area, blame the Hurricane.

Yellowfin Tuna are still at Corbeteña, Where are the Monsters??

El Banco and Corbeteña, normally I split these two locations but for the last few weeks one is hot, the other is cold and vice versa. Before the hurricane we had 500 lb Blue and Black Marlin, 140lb Yellowfin tuna, Cubera Snappers to 50 lbs, Sailfish, Amber Jacks and more. For now we are on hold for these species to return with the bait. All I can say for now is stay tuned…

The story is pretty much the same, we´re just standing by for our fish to come back.

For the most part we have not seen the invasion of Dorado as we should have seen in July. Here we are in Mid August and we are still wondering where they all went. Of course there can be speculation of over fishing, there are plenty of facts out there that will support this theory. Me, I don`t know, I do know we are not seeing a Dorado per se, so whatever the cause, I know the results!

Another thing that is not normal is the low levels of rain we have seen here in Puerto Vallarta. Even though we are in the middle of the Seasonal Rains time frame, there is not trash line to speak of in the bay.  So what is a money maker for most boats heading out, it just is not there for the most part. Now this could change quickly, but the pattern is there and it is not even close to normal levels from a person perspective.

The good news is the water is still mostly blue in the bay, there is plenty of bait in the bay. Corbeteña is Blue water and perfect water temperatures of 89 degrees. The same goes for El Banco, all the basic elements are perfect, just need the fish to move back in.

Really not too much to share about fishing this week, this will happen. Mother Nature threw us a curve ball this week so stand by for better news to follow in the next report.

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish….

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22 million visitors with ¨deaf¨ ears came to Mexico last year, a record year for tourism even with the news. Find out more here and calm your fears amigo: http://theintelhub.com/2012/06/29/tourism-booms-in-mexico- as-crime-rises/

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