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Fishing Explodes with Sailfish, Dorado and Striped Marlin at the Regular Places

Written by Stan Gabruk

For weeks and weeks I´ve been waiting for things to improve as we have been stuck in a transition period where we wait and hope the wait is not too long. For now it looks cautiously like the season may have turned the corner now as we see our world famous fishing grounds filling with the summer species we have been looking for, it just depends on where they are and what your fishing budget looks like. But the good news is the fishing is good, not great, but it´s getting better. This trend should continue and as far as Dorado moving in, it was July before we had a chance to boat a gold and sapphire beauty last year. So we should consider ourselves lucky and thank our lucky fishing stars for the sight but positive changes.

First, inside the bay is less than spectacular. Still feeling the lingering winter season dull drums the fishing is still small and for kids is great. Jack Crevalls are still in the bay, small Snappers around structure and other small fish for now. There, that´s the worst news for this week when it comes to fishing.

Dorado Moving into the Marietta Islands

Moving into the areas near the bays boundaries, which of course means the Marietta Islands. Once again this week we´re seeing Sailfish just past the islands, Dorado in the 20 lb range, small for sure. They will be larger soon, just throw the babies and females back.  Rooster Fish are running 40lbs and the Pargo or Red Snappers are running between 30 and 40lbs as well. Sailfish are still just a little off the islands and are taking live bait. Well worth the time and fuel dollar. With the slow down in seasonal tourism until June, you have a chance at deserted fishing grounds with fish looking for you to throw something enticing in their direction amigo.

The area around Punta Mita as predicted has exploded with Dorado as well. Also known as Mahi Mahi they are running a little over 25 lbs, still on the small side but we´re happy to throw the babies back. Sailfish are just a little farther out and at about ten miles off the point you´ll find Striped Marlin in the 200 to 275 lb range. No secrets here, live bait, run a lure or two. Find a bait boil and throw everything! Everyone heading this area is hitting something for the dinner table so don´t sweat it, just get out there.

Nathan Howard at Corbeteña, one happy camper here!

Corbeteña is still waiting for Yellowfin tuna, but Stripers and Sails are here as well. One good thing is the Dorado that are here are larger. They are running in the 40 lb range and are in and out mostly. Cubera Snappers in t he structure and there are still schools of Jack Crevalls in the cooler currents.

El Banco, our other deep water location has been on the quiet side, could be a cookie cutter report for Corbeteña. Rainbow Runners, Cubera Snappers and others are there as well. Yellowfin Tuna, there were a few strikes anywhere from five to ten miles off the high spots you may, with some luck you´ll find  60 to 120 lb Yellowfin. Still very, very early for Yellowfin Tuna.

Now if you absolutely, positively have to have a Yellowfin Tuna in winter then the Tres Maria islands are still probably your best bet, but be ready to pay the price. Distance, time and fuel are all factors to consider when pulling that wallet out. Most days for now the closer to the islands the better your chances are, but keep your safe distance, we wouldn´t want anyone to have their boat confiscated for being an idiot!

Bait fish are still moving into the area which is right on time. Fish counts are also picking up on the early side, which we all have no problems with. Water temperatures are inching upwards in the mid to upper 70´s. Water conditions have improved to clear and Blue at the deep water locations. Everything is how it should be compared to the calendar and seasonal expectations.  For now we´re very optimistic for the upcoming season.

Since it is never too early to think about a vacation, the Pez Vela or Sailfish Tournament, the biggest tournament in Puerto Vallarta is happening the first week of November this year. While I already have some boats spoken for this year’s tournament, I still have Magnifico our world class tournament ready Bertram ready to go. We are going to stay lower than usual on our boat prices because part of the fun is just being in the game! So get your pennies and nickels rolled and we´ll see you out there come November. Mention you read this in a report and I´ll do something super special for the participants this year.

Just a reminder, here in Mexico when people come up to you and offer goods and services, beware. You are better off going to a place where you can  go back and get satisfaction if something goes not according to plan! Don´t be fooled by a price that is so low, it can´t be real, just to find some cockroach took advantage of you looking for a cheap boat at all cost, I saw this happen yesterday to a guy who should have learned the first time. Cheap gets expensive when you get nothing in return. Be smart and don´t do anything you would not do at home, start there!

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That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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