Water Temps up, Sailfish Move In, Great Fishing Now!

                Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Amberjacks at the Marietta Islands!

For the last few weeks I’ve discouraged people from taking fishing trips longer than eight hours. Now as we surprisingly see that water temperatures have jumped back to comfortable range at Corbetena and other fishing grounds. It’s almost like late fall fishing as we even have Dorado in the area, yep I said Dorado! The Marietta Islands are showing signs of life and of course short day trips will guarantee some arm burning action for both young and old alike, Yeha!

This week the previously dead fishing grounds of Corbetena and El Banco aka The Bank are showing this area is never “dead”, just sleeping. Yellowfin Tuna from 30 lbs up to 60 lbs or maybe larger. Striped Marlin at 120 to 175 lbs are not big, but fun to release after caught. Sailfish are also in the area and they’re all hungry. With 80 degree water temperatures and plenty of bait in the area anything is possible. Throw in Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Skippies and more means anything is possible, stay tuned.

Pompano, AmberJacks and more at the Marietta Islands

The area from Punta Mita to El Morro and don’t forget the Marietta Islands is finally showing life. Pompano are hanging out around El Morro to the Marietta Islands of good size from 15 to 30 lbs. Amberjacks are picking up in numbers and size around the Marietta Islands. Dorado to 30 lbs hanging around the buoy at the point. Yellowfin Tuna in the 30 lb range are running with Spinner Dolphin. Kick in Jack Crevalls, Bonito, and possible Sailfish and you’ve got great fishing in an eight hour day. Well worth your fuel dollar to take a chance at some fun sized fishing. Frankly anywhere from Punta Mita out 6 to 10 miles off the point at a heading of 300 you could also run into a Striped Marlin of 120 lbs or even a nice Sailfish. What else do you need to hear? I’ll see you out there!

Jack Crevall by the millions in the Bay of Banderas

For those looking for short days and tons of action then inside the bay is smoking hot! Jack Crevalls are naturally everywhere, but they’re over 40 lbs in the bay. Sierra Mackerels are looking good at 20 lbs max., Bonito to 30 lbs, possible Yellowfin Tuna footballs at 30 to 40 lbs just look for the Spinner Dolphin they run together. Dorado possible but not likely around the Los Arcos area. Snapper around structure from pan size to larger. Robalo aka Snook are running the shore area in 20 lbs up. You can’t go wrong fishing in the bay at all, ever! For those who have younger children looking for smaller fish with light tackle then now is a perfect time to see the excitement on their faces and feel the joy in your heart. Fishing can bring families together and keep the moment in both fun and memories for years to come.

It |seems Jack Crevalls are everywhere, fun to catch, strong fighters and we normally can find them. Not considered good eating, but the nationals seem to like them just fine!

As mentioned water temperatures outside the bay have gone up to 80 degrees, no kidding, this is happening in February?! In the bay the water temps are at 72 degrees, that’s just about as cool as the water in the bay will get. So this means warm and cold water species are quite possible. It just depends on the duration you’re heading out. With super abundant bait in the area it seems that the fish are taking trolled baits a little better this week. Sardines, Goggle eyes, Krill Squids and Shrimps, flying fish and the list goes on are super abundant. The bite is still a little weird, but for now the bite seems to be happening all day long. This means young children hard to get moving in the morning can have some extra time to get that “sleep” out of their eyes!

Great tasting pan size Snappers

We’ve been on a fishing Rollercoaster and we’re on the way back up. We never know how long the conditions will last, so if you’re in PV, it’s a great time to go fishing. If you’re on a budget contact us and get on our “shared boat” list. Save money, have fun, enjoy the adventure.

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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Cooling Water, Massive Amounts of Bait, Challenging Fishing at Best

                Cooling Water, Massive Amounts of Bait, Challenging Fishing at Best

                Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Capt Chema Jr from our Super Panga with a sizeable Dorado. As water temperatures drop their numbers are dropping like a rock. Dorado like this now are very rare and in a week or so they will be gone for the winter.

Once we get past the second week of January we normally see water temperatures drop. This is when the warm water species begin bugging out if they haven’t left already. Sailfish are widely spread out and thinning in numbers. Dorado can still be had, but again this is a summer species that’s hanging around for the bait. Jack Crevalls, which normally move in when the winter season starts are here and growing in numbers. All and all the summer fishing season is over, expectations now for Billfish is not realistic any longer. Fishing is still great, but from this point forward its great winter fishing amigos. Don’t be disappointed, be happy there is arm burning action for the family!

Corbetena has been “hanging” on when it comes to Striped Marlin to 250 lbs and Sailfish of nice size. Dorado are mostly closer in or in the bay. You can still get some Football Tuna in the 20 to 40 lb range if you find the Spinner Dolphin which are running between Corbetena and El Banco. I see pictures of other companies with Sailfish and Marlin in this area, but frankly I haven’t seen any Billfish come out of this area for a few days now. For those looking to take a chance, then go for it. If you’re a little short on patience, then I’d suggest a shorter day with a more certain result. These days it’s difficult to give a decent report on El Banco aka The Bank. Most people that “stop” there are either on their way to the Tres Maria Islands fishery or on their way back. For now Corbetena is going to be slow at best until June.

Nice sized Jack Crevalls are moving into the area in large amounts. Strong fighters and abundant this species is the dominant fish locally for the next five months or so.

For those looking for more reliable action the area from El Morro to Punta Mita is still showing signs of summer species life. Dorado are being boated daily, but not by everyone. Sailfish are thin at best, by that I mean they’re widely spread out. No concentrations and frankly “iffy” is an optimistic term in this case. Having said that some nice sized Dorado larger than 20 lbs have been around the buoy and any floating debris. Six miles off the beach of the Four Seasons Hotel Striped Marlin up to 250 lbs seem to be more abundant. Sailfish also are running closer to shore as well and will take a dead Goggle eye if you run one in front of them. One issue is with so much bait in the water you may have fish in the area you don’t know about there and won’t strike as they’re stuffed. For now I suggest an eight hour day, give the Stripers, Sailfish and Dorado a shot. If nothing happens, and there’s a good chance you can blank, then target the Jack Crevalls at 40 to 50 lbs, Bonito at 30 lbs, Maybe find the Spinner Dolphin with 30 lb Yellowfin Tuna Footballs running with them. It’s worth a shot!

Snapper or Pargo as the locals call them are very good tasting and while not many in numbers this will increase with time.

Those looking for shorter days and more reliable “action” would be best suited for a four or six hour fishing day in the bay. Many times in the last few weeks the bay fishing has been better than the more expensive deep water locations. With the super abundant bait of Krill Squids and Shrimps the “locals” are just swimming with their mouth open. We are still seeing the freak 25 lb Dorado around the Los Arcos area with an occasional Sailfish. Jack Crevalls are kinda funny. Sometimes they don’t come up for bait or the bite. Other days they’re cruising the surface and are easy pickings, so they’re not automatic by any stretch of the imagination. Bonito from 10 to 35 lbs have been running with Spinners, but they are free swimming as well in the bay. Snappers at 10 lbs are coming in around the structure areas, small but great for eating. Sierra Mackerels are also great tasting at 15 lbs they should not be ignored. For now until things change bay fishing is your best option. Four hours gets us to where the fish were yesterday, six hours lets us find where they are today. With bait moving all over the bay rapidly, six hours is just a little insurance amigos.

Pictured here are some Sierra Mackerels and Arctic Bonito which is “tuna” in local cans. Smaller game fish for sure, but great tasting. Don’t pass these by hoping for larger fish because they’re great tasting and guarantees something for dinner. They will get larger, but this is on the average size. Perfect for younger Anglers or guys like me that love the flavor! You don’t have to catch Moby Dick to have a great fishing day!

We’ve seen the water temps drop three to four degrees this last few days which is drastic. Jacks and Bonito love it, so do Sierra Mackerels, but we’re moving into winter fishing as is normal at this time of the year. The bite for the fifth week straight is still after 10:00 in the morning so plan your departure accordingly. Bait is a bit of an issue. With Sardines moving in rapidly in large numbers the bait balls are impressive. Flying fish, Goggle eyes, Squids, you name it. It’s hard to turn a fishes head when they’re not interested in your presentation. What’s really weird is many times dead bait works best. One thing for sure the fishing is not easy and the baits that work are changing by the hour. Make sure you have a full range of lures, dead bait and live bait at your disposal. You’ll most likely go through all your bag of tricks to find something that works.

Ok, I’m starting a tip of the week thing to help you negotiate fishing charters when looking for a boat. It seems these days there are web sites all over the place promising the best fishing experience in PV. But they have no reviews anywhere on the net to review who they are and review professional opinions of their performance. TripAdvisor comes to mind. First go to TripAdvisor and review the comments. This is not a perfect way to find a fishing company, but it’s a good place to start. Make sure they have a physical location where you can walk in and talk with the agents or Captains etc. Many internet companies are legit, but without some ability to review them professionally you’re just another person rolling the fishing dice. Now those TripAdvisor review are very easily corrupted. that means anyone can get friends, family or even services to put positive comments up on T.A. making you believe they have a long history and superior service. Lots of comments mean really nothing. My TripAdvisor has a few negative comments, mostly from people trying to TA Blackmail us, but nobody is perfect. Look at the reviews, look for detail, not just a one liner. When you feel good about the list of pic’s, then call them directly. You’ll get a feel for what the company is by the person on the phone. When they ask for a deposit you want to hold the boat, but half down on a company you don’t know is a little risky at times. A hundred dollars is all i want for a Down Payment or Deposit. You should expect some sort of confirmation letter with the transaction details, Meeting instructions, name of the boat and a persons name who you are going to meet. A picture of that person is always appreciated so you know who to look for in the morning. 

Master Baiter´s is the only company in Puerto Vallarta that offers Free Fish Freezing to our clients. Once again we Support Our Clients with Necessary Services. Fish with someone else, we´ll still help, but it will cost you….

If you have local friends that can personally refer you to a reliable company that would be the best place to start amigos! Nothing beats local knowledge. But never give a large deposit to a person walking independently. You have no legal recourse if your deposit is ripped off and there is no boat or person to meet in the morning. I hate to say it but i see this all the time. They will have “iffy” slips with no company name and no address. You may have a phone number, but mostly they are either bogus, don’t work or frankly the guy you gave the deposit to isn’t answering the sucker they are ripping off! But your biggest protection is the Sectur Licenses required the last couple of  years to be a legit fishing or tour company. It’s a federal license, not a local license. They are now finally enforcing this new license requirement but many still don’t have it. Ask them for this, it may be in work, but if they don’t know what you’re talking about, walk away. Never tell any person or promoter when you are leaving, you are basically telling them when they can return to that area and he can find his next victim. So start with TripAdvisor, make a phone call and get a feel for the company from the agent. Send small deposits, just enough to hold the boat. After all you’re looking to hold the boat in your name so $100 usd is more than enough. That way if you do have an issue, you didn’t lose a significant amount. Next week we’ll discuss the initial basic questions you should ask long before you ask for the price. 

Please share these articles and all my post with your friends and family. Even if they are local freshwater fisherman, everyone loves to hear about PV. It helps promote the local area and as the only comprehensive fishing report about PV and not my fishing company, it’s your best source for fishing information about the fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. You can also subscribe to these weekly articles that are real time. One reason i like to write these articles is so when you’re home, you can read what’s happening here in PV and use that information as a tool to week out shady promoters or worse. As always thanks for your continued support! 

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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On Again Off Again Thin Fishing, Dorado, Striped Marlin

                          On Again Off Again Thin Fishing, Dorado, Striped Marlin

                Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Just a few miles off the point of Punta Mita Sailfish are possible, but it’s mostly luck these days!

As is normally the case, coming into the middle part of January we’re seeing the abundance of warm water species start to thin out. Amazingly enough water temperatures are at 79 degrees. Which is a comfortable temperature for if you’re a Sailfish or Striped Marlin. Once again this week the bay continues to be an “all you can eat bait smorgasbord”. It’s like people going to a food fair, we just have to try everything until we can’t put another “anything” in our mouth. But we do anyway. Same deal, the “locals” have so much to eat you have to find the one with the “munchies”. That may sound dire, but in reality for right now we’re doing well and you can get fish to take baits. If you’re looking for more of a sure thing fishing, you have the bay with action at the ready. Yes we have good fishing, but it’s never automatic amigos. For the last week or so I’ve been suggesting shorter days closer in. For the person looking for larger fish and willing to take a chance, then there are larger fish to be had.

Last week we were looking at a heavy duty full moon and it did seem to effect the fishing, but we’ve moved past that now so we’re actually seeing some warm water species hanging around El Banco and Corbetena this past week. The same week I told you to avoid this area, so much for my crystal balls stats! At El Banco some 10 to 15 miles out you’ll find 250 lb Striped Marlin, Sailfish are also in the area. Look for Spinner Dolphin which are running with Football Yellowfin Tuna in the 25 to 45 lb range. There could be some Dorado around the high spots but no one has reported any. If in the area worth dropping some baits. Corbetena has been much the same as El Banco with Striped Marlin in the 250 lb range. There was a 500 lb Blue Marlin hook-up this week but it was lost at the gaff. Possible Dorado in the 25 lb range. If you find Spinner Dolphin or birds head in that direction! Your chances of boating fish in these areas is just a bit better than 50 / 50.

Lots of Jack Crevalls and Sierra Mackerals around Nuevo Vallarta and the River Mouth

El Morro is seeing Cubera Snappers at 40 lbs, Punta Mita is still running with 25 lb Dorado or so around the buoy and a touch farther out. 6 to 8 miles off shore you’ll find Striped Marlin as well with possible Sailfish. Not a bad area to head out to and your chances of boating fish are better than farther out. There are plenty of Sierra Mackerels at 12 lbs, Bonito to 35 lbs and of course there are Jack Crevalls all around the area including the Marietta islands. Eight hours are worth the effort. A worst case scenario is head back into the bay and get smaller game fish action.

Those looking for shorter and less expensive days will find the bay is still alive with arm burning action with the extra advantage of Whales. Bonito are more abundant from 20 to 30 lbs over by Yelapa with some Skippies as well in the 12 lb range and tasty. Sierra Mackerels can be found in the middle of the bay or around the Ameca River on a daily basis. Smaller in size they make up for it in flavor on the table. Don’t ignore these when you come across them. Dorado are still being caught by the lucky in the 20 lb range by Los Arcos as is the freak Sailfish. With plenty of Sardines in the bay you’d think we’d have Rooster fish, but those that are here are small, too small to keep. With massive amounts of bait fish in the bay it’s amazing we’re getting anything to take a bait. Goggle eyes, Flying fish, Sardines, Krill Squid and Shrimp, but they’re all moving. This means if you come across a hungry fish, you’ve got action, good luck with that one amigos! I still suggest six hours in the bay allowing you find where they’ve roamed to today.

Beautiful Bait

If as I discussed La Nina Last week, the fishing for the near term will remain normal with winter species hanging around in the cooler winter waters. When summer comes along we’ll know how deep this is going to be. It could be a little later in the year for us to see warm water species. But this also means they hang around a little longer so this time next year will be good fishing. Then again I consulted my crystal ball, I’ll just cross my fingers and hope for the best. For now water temperatures are holding at 78 / 79 degrees. A touch chilly for Marlin, but with abundant bait they’ll hand around for the easy meal. Bait in the bay is super abundant. As mentioned earlier Sardines are in the area, Flying fish at five inches, Google eyes, Krill Squids and Shrimps and of course the list goes on. The funny thing is when it comes to baits or lures to use this week, trolling dead baits and lures are working best. Go figure. The bite after six weeks now is still anywhere from 10 to 11:30 as the tides have a very subtle change this quarter. Early morning types are not doing themselves any favors getting to the fishing grounds too early, so sleep in a bit, the bite is to your advantage right now.

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

Half a Super Panga, two people at this price, 8 hrs, $275 usd …. With a Quality captain, professional equipment and tackle. Ice, bait, English speaking captain… it’s a real fishing trip for the budget minded!

We have decided to continue our Shared Boat Fishing Parties! 2 people, half a super panga for eight hours heading to Punta Mita or El Morro area $275 usd (that’s for two people amigos) which makes this the cheapest fishing you’ll find in Puerto Vallarta. Contact us via email and put your name on the list so we can hook you up with others looking to fish a quality boat at a super dooper affordable price!

Our Malicon or Boardwalk Store at the Light House is rockin. Come visit us and see the new location and say hello to Carlos in the evenings, Ben in the days and who knows, maybe I’ll even be there to answer your questions about fishing or just talk things in general. We closed the store heading out to Conchas Chinas and moved to this new and better location, check out the map below…..

Come find us on the boardwalk, map below
My New Location on the Malicon at 480 Morelos is next door to Sr. Frogs at the south end of the Boardwalk behind the small Light House…

One last thing: We have all sorts of new products, Beer coolers or Koozies are on their way after running out in a real hurry. We have new cool Posters, Coffee Cups, Shot glasses and Cell Phone waterproof protectors…. all affordable and fun!

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Welcome to Winter Fishing, Dorado, Marlin “Iffy”

                           Welcome to Winter Fishing, Dorado, Marlin “Iffy”

        Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Released Sailfish

Recently we’ve witnessed many oddities in our world famous fishing grounds. For weeks now we’ve witnessed cold swirling water mixed with warmer water temperatures that frankly are perfect for this time of the season. What this means is the warm water species are moving out, cold water species are moving in and they’re all mixed up in this fish bowl we call the Bay of Banderas. Targeting Marlin and Tuna at this time of the year is a diminishing prospect with chances of boating these treasured game fish dropping by the day. Having said that we still have some Dorado in the area and Sailfish. As the currents continue to swirl we’re also seeing species like Jack Crevalls move in with strong numbers and decent sizes. Needle fish are not exactly abundant, but increasing. Bonito are saving the day in the bay and even with all this “Swirling” going on there are still “some” Striped Marlin to be had. If you’re feeling lucky try an eight hour trip to Punta Mita. If you want more of a sure thing when it comes to action, a nice six hour bay trip will be fun, but you won’t be targeting Moby Dick!

Those heading out to Corbetena and El Banco have come back mostly disappointed this week. There is still abundant bait in the area, but that in itself is a problem. It’s a fish smorgasbord out there with so many different kinds of baits it’s tough to get them to turn their head in the direction of your “presentation” aka bait! Having said that we’ve seen the return of Spinner Dolphin which run with Football tuna (at 40 lbs) as they are now. Cuberra Snappers are not exactly “in” but there have been some boated. Regarding Sailfish and Striped Marlin, you’ve got a 50/50 chance, same goes for Dorado in the 25 lb range as well. Those with private boats are having fun and will catch these species but it’s not automatic and if you’re there for a few days you’ll have a great time. The guy that heads out for the day trip can find his time and fuel dollar better spent closer in.

Dorado are not automatic, but with a little luck you too could be in the picture

The area from El Morro and the Marietta Islands to Punta Mita will find conditions a little better. Striped Marlin to 250 lbs have been boated four to six miles off the point, Dorado are in the 25 lb range with Sailfish locally for the lucky. I mean all these species are a 50/50 shot. Out of ten boats, two will have come back with fish. So check your internal fishing meter as to what level of risk you want to take. Remember it’s fishing, a risk based sport at best…. Jack Crevalls and Bonito anywhere from 35 to 50 lbs are around the area and a super outside chance of a Sailfish on the Corbetena side of the island(s).

Inside the bay is still “Action City” with the same old players, even if they’re not where they’re “supposed” to be. Sailfish are still being boated occasionally around Los Arcos / La Cruz area as are Dorado from 20 to 30 lbs. Bonito are a stable species for the area and these are what we see in the local Tuna Cans. Running anywhere from 20 lbs to 45 lbs now you’ll have a great arm burning action day. Six hours is a great fishing day and a good value for your fishing dollar. Needle fish are still small but picking up in numbers. Striped Marlin is not impossible in the bay, but mostly not probable. Sierra Mackerels at 15 lbs, Snappers for the guy wanting table fare are in the 3 to 5 lb range. There is some nice action in the bay as long as you’re looking for fun and not Moby Dick!

Jack Crevalls are a fishing stable at this time of the year. Considered not the best tasting fish, Victors Restaurant in Marina Vallarta, yum!

The bite is still in the mid-morning time frame. It seems as the tide comes up is when the fish are striking, so follow the rising tide and that would be a good indication as to when to head out. Sleep in a little, it won’t hurt a thing. Water temperatures are still at 79, a constant for the last three weeks. Bait conditions are still excessive. Krill Squids and Shrimps, Three inch Squids, Flying fish, Sardines, it’s just crazy. No wonder the fish that are here are being picky. Then again, that’s why the Whales are here in big numbers this year, they’re just swimming around with an open mouth.

There have been several articles of late how we have a 75% chance of La Nina, the opposite of El Nino. We see the swirling currents coming up from the south which to the locals is the first indication. This may mean some last cold water situations for fishing. You can read more about La Nina here:

http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-la-nina-20161110-story.html and here:


Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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Luck of the Draw Fishing Continues, Marlin Spread Out

                  Luck of the Draw Fishing Continues, Marlin Spread Out

       Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Released Sailfish

As we come to the end of another High Season for World Class fishing in Puerto Vallarta we’re still seeing scattered species in all the different locations. For those looking for Black Marlin, Blue Marlin and Striped Marlin and your fantasy then now would be a good time to hit it. The overabundance of bait is still a bit of an issue, but we have fish and that’s a good thing. Fishing is never without it’s challenges. There is no such thing as perfect fishing conditions, but we’re not too far from it amigos!

As we enter the New Year we find Corbetena is still the place to be if looking for larger species like Blue and Black Marlin running anywhere from 250 to 500 lbs. Warm / Cool currents are still swirling so we also find some cooler water species moving is as well as should be expected in January. Sailfish are picking up in strikes if not in numbers for some reason and are taking baits, we won’t complain. Yellowfin Tuna Footballs are in the 40 lb range but they’re moving around following the bait so it may take some extra effort to find them but worth it. Wahoo are still in the area but are a non-schooling species so you can target them easily, troll about 8 miles an hour and you could get lucky. Remember if targeting Wahoo wire leader is suggested as these fish have a mouth like a razor knife. Dorado are also possible but not automatic at 25 to 30 lbs as well. Skippies around the “Rock” have been in the 20 lb range and this is huge for Skip Jack Tuna. Everything you catch is just full of three inch pink Squids. When we see Squids show up we know we’re looking at the seasonal current changes just around the corner. So if you’re looking for summer species you’d better get out there or you’ll be waiting another season for your “finned fantasy”. El Banco is alive as well, but for the most part the fishing has been consistently better at Corbetena and with it being closer-in the prospect of saving fuel money can be a determining factor.

It’s been very interesting the “Island situation” these last few weeks. For the area around the Marietta Islands and El Morro to Punta Mita, just a few miles out you’ll find Black and Blue Marlin. We’ve seen several Striped Marlin but they’re not taking baits, it could be their breeding season, but no hook-ups I’m aware of this past week. Sailfish in the 100 lb range are roaming the area and are taking baits better this week thankfully. Bonito are picking up in numbers and are in the 20 to 30 lb range, remember this is what they put in “Tuna” cans so they’re worth your time and efforts. In fact the entire area off the islands are producing very well with a 70% chance of boating a Billfish for sure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained amigos.

Inside the bay is a real mixed bag. We have Whales, Manta Rays, Sailfish around La Cruz and Los Arcos area in the channels. Dorado to 25 lbs, a Possibility of a Marlin in the bay which is still a strange occurrence even though it seems to be happening on a regular basis. Jack Crevalls are huge at 50 lbs in the bay, Snappers are thinning out for now but should pick up in numbers shortly. With Needle Fish to 30 lbs and there are Sailfish in the bay still. It’s surprising that many times you’ll find the fishing better in the bay than at the deep water locations. One issue in the bay, if you can call it that, is that the bait is moving, no surprise. That means that the fish are moving around as well. Where they were yesterday is not where they’ll be tomorrow. Be prepared to spend six hours, not four if fishing inside the bay, you’ll be glad you did.

The bite is still late morning just around 10 and it’s been like that for a few weeks now so heading out too early, especially in the bay is not helping your cause any. Sleep in a bit, head out about 8 and you’ll be on time, hopefully you’ll be in the right area! Water temperature is still in the 79 degree range which is very acceptable for this time of the year. Bait is another thing, Sardines, Squid of 3 inches, Flying fish of 4 inches, Goggle Eyes and the list goes on. Be sure to bring lures of Pink and black to mimic the Squids and this could be a help. Dead baits have been attracting Sails and Marlin as well so don’t be afraid to switch up your trolling presentations (lures and baits) often.

All and all we have fish, it’s more about finding them in the mood to eat. But even with full stomachs they’re hitting baits and lures so it’s “fishing” in the classic sense. You’ll have a great time on the water but remember, where Whales are, fishing is normally bad. How’d you like to be a small fish waiting to be eaten by a whale? Now you know why fishing and Whales don’t mix well, but hey, they’re fun and beautiful to watch and be around. Just keep that in mind!  

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!


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A Big Bay of “Fish Soup”, Hot or Cold Just Depends

              Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Wahoo between El Morro and Corbetena for the super lucky!

As we inch our way closer and closer to the winter season the holidays are upon us. Many holiday travelers hope to catch a bucket list fish during this time of the year. Most of the time we can provide this list item, but this year is different. We’re seeing cold currents continue, but they’re coming up from the south, not north. We’re also seeing these cold currents in a swirling pattern that means we have warm water species and cold water species all sharing the same neighborhood. With all the “crowding” there is still plenty of bait in the bay. Now this is normally a positive, but when there is so much bait that they don’t give your bait a look, this can be a bit of a problem. The up side, we have lots of fish to choose from! Those with a little luck will be going home with memories of a lifetime!

Amazingly water temperatures are still in the 80 degree range, dipping just a tad lower at times. What this means we have perfect conditions for warm water species like Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado and others. We also have enough bait in the area to keep the “locals” interested as we move into the last stretch of high season for fishing. Corbetena has been improving with Sailfish, Blue Marlin in the 250 to 350 lb range, Yellowfin

Jack Crevalls are moving in again

Football Tuna are in the 40 lb range as well. Now they’re looking at all sorts of bait, so they may look at your presentation, then move on. This will drive you crazy. But they’ll take baits as well, so it just depends on what your target species comes across first. Dorado are still in the area, but they’re moving around. Where they were yesterday is not going to be where they are today. Fish move, they’re funny that way. Make sure you give yourself the time and a boat that will use fuel, which means not bargain boats. Many times bargain boats will not tell you there are fish off a bit in the distance as it would cost them money, impacting their bottom line. You on the other hand “thought” you paid to go fishing and you did. So make sure you ask the correct question along with “how much”! Some boats come in with fish, some don’t, it can all come down to fuel usage. With blue water, plenty of bait, you’re about a 70% shot at coming in with a Bucket list fish. El Banco is seeing fish as well, but with Corbetena running hot not many are using the extra fuel just to find no improvement on conditions. If targeting Marlin this is the best place to try as the numbers are greater in this area for the moment.

The eight hour trips taking you to El Morro / The Marietta Islands / Punta Mita point has been producing nicely. Dorado in the 30 lb range, Sailfish in the 90 lb range, Wahoo are in the area and taking baits, but catching them is not easy and they’re not a schooling species so they taste great and you’ll be lucky for sure. Striped Marlin to 250 lbs. With Blue Marlin over 300 lbs in the area you can essentially catch the same species at Corbetena, save money and if all fails, come back into the bay and hit the “freaks” hanging around La Cruz marina. With Sardines in the bay you’d have a Rooster fish expectation, but you’ll be disappointed. We had some larger Roosters last week, this week they’re much smaller. Throw in Jack Crevalls at 25 lbs, Bonito to 35 lbs and maybe even some 30 lb Snappers and you’ll have a fun day for sure.

Inside the bay is still and always will be great. Inside the bay we normally see smaller fish. Recently, well for some time now actually, we’ve seen Sailfish around La Cruz, Dorado around Los Arcos to 25 lbs, Needle fish to 30 lbs, Sierra Mackerels running 15 lbs and tasty. Snappers are around the bait balls and in between the Bottle Nose Dolphin feeding on the abundant Krill squids and Shrimps. Maybe even some Yellowfin Footballs around Yelapa. Four hours will do the “trick”, but six hours give you some time to find them.

For three weeks now the bite has remained after 10 a.m. so getting up and hitting it too early may work against your cause, especially if you’re heading out for four hours. You could be back before the bite happens! Water temperatures remain surprisingly high at 78 to 80 degrees we move closer to winter with the swirling currents.

INSIDE INFORMATION YOU CAN USE: Since you’re here on the web page, getting your information fresh and unfiltered I have to say things fishing wise are up and down. The “Fish Soup” title is just that, you don’t know what  you’re going to get. For now we’re seeing Krill Shrimp and Squids that everything in the by just loves to eat. You can get lucky and find some fish that haven’t stuffed themselves. Then again, you could find fish that are so full they won’t take a bait, but they may take a couple of looks, then move on. Now that will drive you crazy! We’ve seen many Dorado and Sailfish from the Marietta Islands to Punta Mita. Some days this is the only place to be. The problem is fish move, so where they are today is not where they’ll be tomorrow, not surprising. The question is “Where are they today”? If my crystal ball would get back “online” i’d be able to tell you. But until then it’s a search to enjoy mission. With many boats in the bay, they have radios and know that people catching fish is good for the overall health of the Sportfishing industry. Now if you’re on a “bargain basement boat” with no radio, not only is this dangerous and illegal, they can’t hear the updates of where the fish are. Another thing to think about is the boat you reserved, did you get a great price just to discover the boat you’re on is trolling baits at ten miles an hour. Twice the real trolling speed, which means you’re not fishing as they create the perception that you are. It helps keep you from getting mad about the boat speed as other boats are passing you left and right. You may at this point get the idea that you’re getting exactly what you paid for. Nobody in your party ask how fast you head to the fishing grounds? Now you know. Your fishing time in the water reality is that at ten miles an hour it will take you two hours to get to the Marietta islands or Punta Mita. That’s two extra hours of fishing you don’t get! On top of that, you have no shot  at catching a fish, none! It is meant to make you think you’re “fishing” yet they know you’re not. Two hours to the Marietta Islands or Punta Mita point, and then they do the same “slow boat, fast troll” back to the Marina. On an eight hour trip, you got screwed out of at least two hours of real fishing. If you compare the time fishing vs the money you paid per hour of “real fishing” then you’ll understand your real cost. This is very common. With fuel prices jumping twenty percent in the last year and there have been more announcements of continued fuel increases of another twenty percent. That’s forty percent fuel increase in an already expensive market. Mexico has so many social programs connected to energy that with people using less fuel, the revenues are down as you’d expect. So they kicked up the cost even more to make up for the shortcomings. With fuel cost a constant factor in an already expensive activity those looking to save money should question what they’re getting for their money. Another inside fact about these boats is the captain more than 80% of them do not own their boats, that’s a fact. When they quote a price, they are cutting it to their quick. If for example the crew hears there are fish striking near by, the captain of the boat would need to kick it in gear and zip over to where the fish are and you’d expect they would. They won’t. The won’t go because if they use too much fuel the boat owner will take it from their pay. Or worse, take their pay and then fire the poor guy. Not all are like this, but a significant amount of them operate in this manner. So, if you’re looking at price exclusively, ask if the boat heads out at 20 plus miles per hour. Ask how much bait comes with the price of the charter. Many charge fishing licenses, walk away from any idiot that says that. Ask if the boat has a radio, i know that sounds strange but many don’t as they pay the port authority a mordida or bribe to operate an illegal boat! Do they have insurance, Illegal boats of course don’t. The Navy has just taken the daily operations of Marina Vallarta over in an effort to stop these boats from operating, but that’s only with licenses to operate legally. The slow boat “syndrome” is still legal so it’s a buyer beware scenario so asking the right questions are the most important part of the negotiations. But there is little you can do if they lie to you. If the price of the boat is the only question you’re asking, think about what i just put in writing here amigo.  

SHARED FISHING CHARTERS: We’re still running our hugely popular shared fishing charters 8 hr trips for $275 usd for half a beautiful Super Panga, good for two people, you’ll target Sailfish, Dorado, Rooster fish and Marlin. Just send us an email and let me know the dates you’ll be in PV and we will do our best to “Hook You Up” with others. We will do our best to match you up with others before you arrive in PV. Or if you arrive you’ll find our shop in the Marina Vallarta or on the Boardwalk to make your reservation. 

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OUR NEW LOCATION: We have vacated the other downtown location heading out to Mismaloya for our new digs on the Malicon. We’re still in Marina Vallarta as well with our new location on the Boardwalk or Malicon in spanish. You will find our great products, fishing charters and tours in both locations. My downtown store map is below and we’re open until 9 p.m. evenings. 

My New Location on the Malicon next door to Sr. Frogs at the south end of the Boardwalk behind the small Light House…

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish! 

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Massive Bait, Cooler Water, Marlin & Dorado in Bay

                            Massive Bait, Cooler Water, Marlin & Dorado in Bay

             Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


As we begin to wind down from the summer season into fall we’re seeing cold water currents moving into the area as we normally do. To me it seems a little early this year and indeed when you see cold currents coming up from the south, not north as normal you have recognize that there are some unusual conditions springing up. Because of this we’re seeing warm water species mixed in with winter or cold water species which doubles your fishing options. Those looking for Monster Marlin may be disappointed. The fishing is great, but just like a box of chocolates, you never know what exactly you’re going to get.

Wahoo between Corbetena and El Morro for the super lucky!

This week Corbetena and El Banco about equal when it comes to fishing. Black Marlin and Blue Marlin are still in the 350 to 500 plus lb range. The issue here is getting them to seriously consider your bait. We have massive amounts of Krill Squid and Shrimps that are just too tasty to ignore for all species. Flying fish, Goggle eyes, Sardines in massive amounts and the list goes on. There are no issues for bait, if you’re a fish that is. If you’re a sportsman then you may have a slight problem with fish giving your “presentation” or bait a good hard look, then turning away. We can put you on fish, we can’t make them bite! Having said that, there are Marlin boated daily, you’ll be trolling the day away and there is not likely to be too many strikes, but there should be some if you’re patient. Dorado are still thin in numbers, the good news is they’re in the 30 lb range finally! Sailfish are participating nicely, when they’re hungry. We’ve also seen some Wahoo turn up in sparse numbers as they’re a non-schooling species. With mouths like a Gansu knife, if you’re not running wire leader and you catch one, that my friend is pure luck. Targeting Wahoo will mostly eliminate other species as you have to troll faster for them to pay attention to your bait, but they will. The only question is how long are you willing to give it all a try or quit?

For now very few are this sized, but they can be found if you’re willing to give it a chance.

The area around the Marietta Islands and El Morro Rocks are seeing Sailfish and Striped Marlin a few miles off in the direction of Corbetena. This is a strange time of the year, as mentioned many fish are not taking baits, partly because there are so many species right now in breeding season, they just don’t eat! Bonito to 30 lbs, Jack Crevalls to 25 lbs, Needle fish possible to 25 lbs, Snappers are in the area from 10 to 30 lbs but they move in then out so it’s a moving target. All and all for an eight hour trip you’d be better off around the Sayulita Area from the point of Punta Mita where a few miles off the shore there are 30 lb Dorado, Sailfish and even some 250 lb Striped Marlin for the lucky!

Dorado in the bay!!

Inside the bay, we’re still seeing this “Crazy Fishing” where you can see just about any species you can think of. Snappers are moving in taking advantage of the Krill Squids and Shrimp like all the other players. Sometimes they find your bait before they find the massive bait balls which is your ideal situation, cross your fingers. Still, Dorado at 20 to 35 lbs anywhere around the Los Arcos area. Sailfish are still hanging in this area and around La Cruz. Rooster fish are much, much smaller this week which doesn’t make sense with the massive amounts of Sardines, but there you are. Jack Crevalls around 25 lbs, Sierra mackerel’s to 20 lbs, Bonito under 30 lbs, Skippies are breeding and not eating. Remember the bay fishing is always great, but when Whales are in the area, no matter how cool they are to us, fish think they want to eat them! So fishing around Whales can always be better. At that point you have to decide to watch the Whales or continue fishing. Normally you can’t do both, it just doesn’t work that way, keep this in mind. Six hours in the bay is perfect, time to find fish and still not keep the “little woman” waiting in the spa too long! Mid-day length trips are perfect for the vacation or occasional angler. Hard core types, you’ll have fun, but a Striped Marlin or larger in the bay is still a freak occurrence, which seems to be daily now. Stay tuned!

My Friend Brad Benter loves to get his picture taken with fish, I like showing them!

Bite with the full tide has been later around 10 or later. With no “Super” moon to light up bait fish we’ll most likely see some help fishing from a darker night sky. Water temperature are still at 79 at the deep water location, but 80 in the bay. As far as bait goes, I suggest live bait, dead bait for Marlin and lures (gucamayos, Petroleros) are best for the moment. Remember to tip your captains and bring cold beer in the morning as you can’t purchase beer before 9am amigos.  As a reminder, the holidays are coming soon and we’ll be out of boats to book early. If thinking of going on a boat for any reason, reserve early so you can guarantee you the boat you want during the coming few weeks, important so keep this in mind.

WaHoo !

If you haven’t been in the shop in a while, we’ve got a new location and we’re getting new products all the time… New this week, some super cool coffee mugs, Shot glasses, Lighters with fish and our logo, Koozies are on the way again and we have some new carry bags for groceries that fit over your shoulder. Today i ordered Calendars for the coming new year, Fish porn calendars… too fun!

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish! 

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Massive Bait, Cooler Water, Marlin & Dorado in Bay

 Massive Bait, Cooler Water, Marlin & Dorado in Bay

            Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

After all these years of writing articles many consider me an expert on the fishing world of Puerto Vallarta. For the moment we’re seeing some interesting conditions, primarily cold currents coming up from the south, not north. This is changing the water conditions and the species we’re presently seeing in the area. Yes we still have Marlin of all varieties, but we’re also seeing cold water species like Jack Crevalls, Sierra Mackerel’s and Needle fish mixed in with our normal summer species. The added “plus” side is that we have even more fish to choose from for your daily fishing list. The down side is this indicated the early arrival of winter waters. Stay tuned!

This week we’ve seen cold currents drop the water temperatures to right at 80 degrees, another significant drop and the second in two weeks. This hasn’t stopped the fishing any and Marlin are finally to be had at El Banco! Yes, I said El Banco as there have been some big Black Marlin in the 600 lb range taking live baits and sometimes ignoring your bait. Sailfish are also in the area as you’d expect, but the numbers are picking up as well. Dorado are also hanging around the “High Spots” where there are peaks that come as close as 60 ft from the surface. Normally a prime fishing location the whole summer has been less than interesting at this world famous fishing location. For now there is ample reason to head to El Banco to try for that Finned Fantasy you’ve always dreamed of. For once I can say that Corbetena is following El Bancos lead. Corbetenas main advantage as always is that it’s closer and cheaper to get to. With fuel prices and “time” always being too short Corbetena remains my first choice. Once again I should emphasize that the area between these two fishing ground is fertile as well. Many a Marlin has been boated in the deep canyons and channels in between, a fact the locals know all too well. Throw in some Cubera Snappers for the jiggers and the possibility of a Wahoo and cross your fingers! One interesting thing, the Skippies aka Skip Jack Tuna are all full of eggs. So for the next week or two you could find it difficult to get Skippies to take your bait, so you have bigger bait, make sense?

The area around Punta Mita to El Morro is alive with Flying fish. As a result there are 25 lb Dorado and good sized Sailfish cruising the area. Rooster fish are around the La Cruz Marina area north chasing Sardines that have been increasing in numbers for the last few weeks. Throw in the Jack Crevalls at 25 lbs that are increasing in number. Include a dash off Sierra Mackerel’s and 30 lb Needle fish then you’ve got a fun day ahead of you. Figure eight hours with the possibility of a rouge Marlin and a smile that won’t go away!

Needle Fish, they have a bill and they’re great “fighters” .. but they look a little weird… Great Tasting!

Inside the bay it’s just plain weird! We’ve seen water temperatures hold a little warmer than the deep water locations, an invasion of bait like Krill Squids and Shrimps. This means that most of the locals are stuffing themselves with this abundant food which can make it difficult to get them to pay attention to your presentation. Then there are those that take the bait quite easily and readily. I guess it just depends on if you get to them before they find the equivalent of a fish McDonalds! Dorado are hanging out at Los Arcos as are Sailfish. Dorado are not unusual, Sailfish are and they’re at La Cruz Marina as well, go figure. Buddy our Panga released a 250 lb Black Marlin four hundred years off the beach in front of the Sheraton and last week there was a 500 lb Black Marlin boated off La Cruz! Rooster fish off Estella Dera, between La Cruz and the point. For now many times the bay fishing has been better than the longer durations. But of course fishing is 70% skill and 90% luck, to use a Yogi-ism. For the recreational fisherman fishing in the bay is perfect. For the person looking for larger species the longer durations hold the possibility of a bucket list fish. Decisions, Decisions!

We’re seeing Red Snappers in the bay and around the area. Great tasting, but they are stuffing themselves with Shrimp and Krill Squids!

Water temperatures this week have dropped at the deep water locations to 80 degrees with swirling currents. But in the bay things are still on the warmer side of 83 degrees, this explains the warm water species of Marlin and Sailfish moving into the bay. Normally this is very unusual but for the last year we’ve seen this happen more and more. With bait on the constant increase, which is one reason the Whales are here, fishing if great. The bite for some reason is on the later side about mid-morning around 10:30 a.m.  So leaving too early will not help your cause amigos. For now live bait is king. With so much Krill Squid and Shrimps you may find making bait difficult as these fish are full! With Skippies getting ready to lay eggs they’ve been in a feeding frenzy but looks to have stopped as it’s time to now lay eggs. If you can make bait then fill those tuna tubes, even if it’s closer in, make it, could be difficult at the deep water locations!! As a reminder, the holidays are coming soon and we’ll be out of boats to book early. If thinking of going on a boat for any reason, reserve early so you can guarantee a boat during the holiday period here in Marina Vallarta. I always run out of boats to book and the best captains always go first, so keep that in the back of your mind.

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish! 

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Recent Fish Pix From Puerto Vallarta, Keep Calm!

Hello My Fanatical Fisherman Friends……

No need for words when the fishing is this good…. I’ll be posting these in my fish porn section once I figure out how…. just revamped my web page, I’m a “babe in the woods” when it comes to this stuff… but i do know how to post a pic or three… 

Enjoy and Remember, at Master Baiter’s, We Won’t Jerk You Around!


Capt Kawi’s Monster Dorado, the pic says 50 lbs, but he days 65 lbs…. Girth matters!

Smaller Yellowfin Tuna Footballs, great tasting, fun to catch and they’re out there right now by the Billions! Ok, that may be an over exaggeration…. kinda….
Lots of my clients have been waiting for Rooster fish, well they’re out there now…. Punta Negra!!
Big Black Marlin at Corbetena!


Ok, that’s enough for now… To get these experiences contact Stan … Here’s the new location map below as well as the Main Store in Marina Vallarta….. 

My New Location on the Malicon next door to Sr. Frogs at the south end of the Boardwalk behind the small Light House…
Marina Vallarta Location and Yes, We’re still alive, still in business and anyone that says different is a liar looking to steal my clients! Don’t be fooled and know you know exactly where to find us! On the Boardwalk / Malecon, south end…


Don’t forget Christmas is coming, we have lots of shirts online for you to give as gifts…..

Christmas is coming!!

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Take care and as always, thanks for your support….. and Don’t forget to kiss your fish!

Quickie Report: Fish, Fish Everywhere, Tuna, Marlin and Dorado if you “Dare”!

Nice Sized Dorado in the bay!

I know, I got a little creative in the title, but that’s about the whole story in a nut shell right now. Our world famous fishing grounds here in Puerto Vallarta are all pretty much firing on all cylinders right now. . . . 

Corbetena, Dorado to 30 lbs or larger. Some in the 50 lb range.. Black and Blue Marlin anywhere from 300 lbs upwards and over 500 lbs! Tuna are a little small, but they’re abundant from 20 to 60 lbs, there have been some boated over 120 lbs. Sailfish are almost automatic all over, presently most are about ten feet long, tournament winners for sure! Calm, blue water, it’s a fishing paradise at Corbetena right now.

Striped Marlin Boated at El Morro on Magnifico

Closer in the Marietta Islands continue to be a bit disappointing and not the best place to be dropping baits at the Moment. The point of Punta Mita is another story. Dorado are anywhere there’s a clump of trash, or log, anything that cast a shadow and you’ll find Dorado. Sailfish are sprinkled throughout the area and they have been taking dead baits, now this is changing becasue there are so many Skippies aka Skip Jack Tuna as bait it’s hard to say no to, fish wise that is. Eight hours trips are coming in with nice Sailfish, Dorado in the 20 lb range. If you head out a little farther you’ll have a shot at Marlin, say ten miles off the point on a heading of say 300. Be ready, an explosion of screaming reels is not unusual at all. 

Inside the bay, it’s a short day fishermans dream. Off Los Arcos there have naturally be nice Dorado, mostly in the 20 lb range, but there are smaller one which should be returned for another day! Sailfish are also being boated in this area as there is so much bait, it just draws them into the area. Not to be out done, smaller Blue Marlin in the 200 lb range have been chasing skippies as well and not many, but a few have been caught and released. Remember a 200 lb fish is big, but in Marlin terms they’re just “bables”. Have fun, then “throw” it back for the future health of the industry and future anglers who will most likely keep it when it’s older and bigger. 

Bait conditions are plentiful with all kinds of flying fish at three to four inches in length. Lots of “bullet Skippies” or baby skipjack tuna which just happen to be a favorite bait option! Sailfish are also hanging around La Cruz Marina so pick either end of the bay and cross your fingers. 

The all important bite is around mid morning now, after 10 a.m., then again just after 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Heading to the fishing grounds too early could make it a sketchy morning leaving back for the marina as the bite happens? Don’t do that! leave a little later in the morning, 8 is plenty early and squeeze as much action in as possible..

A Stump like this is a Dorado Machine, cast a bait and get ready for action!

It’s tournament season now, we have one coming up on the 10th of November. No expensive for a two day tournament at $2,000 pesos, or just a smidge over a hundred dollars. Fun, in expensive and the prize money is nothing that will make you rich, but there is a nice trophy with a few pesos! Something to think about. 

Also on the 15th of November we have the Puerto Vallarta annual Marlin and Sailfish Fishing Tournament and it’s a real “happening”. Entry fees are reasonable and we have boats at the ready. 

Watch for my full on report in a few days, but for now this should get your heart beating a bit faster!

Until next time, don’t forget to kiss your fish!