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Fishing Store

Come into our office between Docks A & B in the Puerto Vallarta Marina to see our new designs and colors.

Classic Shirt Design

Master Baiter´s T-Shirts Online Now
We are marketing our basic / classic T-shirts, Starting with this style for $14.00 (a six dollar savings from my PV Shop) with Free Shipping from our Ebay Store:


To Buy T-Shirts Simply send me an email and I will send you your order.

Thanks, Stan















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  1. Don

    Do you have the T shirts in other colors like black?

    I was by the store on New Year’s Eve but you were closed.

    Great name!

  2. stan

    Nothing in black right now, but shortly there will be…. St an

  3. stan

    Normally I have black t-shirts … New Years Eve is one of the two nights a year I close the store early …. time to party amigo… try my web page at: to see what I have online…2 styles, both white….

  4. stan

    Go to and check out our sit e… only two styles selling right now, but we will have more if the site does well soon… thanks for your comments… Stan

  5. barry

    Hi, Do you know where I can get a bamboo/or something similar to mount a good sized gaff hook on? 7 or 8 ft in length…

  6. stan

    I used to sneak into my neighbors back yard, where to purchase it, Not a clue… Stan

  7. stan

    I have colored shirts in the store, but not in my online store….. Stan

  8. Stacie Scott

    Hello, My husband, father in law and 3 brothers in law all went out fishing with you guys when we were in PV last week. They had a blast and my husband wanted to buy a shirt as well. We came down to the Marina but you guys were closed until 5:45pm that day and we had to leave to come back to Canada. 🙁 It was his birthday the day we… left and I really wanted to be able to buy it for him. Is there any way i can purcahse one of the shirts and have it sent to Canada. He would be so happy. Hope to hear from you soon, thank you,

  9. stan

    Stacie you can go to and I have two styles of shirt to choose from…… thanks for the interest and I probably had a doctor issue to attend to…. Sorry for not being in the shop. It is like if I leave for an hour, a h undred people want you….. Stan

  10. stan

    I have two styles for sale online at: …. Stan

  11. stan

    Harvie, you know there is a chip you can get for your system, but they don’t have it here in PV.. Maybe your best bet is to purchase one in he states and have the chhip shipped down ….. Many of us around here have the same issue… bad answer I know, but it’s the only answer I have for now amigo….

    Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle

  12. Ken

    Hi Stan, Came by last Wednesday to say hi and pick up a couple of shirts. No store?They said no store in town either. Hope all is well. We’ll look you up next time around.

  13. stan

    Well two things happened ken,first I move my shop to a new location in front of Dock D in marina Vallarta. The second thing is I went to the annual Fred Hall Fishing show, the largest of it´s kind in North America as I was waiting for my business license to be approved…. So I am sure some one around the immeadeate area told you I was Dead,out of business, something like the above…..Sorry to miss you,but I will have an online store shortly which will be able to send product from the states to all over the place….But I am still here and stronger than ever…. Stan

  14. Dick fitzwell

    Hey do you guys carry any fly fishing gear? Reels rods or flies?

  15. gary jorgensen

    Am I missing something ? Where are fishing reports (monthly) being portrayed ?

  16. gary jorgensen

    Are you open for business?

  17. stan

    Yes I am , watch for information on the blog here to find me…I am now at the far end of the Marina now practically next to Victors Cafe Te Cuba.. come say hello and thanks for asking…. Stan

  18. stan

    Stand by, all the info you missed will be added as fast as I can… for now we moved… watch the articles, you´ll find out what happened.:: Stan

  19. stan

    Working on it now.. just moved to a new shop and I am trying to get the trade marks in line to start my own line of lures and gear.. but for now we´re not handling any tackle… but the new shop is empty… so stay tuned.. Stan

  20. stan

    I am still open, just got my new business license… so watch for the articles…I wrote them, just with no shop and no internet, even in my house it was almost impossible to do this on a public computer at a cafe site… sorry for missing months of reports.. but posting now so you can look at them for historical purposes in the future… Stan

  21. Rick

    Just trying to register so I can buy some t shirts but can’t figure it out like the dummy I am

  22. stan

    you can buy them on ebay….masterbaiter´s sportfishing and tackle t shirts….

  23. stan

    Go to to find the reports now on my home page..Stan

  24. stan

    Yes, I am still open for business, but i HAD a few years of mexican govt issues that interfiered with my business hours, but I am operating prefectly well now… Stan

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