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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s)

Common Sports Fishing Questions:

When Is the best time to fish for sail, marlin, tuna, etc.?
Please check out our Fishing Chart for the best times of the year to target specific fish. Sailfish can occur all year long, but can not be predicted. Marlin and Tuna are normally Summer species where the water temperatures are above 80 degrees.

What time of year is best for fishing in Puerto Vallarta?
Depending on the fish you wish to target, times can change. Check out our Fishing Chart to identify specific Species and times. If you are loooking for World Class Fish, then the end of July to just after New Years it is possible to boat world class and world record species.

What is provided with a charter?
You get a the boat naturally, but also a Captain, Crew, Ice, 10 baits, Equipment, everything you need to catch the trophy fish of your dreams! You are responsible for what you want to eat and drink. Arrangements can be made at the coffee shop four doors down for lunches and snacks to be prepared for the morning of your trip. They can have it ready for you in the morning before you depart. Or you can bring whatever you want. If you have any special request like shopping for food or other items involved with your charter, just ask. Anything can be arranged if we have time to set things up.

Fish for a specific species. Can we do that?
Sure! Naturally, seasons change in Puerto Vallarta. With warmer water Temperatures come bigger fish. So as a rule, bigger fish come into the waters of Puerto Vallarta during the summer and fall months. Things like location, water currents, etc. All come into play. We make every effort to make sure your fishing experience is a memorable one!

Can we target wahoo?
Of Course you can target Wahoo! They are elusive though. Open water, no schooling fish like Wahoo are more often than not a “miss” rather than a “hit”! Wahoo are mostly caught on lures while trolling for other species and we have the best selection of lures I’ve ever seen. If you prefer, you can bring your own lures.

Do you have a catch and release fishing program?
We encourage Catch and Release! Let’s keep Puerto Vallarta waters full for future anglers! Just let the Captain know of your wishes and it’s done!

What fishing tackle is supplied on the trip?
All of my boats are equipped with the top names in the industry, Shimano, Calstar poles, Penn, Izorline, Braid, you name it. We don’t skimp on the equipment and you’ll never lose a trophy fish due to our line not being changed regularly or equipment failure like a jerky drag.

If I lose a lure or break a rod, will I be charged?
Losing lures are part of the game as well as rods breaking. Unless it´s something that is deemed deliberate this is never a problem. Fishing is fishing and things happen, we understand this. It’s one of the ways we don’t jerk you around.

Do I need a Mexican fishing license? Is it included with the charter?
To fish in Mexico, you need either an US issued Salt-Water Fishing License, or a Mexican Salt-Water Fishing License, Master Baiter´s provides all licenses required for fishing, Snorkeling tours of the Mariatte Islands may require an additional fee depending on the tour and required specifics.

Do you have a “No Fish – No Pay” policy?
Why yes we do! But lets face it, fishing is fishing and we all know we can come up empty at the end of the day! But that’s not why we’re out there – we take the chance with you. Without our 30% money back policy if you don’t catch a fish we are all disappointed. And honestly, wouldn’t you rather have a company that actually cares by putting it’s money where it’s mouth is? Only fishing trips of eight (8) hours or longer are guaranteed.

Can I fish with my own tackle?
Sure, why not? You got a new reel, pole, or maybe some lures you want to try out, bring them along and lets see if you boat any fish with them. We do provide everything you need, with top quality tackle, etc. but feel free to come down with your own Tackle and equipment.

Can I bait and hook the fish myself?
If you know what you’re doing, why not? But remember we have a guarantee at risk, so if you do that, the guarantee is void.

Who do I make my complaints to if I am unsatisfied with something about my charter?
Talk to the Management of Master Baiters, or Stan. Our goal is to make our customers happy under all circumstances.

Is live bait supplied with my charter?
10 baits as well as ice are provided with every charter. We’ll catch “bait” at the fishing grounds or in the bay for bigger fish. But the baits provided are picked up from local venders selling google eyes, sardines or mullets. If bait is not available through the bait vendors. If this happens the ten baits provided would naturally be hindered and will get what they will sell to us. In that case we will do what we can to make bait at the fishing grounds if possible. But limited bait means the vendors can´t catch any which means the challenges to make bait will be obvious.

Where do I get my fish cleaned?
We are more than happy to filet your catch. We’ll bag it up in one gallon Zip Lock baggies in manageable amounts. Ever get one of those charters where they throw all you fish in a plastic grocery bag then freeze it all in one “lump”? We would never stand for that. There is a 25 peso charge for freezing and bagging the fish.

How do I get my fish home?
You can check your fish with your luggage! It would count as a second bag and you have a 50 lb. limit. Just get yourself an Iglo type plastic cooler for transport. Show the folks at the counter that it’s fish, they’ll duct tape it closed and you’re off.

Can I have my fish mounted?
Of Course you can. We use the largest Taxidermy company in the world, Grays Taxidermy located in Florida, so there’s no import tax or hassle with your mounting coming into the USA from Mexico. Ask your Captain for assistance, he’ll be more than happy to help.

Can I reserve a particular boat or skipper?
Yes you can. I have Captains and crews assigned to specific boats as a rule. If you want a specific Captain we’ll work with you on this.

Do the crews on your boats speak English?
Yes, our Captains and crews are bilingual. There may be times when clients are requesting a boat that is not under our control and at that point the Captain and the Crew may have limited English speaking capabilities.

Are your sportfishing boats equipped with fighting chairs?
Yes, we have fighting chairs and for those of you who like a harness or what I call a “stand-up rig” we have them ready when you are.

What time do the charters leave? Can they leave any earlier?
We as a rule leave at 7 am, but arrangements can be made to leave earlier. Just ask.

What time do the fishing boats return to the dock?
We have multi duration trips depending on where you go, anywhere from four hours to twelve hours in duration.

Do the boats have bathrooms? Are they enclosed?
Even our Pangas now have a head of sorts. Privacy is guaranteed for the Ladies and others of course. Naturally the larger boats have enclosed bathrooms.

Can your boats take us fly-fishing?
We do this all the time! My Fly Captain has lures, poles, sinking and floating line, flies, we´re ready when you are!

How much should I tip the crew?
If you’re satisfied with the crew’s performance, a 15 to 20% tip is customary.

What are the fishing charter rates?
All of our prices are for the boat, not per person. Please see the Our Boats section for prices and options.

Which airlines service Puerto Vallarta?
AeroMexico, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Virgin Airlines, Mexicana and America West.

What documentation do I need to come to Mexico?
Generally all you need is a passport.

What is your cancellation policy?
A non-refundable deposit is necessary to hold your reservation. If you cancel and / or don´t reschedule your deposit will be forfeited.

Can I make my reservation without making a deposit?
Without deposits we find people have a tendency not to show up. So the answer is a simple “no.”

When do I need to pay for my fishing trip?
A deposit holds your spot. The balance is due prior to trip departure in cash. Dollars or pesos both work. We are now working with PayPal, but credit cards are no longer accepted due to Credit Card Fraud in the past I have stopped this service.

More Questions?

Call Us Anytime from the US or Canada: 011 52 322 209 11 28

Have questions about fishing in Puerto Vallarta?

Hopefully this frequently asked questions section will answer any inquiries you might have.

If not, feel free to fill out the simple form below, and somebody will get back to you ASAP!

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  1. Monica

    Hi, I’m retrning to PV for th3’d time and in addition to some deep sea fishing I was interested in surf fishing. Does one need a license to fish the surf from shore and if so from where can I purchase one ? Seems to me a great way to spend some time. thanks, Monica

  2. stan

    Well even if a license is required, they are almost impossible to purchase… no worries, nobody will bother you.. If anyone from the hotel tells you that you have to pa y them to fish, tell them to go ¨F¨themselves and threaten to call the police since you are on federal property… even if it is a jetty, they have no call to any of that… Have a good time amiga…. Stan

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